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Ultimate Guide to Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

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Brief History of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Historically, the first major human-made Electromagnetic Field (EMF) is the radiofrequency (RF) radiation that was first used by the military in the 20th century. At that time, the military developed this radiofrequency radiation only for weaponry and radar, and the public exposure of such radiation was shallow because the devices were installed at the airport and military base.

But today, the story of electromagnetic field has changed. It is now available everywhere, in our immediate surroundings. We work with electromagnetic radiation, we play with it, we use it while commuting, and we even take it to bed with us.

Our closeness to these emf electronic devices which emit electromagnetic radiation has made us vulnerable to various health problems, one of which is Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).

electromagnetic hypersensitivity emf

The Rise in Technology and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

The sudden revolution of technology and the increase in mobile phone usage in the late ‘90s has increased our immediate environment to a high level of exposure to EMF. Even currently, the world is tottering towards devices that use higher frequencies in the millimeter wave range such as a 5G cellular network which brings us much closer to electromagnetic radiation.

As you may well know, there has been general unrest regarding the adverse effects of these technologies on our health due to high-frequency device exposure around us. This has elicited a lot of research studies, including the findings of the correlation between the impact of electromagnetic radiation and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).

In this article, we have for you the ultimate guide to electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Most, if not all of your questions regarding EHS should be answered below. Still, let’s first understand what electromagnetic hypersensitivity is before we go further.


What is Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)?

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) is a very high sensitivity or response to electromagnetic wave radiation exposure generated from cordless devices, WIFI, mobile phone, high-tension wire, and other electronic devices that use frequencies and radiate wave.

An individual diagnosed with EHS usually tends to react quickly with certain health effects to Electromagnetic field than others. The biological system of the person responds to low-level frequencies present within his or her immediate environment.

Some researches point out that high sensitivity to Electromagnetic field reduces the melatonin level and increases the nitric oxide levels, which can cause a decrease in the amount of the cancer-fighting cells in our bodies.

But what we haven't determined is whether this biological disorder occurs gradually or immediately after the exposure to the radiation, or even if exposure to electromagnetic fields is at all responsible for electromagnetic hypersensitivity.


Why is Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Considered Dangerous?

Of course, over the years, it has been established that exposure to electromagnetic fields in a close range can be very harmful to human health. This danger is because of the radiofrequency radiation which causes changes in our bodies after being exposed to the radiation.

The changes in the body system then compromise the immune system’s ability to fight against any cancerous disease intending to attack the body system. In addition to the cancerous condition, this disorder in the body system often leads to increase in cholesterol level, which will lead to a risk of coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, and possibly increase in blood pressure.

Apart from this, there are many negative symptoms people have reported regarding EHS, which we are going to explore as we go further.


Is Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Real?

It is necessary to ask this question because many health practitioners have debunked the health effects and symptoms the victims have reported as either a matter of psychosis or a myth.

However, thousands of people are reporting different kinds of symptoms and health disorders which are the proposed side effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted from the abundance of electronic devices, cell towers, wireless gadgets, power lines, waves from television and radio, computers, microwave radiation, and almost any electronically powered devices.


Research Done on the ‘Myth’

According to Brian Dunning, he wrote that people have been using electricity all over the world for more than a century and there are regions in continents such as Africa, Asia and South America where there are people who do not use electricity at all, not even today.

Going by this, he wrote that if the average levels of electromagnetic radiation were harmful as some people claim, there would be some massive correlation between geographical locations and people reporting physiological damages caused by this radiation.

Although one could not doubt the reality of the symptoms the individuals have reported, since there is no such correlation between the physiological damage and electromagnetic radiation exposure even from people in industrialized regions, there is no evidence that justifies their reports. And the symptoms reported could easily fall under the skepticism that comes along with self-diagnosis.


Main EMF Sources Of Frequency Fields That Can Cause Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

According to the various research studies on electro-sensitivity and electromagnetic hypersensitivity, some electronic devices that emit electromagnetic radiation have been said to be the EMF sources that cause a certain syndrome or sensitivity related to EHS.

They are the following:

  • 5G, millimeter waves
  • Base stations, Mobile phones, Radio, TV masts
  • Car electronics
  • Computers
  • Visual Display Units (VDU)
  • WiFi
  • Wireless Headsets
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
  • Conductive plumbing, ground current
  • Microwave radiation
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Intermediate frequency
  • Computers
  • MRI scanners
  • Neonatal incubators
  • Radiofrequency, microwave transmitters
  • Visual Display Terminals (VDT)

electromagnetic hypersensitivity emf

What Are The Symptoms of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity?

Although, currently there has been no scientific evidence, claim or backup that electromagnetic fields cause the sensitivity symptoms reported by many people. Heck, some health experts have associated the symptoms reported to some psychotic disorder.

However, it is good you know the symptoms that people have reported. The knowledge will help you become more pragmatic about your use of electronic devices and how they affect your health.

The following are the sensitivity symptoms that have been reported by individuals who claimed to be electromagnetic-hypertensive:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Environmental sensitivities
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Burning sensations
  • Chemical sensitivity
  • Multiple chemical sensitivity
  • Rashes
  • Muscle aches
  • Stress
  • Brain fog
  • Tinnitus
  • Heart palpitation
  • Blemishes
  • Skin reactions


Causes of These EHS Symptoms

As much as we would have loved to tell you what causes electromagnetic hypersensitivity, you have to know that there's presently no scientifically proven cause for EHS. Most research studies conducted to find out the causes of EHS have fallen through as there is no correlation between the symptoms and EMF.

The research conducted by Rubin and other researchers in 2010 gathered the totals of 46 double-blind experiments comprising 1,175 individuals with self-diagnosed hypersensitivity.

The results from this research showed no evidence to support the hypothesis that the exposure to electromagnetic field frequency radiation (EMF-FR) is the cause of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).

If you want to know more about the relationship between the symptoms of EHS reported and electromagnetic radiation, you can read more about it on EMF and Health.


When Should You Consider Electromagnetic Radiation Dangerous?

For your benefit, you should begin considering electromagnetic radiation dangerous if you find yourself to always be in extreme proximity to electronic devices.

Since it is most likely you will be working with your laptop or computer/mobile phone; it is almost impossible to avoid proximity to electromagnetic radiation, even though it is not unavoidable.

For this reason, you should consider electromagnetic radiation dangerous the moment you observe you are having any of the symptoms which we have mentioned above.


How is Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Diagnosed?

Just like you read above that there is no evidence to support the claim that electromagnetic field is responsible for electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Similarly, there is no acceptable medical diagnosis of EHS.

Most often, EHS has always been self-diagnosed, which makes the credibility of any causes claimed by the individual inadequate. There is no clinical practice or generally known/acceptable guidelines for the diagnosis of EHS. The absence of that rule has made some practitioners classify EHS as a psychiatric illness.

Also the above, some health experts have said that the reason people associate specific symptoms with radiation from electronic devices is because of a belief that gadgets are the cause.

Although it is true that there is no medical diagnosis of EHS, some self-proclaimed experts have developed various techniques of treating people who claimed to be Electromagnetic Hypersensitive.

These modes of treatment will be examined later in this article.


Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Recognized as a Disability

According to a paper published by Environmental Health Perspective, the use of cell phones has only been in the mainstream for about a decade whereas the American Cancer Society reported that it takes about 10 to 15 years for brain tumor induced by radiation to develop.

From this, you can see that whether EMF radiation is responsible for brain cancer or not is inconclusive; however, many authorities in the health sector are beginning to recognize electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) as a disability, especially in countries like Sweden and Australia.

Perhaps, EHS is seen to be a disability because whichever way one wants to look at it, it affects the individuals who are suffering from the illness.


Why People Prevent Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

One funny thing is that It is possible you think that Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) can only occur to people often exposed to high or intense frequency electronic devices, but that is not true.

If you find yourself in proximity to any of your electronic gadgets, EHS, you should also know that it is not only about the intensity of the frequency that your devices use, but more about the proximity of such equipment to your body.


At this juncture, we will tell you some actual truth: whether electromagnetic hypersensitivity is real or not, it’s good health-wise to take conscious steps in avoiding this sensitivity.

There are already many known effects of electromagnetic radiation which include heart palpitation, fatigue, impairment of cognitive and memory ability, tinnitus, insomnia, skin irritation, and even cancer. And we do not think any of these effects sound friendly to you.

Now, think of your mobile device, your laptop which you work with every day, your headset and the electronic devices in your car. Spending extended time with any of these devices make you prone to having headaches, nausea, brain fog, and inadequate sleep.

electromagnetic hypersensitivity emf

Natural Ways to Prevent Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)

Reduce Your Exposure to Electromagnetic

Of all precautions, this is your best bet, because if we avoid EMF, there would be no need to start researching whether or not electromagnetic radiation is dangerous.

So by reducing how much you expose yourself to the devices that can cause any of the symptoms often reported of EHS, you are one step away from EHS.

One easy way to do this is by changing the way you use your mobile phone. For instance, instead of bringing your phone close to your ears when making or receiving calls, you might consider keeping it at a distance and switching to the loudspeaker.


Avoid Using Mobile Phones in Your Car

Often, the doors of the car are locked when you are driving. So when receiving calls while in the car, since the radiation from your mobile device cannot travel around, they get trapped in the vehicle, thereby exposing you to more electromagnetic radiation.


Limit Your Use of Internet Connection

If possible at any point in time, turn on your internet connection only when it is most needed. The use of internet connection constantly searches for signals to transfer or receive data, thereby emitting electromagnetic radiation.

You can even feel your phone getting hot when there’s a high data transfer. This is due to the increase in the movement of radio frequency radiation. So it is most advisable to only turn on your internet connection when you need it.


Reduce Your Use of Microwave

The microwave is one of the essential tools we have in our kitchen nowadays. But this kitchen tool uses electromagnetic technology which also exposes you more to the danger of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).

As one of the quick and easy ways to reduce the effect of EMF around your home, you should cut how often you use the microwave.


Disconnect All Electronic Devices When Not in Use

Of course, this is a good measure adopted to reduce the number of bills you pay on electricity, but it is also a significant thing to do when you are avoiding the risk of electromagnetic radiation.

So turn off your computers, wireless devices, laptops, LCD the moment they are not in use.


Keep Distance Between Yourself and EMF Emitters

Most of the electronic devices are considered harmful to our health because of the electromagnetic radiation they emit. More so, regardless of the intensity of this radiation, they become more harmful when they are in closer proximity to our body.

In this case, your best bet will be to avoid any device that emits electromagnetic radiation at any time possible, especially cell towers since they are known to emit EMF the most. This is the reason why some health practitioners have considered 5G very detrimental to our health.


Treatment of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Currently, no cure has been found to fight against electromagnetic hypersensitivity, but many of the people who have advocated for health safety from electromagnetic radiation only suggested that the complete blockage or removal of all the electronic devices that emit electromagnetic radiation is the most effective way of getting rid of this health problem.

In a bid to reduce the susceptibility of people to electromagnetic radiation, many health practitioners have come up with various treatments or solutions to EHS. Breakspear Hospital, being one of the proclaimed leading hospitals that offer treatment of electromagnetic, employs Chelation Therapy.

Chelation Therapy, according to Brian Dunning is “a dangerous and tedious drug-based treatment for removing heavy metal contamination from the body.” More on the side effect of Chelation therapy, he further wrote that “the treatment ravages the body and can potentially cause liver failure.”

Looking at the above description of EHS treatment, you should be very meticulous about the kinds of treatment you receive when you find out that you are electromagnetic-hypersensitive.

There are some other treatments used by many practitioners for the treatment of EHS. They are:

  • Acupuncture
  • Vitamins megadosing
  • Clay bath
  • T-cell function
  • Immune modulators
  • Shiatsu
  • Reflexology
  • Neurotransmitter supplementation
  • Multivitamin supplementation
  • Oxygen and hyperbaric therapy


However, in this article, we recommend the OrgoneEnergy products line-up to you.


Orgone Energy Products

Orgone Energy products are primarily developed to treat people who have been susceptible to electromagnetic radiation, people who have discovered that they are electromagnetic-hypersensitive (EHS).

If you have discovered you are having any of the symptoms of EHS described above; these products are obviously our recommendation. The products are developed to take away stress, anxiety, sleep troubles, nausea, muscle pain and aches, fatigue and similar illnesses caused by the exposure to EMF.


How do Orgone Energy Products Work?

Orgone Energy products are designed to vibrate at a frequency which is the same as that of your nervous system and your energy fields. Followed by that, they release healthy negative ions whereas electromagnetic radiation releases harmful positive ions into your body which causes all the symptoms reported.

As you might know, when negatives and positives collide, the result is neutral. This basic principle is precisely what Orgone Energy products operate on. The healthy negative ions it releases counter the positive ions already induced in your body, thereby leaving your body neutral of any kinds of ions.


Benefits of Orgonium Energy Product

  • They release anxiety
  • Gets rid of the radiation effect
  • Relive the stress stress
  • They renew the nervous and immune system, etc



Conclusively, we have provided you with detailed information on Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS). And hopefully, you've found answers to most of your questions regarding Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and Electromagnetic Radiation.

Now you know if you should consider electromagnetic hypersensitivity dangerous or not. And you should also be able to see that EHS been is a “disability” in some countries. To that, why not? You can see all the possible symptoms of EHS and even, recommended ways prevent the conditon.