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Black Tourmaline Benefits

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Black Tourmaline Benefits

Black Tourmaline has many curative benefits in that it maintains an electrical charge, being pyroelectric (which means it can generate electricity when heated) and piezoelectric (which means it can store an electric charge) which releases far-infrared radiation and negative ions: these are very health-promoting. This amazing stone is associated with grounding, protection, happiness, health, positivity, and luck.

Black Tourmaline has been used by healers and Shamans to protect themselves since ancient times. Many consider Black tourmaline to be the most powerful protective stone and is one of the few stones that protect and heal at all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Is Black Tourmaline Dangerous?

In general, Black Tourmaline is not considered a crystal that has negative side effects, but that does not mean that this cannot happen. We are all different and sometimes we can be influenced by certain crystals in different ways. For those who have not grounded for a while, the use of black tourmaline can make them feel exhausted when they get grounded.

Additionally, Black Tourmaline, when heated, develops opposite electrical charges at each end of the crystal, making it a conductor of electricity. Although this property is recognized by metaphysical practitioners and Reiki healers to remove energy blockages from many users, this energy can be too stimulating for some users. If you have trouble sleeping after placing a black tourmaline next to your bed, move it around the room or mount it near the entrance to the room.

Does Black Tourmaline Really Work?

Many people question if Black Tourmaline really works? Yes, it does! Black tourmaline is a very effective stone if you want to avoid negativity or bad luck. Also, it has been used since ancient times to provide protection and safety. Black tourmaline is known as one of the most powerful and effective stones that can protect and heal you spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

It is a stone that you should never do without because it can protect you from accidents, misfortunes, illnesses, and everything that brings unhappiness and negativity. When the world becomes too overwhelming, it can help ground you. This stone will help you in many ways. The negative ions of black tourmaline promote lightheartedness and clear thinking.

Also, it protects you from negative energies by absorbing psychic attacks, and negative energies directed at you. This stone can create an energy barrier between you and other people so that you don’t collect their negative energy. Black tourmaline is also an excellent stone because it can ground the body. Not only is it strongly connected to your root chakra, but it can help you open and balance all of your chakras. The healing properties of black tourmaline are well documented and are linked to a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled lifestyle.

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How Does Black Tourmaline Protect You?

Perhaps the most incredible protective property of Black Tourmaline is its ability to keep your aura away from imbalances, even when you are close to damaging energy influences. As humans, it is so natural and automatic to accidentally absorb energy from your surroundings. This can be a magnificent thing if you meditate at the foot of an unspoiled waterfall in Maui ... but most of all you feel a little tired or exhausted as you navigate through everyday life and the energies of your fellow man.

Black Tourmaline protects you, among other things, from harmful electromagnetic energy emitted by mobile phones, computers, and many more. It protects you energetically by absorbing electromagnetic frequencies and storing them safely in its crystalline structure. Due to its deep dark energy, it is capable of storing a large amount of energy before it becomes less efficient. If you can think of a lightning rod or shield that diverts negative energy as you go through your day, this is a wonderful example of how this remarkable stone works to protect you.

What are the Benefits of Tourmaline?


The first benefit of black tourmaline is grounding. And what does grounding mean? Grounding is the state of being in which you are present and aware in the moment in your body. So you are not feeling scattered, you are not daydreaming, you are not wishing you were somewhere else or just feeling disconnected in general, you are here in the moment. This is really excellent if you are practicing mindfulness in your life or if you really want to appreciate and notice what's going on in your life right now. It's great after long busy days if your mind is feeling scattered and you just feel like you don't have it together anymore because it's been so busy and you've been multitasking all day long.

Black Tourmaline is a great stone to give you that mental and emotional reset so that you can be here and enjoy your life. It's also phenomenal with its protective abilities because if you are mindful and aware of what's going on you will be able to keep yourself and your energy safe.

Protective Energy Shield

The second benefit of Black Tourmaline is that it creates a protective energetic shield around you. So it prevents negative energy from intruding on your space and it also prevents energetic attachments from latching on to you. If you know someone hostile who has been shooting negative energy at you, they won't be able to attach to your aura. If you feel like there are unwanted or negative spirits in your home or around your building, this will prevent them from attaching to you. Additionally, if you grid black tourmaline around your home or any place where you feel like any kind of negativity, ill wishes, or dark spirits might be aimed towards you or interested in you, this will repel them and keep them away.

It will protect anything from just latching on to your energy and draining it. So if you feel like your home is haunted then keep Black Tourmaline in your house and it will discourage the spirits from entering into your home. It's also good if you are a paranormal investigator or a ghost hunter because if you sit with Black Tourmaline at the end of your investigation before you go home it will sever any kind of attachment that may have started to form and ensure that you go home without any extra visitors. 

Transmutes Negative Energy

The third benefit of Black Tourmaline is that it transmutes negative energy. So it doesn't just put up a shield to keep it away from you, but it also takes that negative energy that is surrounding you and it transmutes it into positive energy. This is particularly useful if you live or work in a toxic environment where you are surrounded by negative or bitter people. Then keeping Black Tourmaline on your desk at work or in your bedroom will actually just take that negative energy that's forming around you and it will transmute it into positive energy. So you have got this protective shield that is already built up for you and it's now creating this bubble of positive energy around you.

Black Tourmaline prevents us from picking up any negativity from others. So if you work in that harsh environment all day long, it's going to keep you from feeling heavy and frustrated and negative from being around the negative people. It will keep your energy and aura clean and clear so that you can go home feeling refreshed.

Powerful Cleanser

The fourth benefit of Black Tourmaline is that it's a powerful cleanser all around. It cleanses your entire energetic system – your aura, your chakra, your meridians, and your moods. It's extremely uplifting. It dissolves any blockages that are preventing your energy from flowing and preventing your emotions from flowing smoothly. So if you are feeling like something's not quite right or you are just not sure why things don't feel right, then sitting with Black Tourmaline for a bit will provide you with an energetic and emotional and mental reset. This is especially true if you are stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts or a negative mood. Black Tourmaline will get in there and just sever that cycle and allow you to start fresh.

Electromagnetic (EMF) Shield

Also, Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful crystals for absorbing EMF radiation, making it ideal for placing near computers and other electronic devices. Today, the world is so advanced and virtually everyone uses cell phones, laptops, televisions, and computers. Therefore, EMF sensitivity is quite popular. Scientists have demonstrated the negative impact of vibrations from electrical devices and mobile phones on the electrical system of the human body. Adding protective Black Tourmaline stones to your room will help normalize the electrical system of your body. This stone protects against detrimental electromagnetic radiation. 

Physical Healing

Black Tourmaline stimulates reflex points in the lower back, feet, ankles, and legs and can be used to realign the spine. Relieves pain and helps with muscle tension or tears, numbness, scar tissue, and arthritis. Black tourmaline protects against debilitating diseases and strengthens the adrenal glands, immune system, and heart. Also, it is helpful for treating constipation and colon diseases, as well as for removing environmental pollutants and heavy metal toxins from the body.

A Black Tourmaline is a wonderful tool for balancing the left/right hemispheres of the brain and for harmonizing mental processes with the chakras and the aura of the body. It reduces anxiety and can be helpful in treating paranoia and overcoming dyslexia by improving eye and hand coordination, as well as assimilation and translation of encoded information.

Emotional Healing

Black Tourmaline is a cleansing stone that purifies the emotional body of negative thoughts, feelings of unworthiness, fears, or anger. It helps overcome drug addiction and releases any thoughts of suicide or self-harm. It can be beneficial in treating compulsive or obsessive behaviors and abandoning chronic worries. Black Tourmaline stone increases physical vitality and replaces stress and tension with the ability to see the world objectively through clear, rational thinking and neutrality. It inspires a positive attitude in all circumstances and stimulates practical creativity and altruism.

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How to Use Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a high-frequency stone that helps dispel and neutralize negative energy and protect it from harmful vibrations. Find out how you can use it at home, in your daily life, and in crystal therapy.

Wear it daily:

  • to create a shield around your aura
  • to quickly increase your energy
  • during channeling work
  • to protect yourself from negative energy, especially if you have very sensitive empath or receive a lot of negative energy

In healing crystals:

  • to neutralize the ends
  • use selenite on your receptive hand and Black Tourmaline on your dominant hand to remove lower stagnant and stressful energy from your system and to clear or purify your energy
  • place it directly on the pain areas to remove blocked energy and neutralize pain, as black tourmaline accelerates the body's healing process naturally

Use it in your room:

  • place a bowl containing Black Tourmaline in your home or office to balance geopathic stress caused by external factors such as noise or other external stress.

There are several reasons why almost everyone would benefit from wearing a Black Tourmaline necklace or ring. The protective properties of this stone do wonders for keeping you grounded, balanced, and free of unwanted or negative energies from your environment. Black tourmaline is a must for anyone working in the health professions. Those who work with the mentally ill or sick people will definitely benefit because they literally "drain" your energy when you are not protected. Hospitals are filled with heavy and negative energies, as well as entities against which black tourmaline will shield you from.

Hospitals aren't the only negative energy places: all workplaces and stressful environments are filled with energies that you don't want to take home. Even if you are not working in a stressful environment, Black Tourmaline can help you keep your energy positive and balanced. Another reason why you want to use Black Tourmaline is its incredible healing and health properties. Besides wearing Black Tourmaline, it should also be kept at home in the areas where you spend most of your time. Keep it in your bedroom and under your pillow so you can sleep well. Black tourmaline absorbs EMFs, therefore, ensure you place it near your electronics and computers.

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