How to Charge Black Tourmaline

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How to Charge Black Tourmaline

Simply put, a crystal is like a battery that vibrates at a certain frequency and releases beautiful energy. So when we use Black Tourmaline, it often discharges its positive energy into our bodies. That is why people may experience a tickling or strange feeling in their body/arm/hand when they first pick up this stone or use it for a long time. The energy of our body merges with that of the stone, which at first glance may seem strange.

When you start using Black Tourmaline, we recommend using only the proven methods of charging first. There are several ancient methods that have sprung up because of our native culture's beliefs. However, it is smart to always use best practices first. Here are some ways to charge your Black Tourmaline stone. 

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Sunlight helps break down negative energy. In just half an hour in the sun, no crystal will discolor or be damaged. This method can be used to charge and cleanse Black Tourmaline. It is the simplest and cheapest method to use to charge Black Tourmaline. Simply place your stone on a windowsill or outside according to your preference. Do not expose Black Tourmaline to the sun for more than half an hour.


The energy of Reiki will charge a cleansed Black Tourmaline. Place the stone on a table, place your hand on top and send Reiki into the Black Tourmaline to recharge the energy. The stone will be filled with universal energy. You can first charge your Black Tourmaline in the sun and Reiki them for good measure.


Put your Black Tourmaline in the light of the full moon and it will be charged. Note that the effect of the moon on the Earth is magnetic. The moonlight is so weak that it can’t charge a crystal. However, many people believe it does, although there isn’t any evidence to support it.

Running Water

You can wash your Black Tourmaline under running water, preferably fresh water from a waterfall, river, or stream, but it's also good under a tap. This method does not necessarily clean the Black Tourmaline energetically and does not remove negative energy, but physically cleans it. If the crystal has lower vibration, running water can cleanse and charge it.


If you bury a Black Tourmaline in the ground for a few days or weeks, this will ensure that all of the negative energy flows from the crystal into the ground. Then we say that the earth has charged the Black Tourmaline again.

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Do you Need to Charge Black Tourmaline?

Black Tourmaline can absorb negative energy which turns its positive energy to negative energy after a while. Although this stone can push away or deflect negativity, it still requires the use of its energy to provide a protective shield. However we decide to use our Black Tourmaline, it will eventually run out of energy and will need to be recharged like a battery. This means our Black Tourmaline crystal has been used and it has no energy. It may not have only run out of energy, but it may have also absorbed negative energy. It is, therefore, necessary to cleanse the Black Tourmaline and then charge it. 

Does Black Tourmaline Need to be Cleansed?

Many people use Black Tourmaline to calm their bodies, mind, and soul. Some believe that this stone works at an energetic level, thus sending natural vibrations to the world. Often, crystals travel long distances from the source to the seller before it gets to the buyer. Each transition tends to expose the stone to energies that may not match yours. And when Black Tourmaline is used to heal, it redirects or absorbs the negativity that you are working to release.

Regular cleansing and recharging of your stone is the only way to restore your Black Tourmaline to its natural state. When we take care of our crystals, we take care of ourselves. We allow the energy that is not in harmony with our lives and our intentions to go in a peaceful and healing way. By taking these small steps, we can become more aware of our interaction with ourselves, with the stone, and with others.

Can you Sleep with Black Tourmaline?

Not all crystals are supportive to sleep, but Black Tourmaline can help you sleep well. This stone neutralizes and absorbs negative energy from your aura while you sleep. A simple but incredibly effective way to work with Black Tourmaline is to put it under your pillow at night while you sleep. This simple action helps cleanse your aura and is believed to relieve muscle pain, joint pain, and discomfort. Sleeping with this stone under the pillow can really help you wake up refreshed in the morning. You will be more relaxed and ready to face the day and all that will bother you because tourmaline energetically protects you during the night.

How do you Apply Black Tourmaline at Home?

Applying Black Tourmaline at home is as simple as wearing it as jewelry (Black Tourmaline ring, bracelet, or necklace) or meditating with the stone to clear your energy of harmful influences. Another great way to apply Black Tourmaline at home is to use more than 4 pieces to create a grid of stones around your home. Set the intention for the Black Tourmaline to protect your space and place the stones around your house in the corners.

Once connected, your Black Tourmaline grid will help ground the energy in your house and help you stay present, focused, and balanced. Also, Black Tourmaline will form a kind of protective barrier or shield that absorbs all the harmful energies that try to enter your room or are transported with other people.

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