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Can I Wear Anti Radiation Glasses Everyday

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Can I Wear Anti-Radiation Glasses Everyday?

Anti-radiation glasses also known as blue light glasses have become increasingly popular in recent times, as people who primarily work on computers try to protect their eyes from potential damage. Anti-radiation glasses protect users’ eyes from harmful light that can result from overexposure to computer screens. Looking at screens can be very damaging to our eyes. Fortunately, wearing glasses that block these lights can be more effective in preventing headaches and blurred vision.

While anti-radiation glasses are certainly convenient, what if you are not looking at a computer screen? If blue light glasses were created for on-screen use, is it bad to wear these glasses all day? In this article, we’ll cover wearing blue light glasses for long periods and discuss whether it’s okay to wear anti-radiation glasses every day.

Is it Okay to Wear Anti-Radiation Glasses all the Time?

Under normal circumstances, anti-radiation glasses shouldn’t be worn all the time, as it can change the way your eyes see color and make your brain believe that it is not daylight when it is the case. Therefore, wearing blue light glasses is recommended if they will be worn for short periods. If you mainly wear your glasses when the sun goes down, when you are exposed to screens, these glasses can help protect your eyes for years to come. It’s good for your eye health and makes sure your brain is awake and functioning well at the right time of day.

In terms of our eye health, wearing glasses that block blue light has no direct negative effects on our eyes. The film on the glasses won’t damage any part of your eye during use. This ensures that the blue light glasses are safe to use and won’t affect your vision in the long term.

Can I Wear Blue Light Glasses all the Time?

Yes, you can wear blue light glasses all the time so long as the lens filters less than 50% BPF and have a very little color on the lens. If the lens filters 80 to 90 percent blue light, then you might be harming yourself. Filtering out too much blue light could be working against you. However, if the lens filters 50% BPF or less, you could wear those all day. This is because these lenses focus on about 400 to 440nm, so there isn’t much color in the lens and it’s filtering out a good amount of blue light. Wearing a blue light glass that has less than 50% BPF all day will help you maintain your circadian rhythm because you are still receiving plenty of blue light.

Does Anti-Radiation Glasses Expire?

It depends largely on the condition of your glasses if they have not been scratched. In general, high-quality anti-radiation glasses should last at least two years. However, it is important to ensure you never clean the lenses when they are still dry. You can first rinse them off with lukewarm water and then clean them with a special cleaning cloth. If it is scratched within 2 years, all you need to do is replace it with new lenses.


The purpose of blue light glasses is to reduce the amount of blue light the eyes are exposed to from your digital displays. Hence, the best time to wear anti-radiation glasses is when you are exposed to blue light. For instance, while working on a computer, watching TV, or scrolling through your tablet or smartphone. The slightly yellowish coating of the lenses neutralizes the blue light emitted by these screens. This will minimize the amount of blue light reaching your retina and give you a more comfortable screen viewing.