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Can you Get Radiation from Your Laptop?

With so many of us working remotely or on the go, using a laptop is more common than ever-but is it safe? Can you get radiation from your laptop? 
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With so many of us working remotely or on the go, using a laptop is more common than ever-but is it safe? Can you get radiation from your laptop? 


Gone are the days when radiation came only from natural sources. These days, it comes from so many man-made sources, which  includes the devices and gadgets we use every day. Even the laptop that you have in your office, your children use for homework, or that you are currently using while reading this article, emits electromagnetic radiation. 


Besides mobile phones, computers, and smart meters, laptops are among the devices that, due to their frequency of use, present the greatest risk of EMF radiation.


Laptops give off large amounts of all three types of electromagnetic radiation.Even more concerning is how close we are to our laptops when we use them.  Whether you place it on your lap while you type or close to your face while in bed streaming your favorite shows on Netflix, it is close to your body most of the time. Even when it’s in front of you on your desk. 

This article is a comprehensive guide on laptop radiation and how to protect yourself against it.

What Kind of Radiation Does Your Laptop Emit?



Although we sometimes read of it as a form of radiation, EMF is a collective term for three different forms of radiation which include:

  • Magnetic
  • Electric
  • Radiofrequency

When you connect your laptop to a Wi-Fi network, they give off all three types of radiation. Understanding this is important so that we know how to protect ourselves. So let’s dig a little deeper.

Electric and Magnetic Field Radiation



These types of radiation are common in almost every electronic device we have, so it’s not just your laptop that has them. With a quality EMF meter, it is possible to see that many electronic devices emit a certain level of magnetic field radiation. 

Once you move away from the device, the amount of radiation decreases. This is known as “the inverse square law” in physics; it states that if you are twice as far from the radiation source, the exposure is divided into four. Protection against this increases exponentially the further you move away from the source of electromagnetic radiation.

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For this reason, radiation from a device like a laptop should concern everyone, particularly because of its proximity to the body when we use it. This means that radiation exposure also increases the closer it gets to our body.


With the magnetic fields, you should be able to notice that the electromagnetic meter will read more radiation from the laptop screen and a certain part of the base. The LCD screen itself and the motherboard generally emit the strongest magnetic radiation.

How Much Exposure is Safe? 

A study published by LIPA (Long Island Power Authority) showed radiation from a magnetic field emitted by various appliances at different distances. LIPA has determined the following values ​​for radiation emitted by LCD screens and monitors:

  • One inch distance = 25 to 500 mG
  • One foot distance = 0.4 to 20 mG
  • Three feet distance = <0.1 to 1.5 mG

To get a good idea of ​​these values, the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) only recommends exposure levels between 0.5 milligauss (mG) and 2.5 mG. 


These results alone should tell you that laptops emit harmful magnetic field radiation, to say the least, because of the very low safety margins.

Another source of EMF and magnetic field radiation in a laptop is the array of electronic elements found in the body of the device, especially the motherboard and the power inverter.

Take your EMF meter and set it for magnetic field radiation, then move it over different parts of a laptop to see a changing reading. Different components of the laptop emit different amounts and types of radiation, and your overall exposure will be high.

Radio Frequency Radiation



When we talk about laptop radiation, most people think of radiofrequency (RF) radiation. This is true, especially when the device is sending and receiving data wirelessly using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, as well as other wireless technologies. The wireless card, which is mainly integrated into the Bluetooth antenna and the motherboard, are two of the principal sources of this radiation. 

The Wi-Fi radiation from the wireless card emits a certain amount of RF radiation, particularly when the laptop is connected to a Wi-Fi network. This component operates by sending and receiving information packets while streaming videos or while browsing the Internet with the device.


Another source of RF radiation in laptops is the Bluetooth antenna/radio. Whether or not a Bluetooth device is connected to your laptop, it always emits some radiofrequency radiation when it searches for devices to connect to. 


The good news is the amount of radiation is negligible in this case. If you want to eliminate the radiation, you can simply turn off your laptop’s Bluetooth if no device is connected to it.


Is Radiation from Your Laptop Harmful?



Now that we have talked about the various sources of electromagnetic radiation found in laptops, it’s time to talk about the risks and dangers they pose to users.

Effect on Fertility



One common concern about laptops is the impact on fertility, especially if you enjoy using them on your lap or stomach. One thing to worry about is the heat generated and some laptops can get very hot which can damage sperm with time.


However, an even bigger concern that others believe is critical is the effects of electromagnetic radiation in extreme proximity, especially when using a laptop on your lap. 


Several studies have shown that using a laptop that is connected to Wi-Fi and left on your lap for an extended period can drastically affect a man’s sperm count. Not only that, but it also affects sperm quality and causes DNA fragmentation as well.


An article published in 2011 showed that using the laptop on your lap for 4 hours can reduce sperm efficiency by 25 percent.


Another study showed that cell phones generate EMF radiation similar to that produced when you use your laptop on your lap.


The study concluded that cell phone use decreased the motility, viability, quality, and number of sperm and interfered with their normal morphology.


This reduction in the various parameters depended on the duration of the radiation exposure of the person and was independent of the initial quality of the sperm.

Pregnancy Risks



Pregnant women, or even women planning a pregnancy, should be very careful about being exposed to electromagnetic radiation. One costly mistake you can make is using a laptop and laying it right on your stomach without using any kind of protection. 


In 2013, a study published in the Duke University Journal of Fertilization showed the association between exposure to radiation from computers and cell phones and the increased likelihood of miscarriage.


Therefore, it is important not to place a laptop or other device that emits electromagnetic radiation on your stomach during pregnancy. This can be difficult to accomplish. 

One of the best products if you can’t help but use a laptop is a Bamboo Orgone Blanket. This blanket is not only a modern and comfortable throw, but offers protection from EMF exposure.



The idea is quite clever but easy to understand. These environmentally friendly bamboo Orgone Blankets are infused with octaves of frequencies which create and bring into being a powerful Negative Ion resonance used for energy healing or Orgone Therapy, making them the best in natural sleep aids.


It can simply be placed on the stomach or torso in case you need to use other devices and it greatly reduces the risk of EMF exposure. And when the baby is born, the blanket can also double as a baby blanket so your little one is literally wrapped in protection.


DNA Damage from EMF Exposure



Several studies have demonstrated the effect of exposure to electromagnetic fields on DNA. It gives rise to DNA fragmentation, according to a study from Columbia University


It’s true. Devices and gadgets like laptops, cell phones, and the like can change the structure of DNA, which in turn can lead to an increased risk of cancer.


More studies have been done on cell phone users and it has been found that it increases the risk of brain tumors such as glioma. But the primary concern here is the damage that electromagnetic radiation can cause, particularly when it is in its cumulative form. Therefore, you should do everything you can to reduce your exposure.

How Can I Protect Myself from Laptop Radiation?


Now that we’ve covered the risks and dangers of laptop radiation, let’s discuss the best ways to protect yourself. There are several ways to protect yourself from laptop radiation while still enjoying using it. You can try the following tips to dramatically reduce your laptop’s radiation exposure.

Monitor Your Laptop Usage



It may sound difficult but it is one of the most important pieces of advice we can give.


Remember that the damage that radiation from a laptop can cause from its EMF emissions is inherently cumulative. The less you expose yourself to it, the less EMF you will encounter. 


The effects of long-term exposure are not immediately apparent unless you’re “electro-hypertensive” - ​​that is, people who experience physical symptoms immediately as a result of exposure to electromagnetic radiation.


Some people consider EMF radiation exposure to be very low because they expect immediate effects, but it is important to remember that studies show the effects of EMF show on the body over time. 


It is important to minimize your exposure. Using a laptop is becoming more and more common in our everyday lives. As we cannot avoid it, it is important to reduce your radiation exposure.

Get Laptop Radiation EMF Protection



If you have a laptop that you use regularly, Computer Radiation EMF Protection is really a must have. 

While there are many radiation shields and sleeves available for laptops on the market, the Computer Radiation EMF Protection stands out.


This highly effective Computer Radiation EMF Protection provides you and your loved ones with maximum radiation protection, while at the same time preventing the ill effects of DNA damage and the formulation of brain tumors, and works in a far superior way to any shield can. 


These powerful Phone Radiation EMF Protectors are designed to eliminate radiation emissions by harmonizing and neutralizing the effects of this harmful energy, rather than shielding or blocking them. This creates a healthy life-force chi by constantly generating beneficial healthy Negative Ions.

Turn Off Wi-Fi When Not in Use



This should be an explicit step that you will definitely benefit from. There’s always a time when you have to rest and at those times you won’t be using Wi-Fi at all. 

Turning off your WiFi is a simple way to essentially eliminate the EMF radiation source. Many laptops have a button for this, but if yours doesn’t, the operating system’s user interface should have a switch that you can click to just turn off the Wi-Fi on your device.


If you need to reconnect, just turn it back on. This will effectively reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by your laptop because it will eliminate your exposure to RF radiation. 


If you really need to be connected to the internet and it is not an inconvenience in your situation, we recommend connecting using an ethernet cable whenever possible to avoid the need for Wi-Fi. This provides more reliable access to the Internet and at the same time protects you from electromagnetic radiation.

Final Thoughts

There are many devices in our life that can make life more comfortable and easier, but they also expose us to EMF radiation. This does not mean that you will stop using these devices, but you just need to make sure that you find ways to reduce your exposure to the radiation they generate. 

While limiting your time with this technology is a great step, protection from EMF is usually a more realistic option. 

We hope this guide has offered you some useful tips and snippets of information to help you fight the radiation.