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Cornet ED78S EMF RF Meter Review

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Even if we do not notice it, we are exposed to radiation daily. It comes from the most common household appliances or accessories, such as televisions and smartphones.

Radiation is not particularly dangerous at low levels, but it can become dangerous when it reaches high levels. Prevention is always key, so identifying potential sources of radiation is the most effective way to deal with it.

One tool that can do this is the Cornet ED78S RF EMF Meter. For purists, this is the core of the Cornet ED78S; a dual operating mode – Gaussian meter mode and radio frequency meter mode. We have set out here to look at this meter in a simple and pragmatic way so that you can decide whether the Cornet ED78S is the right EMF meter for you.


Cornet ED78S EMF RF Meter Review

The Cornet ED78S RF EMF Meter is a high-performance device that precisely detects the amount of radiation present in your environment. It can measure both low-frequency and high-frequency magnetic radiation. The sound output informs you immediately about the measured values. It’s an efficient RF meter that works efficiently and is affordable too.


The histogram function is the little box to the right of the LCD screen and it displays the last 32 readings since the meter was switched on. This is ideal for measuring the radiation from smart meters, which come in short bursts. Because the ED78S samples 3,500 times per second, it can detect elements that you might miss. The histogram and the peak signal level make it easy to observe these bursts.


The Cornet ED78S RF EMF Meter is like having two meters in one. This isn’t unique. Cornet has already done this with the Cornet ED75. However, the Cornet ED78S is a better detector than the ED75 for both radiofrequency readings as it measures up to 8 GHz (the ED75 measures up to 6 GHz only) and for magnetic field measurements, it measures from 0.1 mG (ED75 measures from 1 mG). It also costs more than the ED75. It has 2 magnetic field settings, the lower one not only measures magnetic fields from 0.1mG to 10mG but also has a resolution of 0.1mG. This means that it is very sensitive.

We are a huge fan of hearing EMFs because they convey so much information. During testing, we found that we were picking up RF radiation in the audio that was not reflected on the screen. It is important to obtain information on extremely low EMF levels. A more sensitive EMF meter is always better. This sound feature definitely improves this aspect. Considering you get a magnetic field meter with the ED78S (the ED85EX measures RF radiation only), it seems like a much better option. In its defense, the Cornet ED85EX offers a broader range than the Cornet ED78S (1MHz to 8GHz, against 100MHz to 8GHz for the ED78S) and the ED85EX offers the possibility of connecting an external antenna, as the ED78S does not have.

Ease of Use

Radio frequencies in the surrounding area can be identified easily with this EMF meter. It is among the best EMF meters for personal use and ghost hunting. The device can measure a radio frequency range of up to 8 GHz. Besides reading the frequencies of FM and AM signals, it can read the frequencies of telephones, computers, Wi-Fi devices, game consoles, and other appliances, as well as power lines from nearby power stations. Just walk around your house with this device and point towards all electrical devices for an accurate reading. This unit will tell you where the field was generated so you can take preventive action. You’ll also know which areas to avoid and which to protect against. This handy device is also useful when looking for ghosts.

Pros of the Cornet ED78S EMF Meter

  • Highly sensitive
  • Easy to use
  • Equipped with an LED screen
  • Portable design
  • It has a moving histogram to display the frequency
  • Sound output enabled
  • Battery operated

Cons of the Cornet ED78S EMF Meter

  • Instructions are not detailed enough
  • It cannot measure low-frequency electric field radiation

Is the Cornet ED78S EMF Meter Suitable For Measuring 5G Radiation?

Yes, the Cornet ED78S EMF meter is currently suitable for measuring 5G. 5G is the latest generation of cellular technology that is being rolled out around the world. It is believed that the frequency used for 5G is below 6 GHz, which corresponds to the frequency range of the Cornet ED78S.


Final Thoughts

The Cornet ED78S is an easy-to-use EMF meter that is ideal for testing all forms of EMF in virtually any environment. You get a wide range of measurement options with this unit, making it a splendid solution. It helps you with complete security analysis of your environment. The device can measure emissions with low and high sensitivity.