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Does Shungite Protect from EMF?

Shungite is known as a healing stone, but does shungite protect from EMF? 

Shungite is known as a healing stone, but does shungite protect from EMF? 

New studies appear every few months that reinforce our concerns about the damage electrical pollution is doing to our bodies. Whether it’s cell phones, cordless phones, computers, or other wireless devices, this news looks like a never-ending trickle of pessimism. 


Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) have been linked to inflammation, brain cancer, DNA damage, fatigue, reproductive disorders, impaired thyroid function, premature aging, and a host of other health problems.


Every day, more people are looking for ways to get involved in EMF protection. In a way, protection against electromagnetic fields is becoming more and more important. If you’re one of those people looking for ways to reduce your exposure, you’ve probably come across Shungite. 

Different people have different opinions on its effectiveness as to whether or not it works in blocking electromagnetic radiation. This article takes an in-depth look at the stone to see if you can rely on it to block electromagnetic radiation.

What is Shungite?




Shungite is a shiny black mineral that was discovered in the Karelia region of Russia, especially near the village of Shunga.

The term “Shungite” can refer to entire pieces of stone or just the pieces or fragments that contain it, which you should consider when purchasing. 


Although Shungite is mainly found in the Karelia region, it is also mined in other parts of Russia, mainly near old coal mines and in places where volcanoes have erupted. Shungite’s purity is attributed to the high temperatures in these areas.


The stone has fullerenes or three-dimensional spherical molecules which includes 60 carbon atoms.


In addition to fullerenes, Shungite is made up of almost all the minerals on the periodic table. 


Where Did Shungite Come From? 




The origin of this stone remains a mystery. Typically, carbonaceous materials come from decaying organic materials such as old-growth forests. However, the stone is believed to be about 2 billion years old. This was before organic life existed on the planet. Some theories on the origins of Shungite include:

  • Large meteorite collided with earth and deposited Shungite on the ground
  • Shungite formed because of microorganisms in neighboring water
  • Organic matter composition in sedimentary rocks changed over time


While scientists aren’t sure how Shungite formed or its origin, they attribute its potential benefits to its fullerene content. 


You can wear Shungite stones on or near your body or place it around the house. Believers say that this stone protects the user from EMF radiation, helps us reach a higher state of consciousness, and balances cosmic energies.

Grades of Shungite



Type I, known as silver Shungite, comprises about 90 to 98% carbon and has a brilliant finish and high luster. It is the most valuable and rarest color of Shungite because less than one percent of the material collected is of this color. Silver Shungite is also known as noble Shungite or elite Shungite.

Type II grade is known as black Shungite. It’s the most commonly available Shungite and contains between 50 and 70 percent carbon. Black Shungite is known for a variety of uses beyond jewelry. Shungite carvings such as Shungite pyramids or Shungite spheres are often made from this material. Black Shungite is also referred to as Petrovsky Shungite.

Type III grade, also referred to as gray Shungite, has a carbon content of 30 to 50%. Often referred to as Shungite rock, it is often used for lapidary work.

Does Shungite Really Work Against Blocking EMF Radiation?




Shungite is an ancient stone, the oldest hydrocarbon-based rock in the world.

 Shungite has a very unique molecular structure. It comprises unusually hollow, large, and stable carbon structures with high oxidation and reduction capacity. It is very rich in hydrogen and carbon and also contains other elements such as iron, silicate minerals, sulfur, magnesium, titanium, aluminum, calcium, and potassium. 


Unlike other minerals and rocks, its high hydrogen and carbon content give this stone high electrical conductivity.


Purifies Water


Shungite is a potent mineral that purifies water due to its ability to absorb heavy metals and chemical pollutants, especially in H2O. 


According to a study, Shungite is 30 times more effective than activated charcoal in removing free radicals from water. 


Studies have also shown that due to its conductivity similar to that of many metals, Shungite can reduce the inflammatory and oxidative effects of radiation. 

However, these studies focused on infrared and ultraviolet frequencies, and one study used Shungite topically to coat the skin. The mineral was unable to completely block the radiation being tested, and the research did not consider the reasonable levels of energy given off by the technology.

Elite Shungite, also known as Type I Shungite, the rarest and purest form, contains very rare molecules known as fullerenes. Fullerenes were named Molecule of the Year in 1991 but were not discovered in nature until 1992. 

The Benefits of Fullerenes



Natural fullerenes have only been found in meteorite craters, cosmic dust, dinosaur eggs, coal, lava, and fulgurites (lightning-like rocks). According to a journal, the major feature of the structure of fullerene is “Carbon atoms arranged at the vertices of regular pentagons and hexagons, covering the surface of a sphere made of graphite”.

Natural fullerene and its synthetic derivatives are ideal fillers and absorbents due to their cross-linked spherical structure. 


The Journal states that fullerenes, found only in elite Shungite, can neutralize, magnetize, and destroy free radicals while staying intact, making Shungite a powerful radiation-absorbing stone.


In theory, as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent, it could help cells better recover from the damaging biological effects of EMF radiation, such as DNA fragmentation and oxidative stress.

At Orgone Energy, we recognize the importance of shungite's potential benefits.

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Shungite Jewelry



Most Shungite jewelry is crafted from Type II Shungite, which doesn’t contain fullerenes. Even if it’s crafted from Elite Shungite, simply lying down or hanging from the neck won’t have these effects.

Regina Martino, who has studied bio-energy and geo-biology, as well as the effects of Shungite on humans, says that all living things give off an energy field or a life field (in yoga this refers to your chakras).


She discovered that Shungite can realign your chakras and optimize the life field, not by removing disruptive energy, but by neutralizing it.


This protective property exists regardless of whether the Shungite is in direct contact with the body or in close proximity.


This makes it one of the easiest, most effective, and cheapest personal EMF protection solutions - you can wear it like a jewel and carry it in your pocket or purse. 


It is a pleasant idea to have Shungite in your home and office, particularly in places with a lot of electronic gadgets. Place it next to your television, computer, or an electrical outlet. And it’s really inexpensive – you can use a SPHERE close to your bed or a PYRAMID in your dining room.

Shungite and EMF



As research has shown, this stone modifies the harmful effect of EMF radiation better than other stones as it is not saturated and doesn’t receive a negative charge. 


While Shungite blocks electromagnetic fields, it keeps the signal intact. Another great advantage of Shungite is that it can be used and reused for as long as you want, making it an effective, economical, and practical EMF protection solution.

How Does Shungite Stone Absorb EMF Radiation?



Shungite is over 98 percent carbon, which has an impressive absorption capacity. Carbon is also a major component of diamonds and graphite. 

Additionally, scientists have discovered that Shungite has fullerenes. The term “fullerenes” refers to molecules consisting primarily of carbon in the form of a tube-like shape or hollow sphere.


In short, it’s a special carbon-based molecular formation, and Shungite is one of the few known natural sources of fullerenes on earth. 


In addition to their absorption properties, fullerenes are one of the most potent antioxidants. As a result, Shungite protects the cells of the body from damaging free radicals. Regarding its mechanism of action, Shungite can perform one of the following actions:

  • Neutralize
  • Magnetize
  • Or destroy free radicals

This means that this stone can completely neutralize or absorb EMF radiation frequencies, which research has proven.

Are There Side Effects of Shungite Stone?



There are technically no known side effects, but people can suffer from certain energy disorders due to the crystal. These could likely be:

  • Insomnia
  • Increased pulse
  • Too much energy
  • Arterial hypertension

These side effects are related directly to the remarkable amount of energy that Shungite can give you. It can be a very new and energetic feeling and for this reason, you may want to rotate the use of your stone until you are used to the extra energy.

Does Shungite Need to be Recharged?



You can repeatedly use your Shungite stones if you cleanse and charge the crystals regularly.


To clean Shungite products, wash your Shungite pieces under hot running water for a few minutes or expose the Shungite to direct sunlight throughout the day. Also, you can dig it in natural dirt or clean it with incense smoke and candlelight.


Another vital aspect of crystal cleaning is harnessing the power of other crystals with cleansing properties. These actions will cleanse and recharge your pieces of Shungite and allow you to reuse them efficiently.

If you aren’t happy with how well your Shungite works, or if you think that too much 5G and EMF radiation or other damage are affecting you, you can repeat this process every week or just get a new stone.


Is Shungite Antibacterial?



Shungite has powerful bactericidal properties that effectively disinfect drinking water from harmful bacteria. 

The International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research published a compelling research article on the influence of Shungite on water. The research was carried out by the Center for Scientific Research for Medical Biophysics in Bulgaria and the Department of Biotechnology of the Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology in Moscow.


They found that due to its unique porous structure, Shungite absorbs 95 percent of contaminants when it comes in contact with its surface. Shungite has also been observed to kill pathogenic protozoa and saprophytes. Shungite almost completely removes e.Coli from 2300/liter cells to 3/liter cells.


 Shungite works best in conjunction with activated charcoal and zeolite.

How to Use Shungite for EMF Protection



To use Shungite for EMF radiation protection, you just need to place it in the EMF area.


Place it by your router, microwave, computer, and other EMF emitting devices. Put it between you and the EMF source for the best results and allow the fullerenes to do their job! 


When it comes to home decoration elements, Shungite cubes, pyramids, and balls are at the top of the list. In addition to being stylish decorative items, these black Shungite products can also provide EMF protection. Display a Shungite pyramid or cube on your desk. Also, you can display tumbled or raw Shungite in an elegant craft bowl. It will look amazing and you’ll benefit from Shungite’s strong protective energy.

In addition to the chunks of Shungite, there are several options to choose from – earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. 

The simplest way to benefit from Shungite’s protective energy is to wear Shungite pendants and bracelets all day. These beautifully designed Shungite pieces can complement your outfit.

It is always a good idea to purchase Shungite jewelry for your loved ones. Shungite jewelry is amazing and has strong protective energy. In addition to radiation protection, many people use them to treat health problems, improve blood pressure, stamina, and circulation, as well as tune their bodies.

Final Thoughts

Shungite is a fascinating stone, both for its rarity and its many benefits. While not all stones and Shungite products you see will protect you from electromagnetic radiation, Elite Shungite has even been used in industrial applications to attenuate EMF radiation. When trying to protect your house, Shungite crystals are an inexpensive addition to other measures you are already taking.