How Does an EMF Blocker Work?

We'll walk with you through EMF blockers and the principles on which they work.

How Does an EMF Blocker Work?

Most questions about EMF blockers usually end like this. And the ones that end this way also tend to question whether EMF blockers even work at all. Now, the thing is, we, at Orgone Energy, are under a verbal onslaught of these types of questions. Our answer, like with anyone in this competition, is to show you our perspective on the topic. Below, we'll walk with you through EMF blockers and the principles on which they work.

Elementary Explanation of EMF Blockers

In retrospect, elementary knowledge calls electromagnetic fields a combination of electric fields and magnetic fields. The electric fields are generated through differences in voltage while the magnetic fields are created when electric current flows. For both of them, the higher the unit (voltage and current respectively), the higher the number of fields that will be generated.  

What Are the Sources of EMF?

By definition, any device that uses voltage (keyword being differences) and current in any way falls into this category. That encompasses most modern devices around us. Exposure comes from your cell phones, your Wi-Fi/routers, TV antennas, and any other gadget that functions as fast information trains which are only made possible when they send EMF, or “dirty electricity” to radio towers and receive back from the tower. Back and forth it goes. This goes on through radio frequency in addition to the harmful emf that the Earth itself generates.

EMF Blockers

Now, EMF blockers, also known as EMF protection devices, are gadgets that can neutralize or harmonize electromagnetic fields, deflect/divert the process, or even lessen it. Now, if you have seen different EMF protection products or blockers online and read their features, the first thing you need to know is that most of them are fakes and will not offer any EMF protection whatsoever. Even those that seemingly sound “intelligent” seem to suffer in some categories which are poor. Still, for the ones that do work, they have the following cage to thank.

emf blocker

The Faraday Cage by Michael Faraday

There are two types of people who are concerned about EMF radiation around them and how it can affect the blood-brain barrier and creates numerous health issues. The first are those people who have learned of the side effects (more on this later) and want to prevent them. The others who, despite being rare, are actually sensitive to EMF itself (EHS or electromagnetic hypersensitivity).

To them, the Faraday Cage, or specifically, its principle, can be considered the “Holy Grail.” The Faraday Cage can interfere with electrostatic and electromagnetic impulses that travel in and out of it. Also, like with everything that humanity has created so far, it also works to differing degrees depending on the type of material and product design (its applications) the manufacturer uses.

Anything that can mimic the effect of a Faraday Cage, when it comes into contact with electromagnetic fields, can also offer EMF protection. This is what we mean by EMF blockers working to different degrees—some do not work at all, while others are incredibly effective. Nevertheless, you should note that the Faraday Cage was built primarily to resist electromagnetic radiation. It has no compromise, so the aesthetics and material used (size is just one of the cons) make it quite impractical to use. The alternative, then, with this fact, is to go for more streamlined modern models. While not as powerful as the Faraday Cage, they are much more practical and work (at least in some of them).

Our Recommendations

Doing a deep search online with proper communication/feedback has given us a glimpse into EMF blockers. We found that most EMF blockers don't work, and the ones that do, all work to varying degrees and in different forms at that. Therefore, we have compiled some of the products that we recommend you try out. Whether with an EMF testing device or independently.

Harmonizers/Neutralizers of EMF

Orgone Energy Products

With Orgone Energy products, we have two types of energy types. They are Orgonite and Orgonium, with both being easily mimicked with the help of resonance technology. For Orgonite, we generally refer to devices that emit EMF (an example is the Earth and its electromagnetic lines). Think of it as a niche thing that the team agreed upon.

On the other hand, there's the line of Orgonium products, which is called the Orgone Energy products. They are devices that vibrate at a frequency that naturally (scientifically) cancels out the frequency of devices with non-ionizing radiation.

Different symptoms like stress and anxiety are reduced significantly with pressure reduced or entirely removed from your heart, immune system, and nervous system. The various sources of EMF that Orgone Energy products can handle include radiation in cell phones, radio frequencies, microwaves, and the Earth's natural EMF emission, to name but a few. These forms of EMF are quickly subdued by the Orgone EMF Personal Protection Home Pack. This is a combo comprising the Dome Orgone Schumann Generator, Green Aircraft Travel EMF Protector for travels, Phone/WiFi/Computer Radiation Protector, and a Geoclense Orgone Generator (Buddha-styled devices exist too). Adding another EMF blocker such as the GeoClense: EMF and Earth Radiation Harmoniser to the combo means you're going all out. We recommend this if you have a lot of space in your home to cover.

emf blocker

EMF Shielding Products

While there are other products out there, EMF shielding products always top the list one way or the other. Therefore, don't be surprised to see us recommending just that since they do work quite well. Unlike other attempts on devices that protect you from EMF, by using unconventional technology and methods, most of the devices that come with tags, such as "Shield and Shielding” are heavily influenced by the Faraday Cage and its principle.

EMF shields can come in the form of paints, keyboard covers, and computer monitor shields (a thin film that doesn't sacrifice readability). Often, these gadgets are made from conductive or magnetic materials that can deflect, block, or divert electromagnetic fields. Also, because of their design, their level of effectiveness reduces. For example, in the case of EMF keyboard/desktop covers, you shouldn't expect them to completely block out EMF since there are literal cracks and spaces in the design too.

Shielding Fabrics

While shielding fabrics are categorized under the “EMF Shielding Products” section, this category itself is too broad and effective to underestimate. With EMF shielding fabrics, you can have a bedroom protective buddy like a radiation-resistant canopy or something as modern as a pouch for Wi-Fi routers.
But, let's see. Last time we checked, clothes come from fabric as well. This simple fact has opened up the way people shield themselves from EMF. That's why we developed the Orgone bamboo blanket.

EMF-blocking Jewelry

Jewelry, on one side, is all about making the wearer look good. Nowadays, this means manufacturers make jewelry (necklaces, earrings, anklets, love bracelets, etc.) that come in different forms with different meanings and application. On the other side of the coin, however, EMF blockers are getting more creative as time goes. The most popular and, therefore, useful types of EMF-blocking jewelry that we've seen so far are necklaces (or pendants) and bracelets.

Both of these types of jewelry are something that we at Orgone Energy also provide. Ever since we all noticed our tendency to raise our phones up close and personal with our eyes, we've started creating solutions. An EMF-blocking necklace close to the overall region of your head generates a presence that suppresses the amount of EMF in that zone. For the bracelet (uses anything from Germanium and magnets to something in-house like Orgonium), it's something that you can continuously wear, and it'll serve the same function since we always hold a phone to use it.

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EMF Smart Meter Protection

EMF smart meter protectors are your best friend when it comes to electricity use in your home. The blocker is attached to your electrical meter through the use of adhesives and the likes on its base. Any electromagnetic fields that pulse out are immediately stopped with this baby around.

If you don't like to use it on an electrical meter, you can use it on other devices in your home that release as much (or almost as much, but you get the point) EMF as the meter. Examples are the refrigerators and home theaters.

How to Test if EMF Blockers Are Working

To test if the EMF blocker you bought is working or not, you need to invest in a Gaussmeter. How you use this device is pretty straightforward, too. When you get the gaussmeter and before the installation of the EMF blocker, you measure the EMF in the area you'll be using the blockers.

If there's more than one area, measure all of them (do this multiple times for three days), though never forget that you should take the ratings of the areas where you'll be installing the EMF blockers individually.

Now, having gone through the first few steps, install the EMF blockers, and wait a few days. The reason why we say this is because it takes some time for EMF blockers to kick in because there was already EMF present in the house, so that much has to be flushed out first.

If there's a drop in the EMF after a couple of days, then that means the blockers are working. How well will they work? You can further decide that by checking the range of the EMF, blockers installed. This means you should check the EMF present in the rooms by moving further away from the blockers.

Are There Long-term Effects of EMF

If you're curious about the long-term effects that EMF (both natural and artificial) causes, this sub-section is all about that. Below, we’ll show you the different reasons why EMF blockers have gathered a cult following of sorts ever since its dangers came to light.

  • Migraines
  • Dizziness
  • Development of poor sleeping patterns
  • Fatigue
  • Development of mild depression
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lack of focus
  • Feeling faint
  • Racing heart or irregular heartbeat
  • Anxiety
  • Chest pain or pressure
  • Difficulty concentrating

Final Note

EMF blockers definitely work but as always there’s always the issue of a lack of highly effective blockers to buy. We recommend you purchase blockers from a website with the right cues. By that, we mean to look at the website’s lifespan and history, the reviews they have, their line of products, and the prices. Never forget the price because, should the EMF blocker be too cheap, it may perform poorly—if at all.