EMF Camera

Unless you live in a cave without modern gadgets, electricity, and cell phones, you are exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF). Furthermore, your exposure to electromagnetic fields is probably several magnitudes higher than it would have been 50 years ago. If you are like most people, your exposure to electromagnetic fields is probably a million times greater than what you would be naturally exposed to in nature.

Let’s explain.

John Bloggs EMF Exposure

John Bloggs is reading this presently. He loves his wireless mouse because it does not have any cumbersome cables. But his cute wireless mouse sends out a high-frequency microwave signal about 500 times per second to connect to his laptop. The laptop itself is connected to the Internet through a Wi-Fi signal that pulses approximately 2.4 billion times per second.


Next to his legs is a power strip and a laptop charger, which emits electric fields when plugged into the wall and magnetic fields when his laptop is charging. John cares about the environment, so his office and home are fully outfitted with compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), which are great for emitting dirty electricity to John and everyone around him.

John likes to eat organic food, exercise, and take care of himself, but unfortunately, he is not very aware of electromagnetic fields. He does not know that exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields from everyday devices can pose a serious health risk. He does not know that thousands of studies link these exposures to EMF to an extensive list of harmful biological effects, including:

  • Single and double-stranded DNA breaks
  • Increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier
  • Disruption of glucose metabolism in the brain
  • Disruption of cellular metabolism
  • Generation of stress proteins


He doesn’t really understand all of this or knows what it means because it’s a bit technical. But lately, he has had vague symptoms, and then he saw something about electromagnetic fields on Facebook. Electromagnetic fields can cause nausea, headaches, and visual disturbances; electromagnetic fields disrupt the natural biological processes of the body, which can cause serious illness and even cancer. Now John wonders what to do.

If you are like John, you wonder what to do. Then you can invest in one of the EMF protection products offered by Orgone Energy to better protect you and your loved ones from the potential dangers of EMF radiation.


You don’t need expensive electronic devices to detect electromagnetic fields (EMF) around you. It sounds ironic, but you can use your smartphone. Tracking the magnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation around you has become much easier with an EMF camera application that offers electromagnetic field detection capabilities that alert you when you are close to these exposures. Many of these applications are FREE, but how effective are these applications? Read on to find out.

Why Would You Want an EMF Camera App?

First, let’s answer the most important question of why you would want to have an EMF meter in the first place. If you have read almost every article here on our blog, then you have heard many times that we recommend EMF meters, and we promise you it is for good reason. A good EMF meter measures all three types of EMF radiation, magnetic field, electric field, and radiofrequency.


If you are new to the dangers and harms of long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation, we encourage you to explore our blog a bit, but for the sake of this article, suffice it to say that it’s a true and real danger you should be worried about.

An EMF meter will help you understand not only the different types of EMF radiation you have in your home but also how much they emit. Also, without an EMF meter, it is almost impossible to know if the steps you are taking to reduce EMF radiation in your life are really working. As an example, we have written a comprehensive guide on how to reduce radiation throughout your home. However, unless you have an EMF meter, it is hard to say how many of the solutions we recommend will actually be beneficial for your home.

In addition, there are actually some really wonderful products on the market that help fight electromagnetic radiation (be careful, there are plenty of fraudulent products out there too). Phone Radiation Protector, for example, is an excellent EMF neutralizer and harmonizer for laptops, cell phones, and tablets.

With an EMF meter, you can really see the difference your radiation protector is making. Just stick it to the back of your phone, make a call, look at the reading from your EMF meter, remove the sticker and see the difference. We won’t be listing all the ways you can use a good EMF meter, but suffice it to say, the possibilities are almost endless. Plus, it’s actually a little fun (and a little scary) to walk around the house and office and better understand the amount of EMF radiation that various devices are irradiating.

EMF camera apps help to a certain extent in reading out the EMF radiation, but in no way replace a real EMF meter.

How do EMF Camera Apps Work?

Smartphones equipped with Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) cameras are widely used around the world, which makes them potentially useful as radiation monitoring tools. EMF camera apps are a series of smartphone apps that claim to measure ionizing radiation dose rate via built-in CMOS sensors. Modern smartphone cameras have advanced features such as faster speed, accelerated camera pixel intensity, and higher image quality. These properties make smartphones particularly useful for detecting radiation.


CMOS image sensors used in many smartphone cameras can detect photons of ionizing radiation. The photodiodes in the heart of each CMOS pixel are designed to detect photons in visible light but are also sensitive to gamma rays and X-rays. Dominant visible light signals can easily be blocked by using a layer of black tape to cover a camera lens. The signals generated in the CMOS pixels are a measure of the number of gamma and X-ray photons that hit the camera.

An EMF camera app can enable the user to determine dose rates of ionizing radiation at different distances and in different directions from the source of the ionizing radiation. The advantage of using a smartphone radiation detection application is that it is cheap, easy to use, and accessible since many people own a smartphone.

Do EMF Camera Apps Work?

EMF detection apps like the EMF camera apps on the Play Store and Apple Store are becoming increasingly popular. So, do EMF camera apps really work?

First off, just to be clear, EMF camera apps work to some extent as you may get a peak reading when you get close to your Wi-Fi router or a cell phone making a call, or even your laptop. However, in our experience, they are not very accurate. There are several reasons for this. First, the cell phone you are using is already emitting a fairly high level of EMF radiation, which in itself interferes with your reading.

The way apps give you spikes in your meter reading is that since your phone is communicating over radiofrequency, the app can take the opportunity to know when it is receiving other radio frequencies outside of your own communication and display a reading. Some cell phones and apps can also use the phone’s magnetometers to read the magnetic field radiation. However, these magnetometers often sense the Earth’s magnetic field as well as the cell phones, so the reading is unlikely to be accurate.


It is also important to note that getting an app to measure this radiation is just stupid if you are interested in the dangers of electromagnetic radiation. Exposing yourself to excessive radiation just to read radiation is completely counterintuitive, and we wouldn’t recommend anyone to use any of these EMF radiation detection apps when they can simply buy an EMF meter.

One of the few situations that an app might be worth buying is when you’ve bought something like an EMF radiation protector for a phone or tablet case and you want to know if it works. Unless you have an EMF meter, the app should at least show a difference in reading with and without a protector if the product is actually working. This is a scenario where it would make sense, but again, a real EMF meter is absolutely the best option.


Okay, now we have made it clear that while EMF detector and EMF meter applications are capable of detecting electromagnetic radiation, we only recommend them in very specific situations. It will always be better to buy an EMF meter.

Final Thoughts on EMF Camera Apps

As you can probably tell by reading this article, we believe that while these apps serve a specific purpose, we hardly ever think they’re worth downloading for the average person. First, most of these apps do not clearly display the readings to the user. So someone can download one of these apps and try to measure something that doesn’t emit a magnetic field but emits radio wave radiation and they think it’s safe because their app doesn’t measure it.


Plus, for the most part, these apps are counterintuitive, as they encourage you to use your cell phone more, which is probably already your biggest exposure to electromagnetic radiation. We highly recommend anyone reading this article who is interested in the dangers of EMF radiation to get a real EMF meter. With such a meter, you can accurately read any type of EMF radiation. It is also easy to use, very informative, and will not expose you to unnecessary electromagnetic radiation.

Besides using a high-quality EMF meter, investing in one of the EMF protection products being offered by Orgone Energy is a smart way to protect you and your loved ones from the potential dangers of EMF radiation.