EMF Free Headphones

So you love your smartphone but you hate the radiation it gives off ... what do you do?

Well, starting from the premise that radiation disperses with distance, people have been encouraged to use some type of headphones or headset when listening to music or answering a call. But there is a catch ... it could actually increase radiation output, the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve. So what is the solution?

Today, we will discuss how EMF-free headphones like air tube headsets can protect you from the radiation given off by your smartphone. Air Tube headphones have built-in earpieces and a microphone that you can use to talk on the phone while keeping your distance. There are several air tube headphones on the market, so you can choose the best one based on your needs and budget.

Apart from air tube headsets, you can also stick a Phone Radiation Protector at the back of your cell phone. This product provides you with total phone radiation protection and is more effective than any other products which act as a “shield” as they harmonize and neutralize the harmful effect, rather than attempt to block – which only leads to generating more radiation.

Do Headphones Give Off EMF?

Cell phones emit three different types of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, which hundreds of scientific studies have shown can cause cancer, male infertility, and DNA damage (especially in fetuses and babies). These are magnetic fields, electric fields, and radio frequency (RF) radiation.

When you use Bluetooth headphones or hold your cell phone directly to your ear, that radiation goes directly to the hole in your head – “the ear”. This means that there is only the soft tissue between the phone and the brain. Some of the previous scientific studies have shown an increase in the number of malignant brain tumors in the brain’s temporal lobe, which is the part of the brain that is next to the ear.

Bluetooth headsets and mobile phones use frequencies of radiofrequency radiation (microwave radiation is radiofrequency radiation) in the microwave range.

In fact, Bluetooth uses the same 2.45 GHz frequency as a microwave oven uses to cook your food. The power levels are different, but it is exactly the same radiation. And mobile phones also use frequencies very close to this. The new 5G technologies that are being launched will use even higher and more intense frequencies.

Air Tube vs. Traditional Headphones

Traditional headphones have a metal cable and each wire is made of metal. When using these cables, the metal conducts EMF radiation from the mobile phone. This radiation travels from the mobile phone through the wires to your head. Cables can also act as an antenna, attracting many electromagnetic fields from the environment, transmitting various electromagnetic fields directly to the brain.

Air tube headphones have a flexible hollow air tube that replaces cables, as standard headphone cables can easily carry EMF signals. The hollow air tubes relay sound from your phone to your ears using sound waves. They reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation because a long air tube would allow you to keep some distance between the radiation device and your head. The distance is the part that helps reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields. The air tube is metal-free and you can plug it into the same port as your regular headphones.

How Air Tube Headphones Work

Air tube headphones or radiation shielding headphones are designed to reduce the radiation emitted by your mobile phone. They act as a barrier against electromagnetic fields and thus reduce your radiation exposure. You are probably wondering what makes these headphones more special than the ones that came with your device. These headphones differ from others in the way they deliver sound to your ears.

As the name suggests, the device uses a flexible and hollow air tube to relay sound. It replaces the cords on your cell phone with an earpiece; so, rather than having the speaker near the earpiece, it’s under the ear tube. Consequently, the sound from the speakers will be sent to your ear through the air tube instead of the power cords. It also improves the quality of the transmitted sound and the speakers are not directly in your ears. Additionally, the arrangement of the speakers under the air tube reduces the radiation exposure of your head.

In summary, air tube headphones are better than traditional headphones for this reason. You can also plug them into the same port you would plug your standard headphones into. Most air tube headphones also come with a speakerphone which allows you to maximize the distance between you and your cell phone.

The only drawback to air tube headphones is that radiofrequency radiation always passes through the cable to the speakers. This allows the radiation from the wire to jump onto your body wherever the wire touches you. The same goes for the magnetic and electric fields that pass through the wire. An extremely effective and inexpensive solution to this problem is to stick a Phone Radiation Protector at the back of your cell phone. This powerful EMF protector is designed to eliminate radiation emissions by neutralizing and harmonizing the effects of this harmful energy rather than shielding or blocking them. This creates a healthy life-force Chi by constantly generating beneficial healthy negative ions.

Best Air Tube Headsets

  1. KINDEN Air Tube Headset

KINDEN Air Tube Headset is one of the most popular anti-radiation air tube headphones on the market. The air tube design of these headphones is clear and has a curved design that snuggles around the ear. This unique, anti-fall headset design is comfortable to wear and promotes a secure fit during exercise. The manufacturers of these air tube headphones claim that their shielded metal cable and long air tube can shield up to 99 percent of EMF radiation. The Kinden Air Tube has a dual sonic concentration, which can help reduce radiation exposure from your mobile phone.


These headphones have a magnetic design that snaps the two earpieces together, giving them a more sporty look. When not in use, you can tie them around your neck like a necklace. It has an integrated microphone and noise-canceling function that ensures clear sound and communication. But in comparison to other air tube headphones, it does not offer the best sound quality. You can easily control your music with the control buttons. The hands-free function allows you to take calls completely hands-free.

The headphone is highly compatible with all devices that use the International Standard Port (CTIA). Also, it is compatible with Android devices, Windows phones, iPhone devices, 3.5mm audio devices, mp3/mp4, notebooks, tablets, laptops, among others. If you are on a budget, this is one of the best options as this headphone is one of the cheapest units compared to other brands.

  1. Dr. Mercola Blue Tube Headset

If you’ve been looking for alternative health products for EMF protection, you’ve possibly come across Dr. Mercola’s name. Another great EMF protection product developed by this company is the blue tube headset. The Blue Tube Headphone uses an advanced air tube to relay sound waves without the use of metallic conductors. It uses advanced Aircom 2 technology that reduces radiation exposure to the head. The hollow tube relays sound waves from your chest to your ears, preventing radiation given off by your cell phone from entering your brain.

The design of the headset aims to minimize electromagnetic radiation to your head. The further the cell phone is from the body and head, the better. Its acoustic chamber is located between your cheek and clavicle. This ergonomic design ensures that the chamber does not come into contact with your body. These anti-radiation headphones use acoustic technology to give you clear, high-quality sound and are easy to use.

The blue tube headphone has an upgraded speaker that makes the sound clearer and louder. The cabling system was developed to reduce feedback and suppress distortion. The dual earphones enhance the sound and provide full stereo sound. Dr. Mercola is confident in their products, which is why they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Furthermore, the new models are supplied with three sets of foam earplugs for all ear sizes and are therefore ideal for daily use.

  1. RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headset

RadiArmor is one of the most popular manufacturers of EMF products, and radiation-shielded air-tube headphones are popular with their list of shielding products. The product uses air tube technology to protect up to 99.9% from RF radiation and magnetic fields emitted by your mobile phone. The headsets themselves are crafted from durable magnesium to give you extra radiation protection, and they’re pretty lightweight too. The RadiArmor headset reduces EMF radiation according to the inverse square law and maintains distance from the electromagnetic emission source.

These air tube headphones have improved speakers, solid sound quality, and volume controls to adjust your volume settings. It has an integrated microphone which is located in the headset’s wired section. You can easily use the one-touch button to adjust the volume and answer calls. A tangle-free and extra-long cable allow you to place your cell phone in a car holder or console and, if necessary, continue driving while you’re on the phone. They are designed for comfort and are available in two sizes. Each earbud has silicone tips that can help clip them properly into your ears.

These air tube headsets tend to dissipate and have a slightly lower sound compared to traditional headphones. Although the loss of audio fidelity is inevitable, RadiArmor air tube headsets have large drivers with an increased treble to counteract the loss. This allows the air tube to deliver superior sound quality in a dynamic range of high tones. They are durable and have a 1-year warranty.

  1. SafeSleeve Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headphones

This anti-radiation air tube headphone is another anti-radiation headset from SafeSleeve. They manufacture one of the best radiation shielding headphones with impressive sound quality and a budget-friendly price. While SafeSleeve doesn’t state what percentage of cellphone radiation reduction its headphones offer, this pair still offers significant radiation reduction. These headphones have speakers that filter out radiation and are placed a reasonable distance from your ears to prevent radiation from reaching your head.

It uses a durable silicone air tube that relays sound waves to your head, as well as an aluminum-metal earpiece. You don’t have to worry about speakers and cables that might send radiation to your head directly. The manufacturers of SafeSleeve claim that the air tube delivers superior bass and crystal-clear sound through their HD speakers. The radiation shielding headphone has a microphone and an off/on switch that you can use to control the air tube. The built-in microphone allows you to make calls, use virtual assistants like Voice over IP, Siri, among others.

Also, the headphone comes with an easy-to-store carrying case while ensuring that the cord does not get tangled. The air tube headset is bent around the ears to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The SafeSleeve Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headphone can be used on all devices with a 3.5mm jack. If you are using newer iPhone devices that don’t have a headphone jack, you can use the Lightning adapter that came with your iPhone to connect the air tube headphones. You can choose from three different sizes to comfortably enjoy the superior sound quality.

  1. SYB Air Tube Headset

The SYB Air Tube Headset is a unique set of headphones that uses stereo audio to deliver excellent audio quality. SYB uses the principle of acoustic exchange to bring you clear sound and superb bass. The air tube can reduce up to 99 percent of the radiation absorbed into the brain. It uses generally accepted scientific principles to offer you the best protection against EMF radiation from cell phones. The flexible and hollow tube prevents radiation from your phone from reaching the brain. SYB Air Tube earphones come in three (3) sizes so that you can buy the one that suits you the best. Also, you can choose between the white, over-the-ear style or the traditional black in-ear style for a more comfortable and secure fit. The white over-the-ear air tubes are safer for exercise such as running.

Also, the headset comes with a free carrying case so that it can be easily carried or stowed away after use. An integrated microphone is also another important feature that you can use to make calls. The headphone also has audio playback buttons and volume controls that allow you to control the headset with one touch. The SYB Air Tube Headphones are compatible with devices that have a standard 3.5mm audio jack, so you can connect these headphones to your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or iPad.


Air tubes don’t necessarily make your phone safer, but they can by reducing your radiation exposure. Therefore, making a call with the distance between your head and the cell phone can help reduce your exposure. Traditional headphones expose you to certain levels of electromagnetic radiation, so ditch those cheap, worn-out headsets and invest in a quality air tube headset. When shopping for a new air tube earphone, focus on those that will give you quality sound while reducing your exposure to EMFs.

Beyond that, purchasing a Phone Radiation Protector is an extremely effective and inexpensive solution to reduce your exposure to EMFs from your cell phones.


This powerful EMF protector is designed to eliminate radiation emissions by neutralizing and harmonizing the effects of this harmful energy rather than shielding or blocking them. This creates a healthy life-force Chi by constantly generating beneficial healthy negative ions.