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Fluke 481 EMF Meter

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The Fluke 481 EMF Meter is possibly the best high-frequency meter on the market. It’s extremely accurate, easy to use, and preferred by many professionals.

However, it also has its drawbacks; for instance, it only reads high-frequency radiation and is not designed to read electric or magnetic field radiation. We will talk more about the pros and cons of the Fluke 481 EMF Meter in a little more detail. We just want to say that if everyone is looking for a high-frequency meter, this is what they need.

There’s a reason you’ll see the Fluke 481 EMF Meter in the hands of so many professionals - it’s extremely accurate and easy to use. Let’s talk a bit about why this could be a great EMF meter for you.

Review of the Fluke 481 EMF Meter

This easy-to-use, portable radiation detection device measures the radiation rate and cumulative dose of beta, gamma, and X-ray sources on irradiated devices, surfaces, or environments. With its rugged design, the EMF meter prioritizes safety at the highest level for the user. The meter is simple to use and 30% more accurate than other available meters.


First, the Fluke 481 EMF Meter is among the most sensitive high-frequency meters on the market, capable of reading and displaying even the smallest amounts of the lowest radio frequencies. Not just that, it also has impressive directional sensitivity. This makes it easy to identify the direction the major sources of radiation are coming from simply by moving your Fluke 481 EMF Meter in a circle and looking at the screen to get maximum readings.


This demonstrates the ability of the Fluke 481 EMF Meter to help you find dangerous sources of high-frequency radiation. You will probably also be able to find harmful like your neighbor’s Wi-Fi router – that is how sensitive the Fluke 481 EMF meter can be.

Frequency Range

The next thing we really like about the Fluke 481 EMF Meter is the wide range of frequencies it can measure. For example, the Fluke 481 can read beta rays above 100 keV and gamma rays above 7 keV, giving you a larger area than can be measured.


User Friendliness

Whether you’re an EMF radiation expert (you may have read the entire content on Orgone Energy’s blog) or you are just getting started, the Fluke 481 works well for both. The Fluke 481 EMF Meter has long been popular because it is so easy to use, making it ideal for beginners, but it also has the functionality and accuracy that professionals seek. The Fluke 481 is even easier to use thanks to the “peak” indicator and additional LCD screen.


The Fluke 481 EMF Meter works at a safe distance before the user approaches and encounters hazardous radiation and provides accurate information on the level of contamination so that you can establish safe perimeters. A programmable flashing LCD screen and audible alarm alert the operator of out-of-limit or unsafe conditions. The audible alarm alert is one of our favorite additions to the Fluke 481 EMF Meter. If you are trying to determine the actual levels of EMF radiation based on certain things, you need the field indicator. However, if you are just trying to walk around your house and locate the EMF radiation sources, the sound is fantastic.

With audio, you don’t even have to look at the screen. Also, because the Fluke 481 is a three-axis EMF meter, directionality is not an issue for display or audio output. Beyond that, the intuitive 2-button interface makes it simple to set up and operate, making it a perfect choice for beginners. It offers a large amount of information in a way that is easy to find and understand.

Key Features of the Fluke 481 EMF Meter

  • Rugged Fluke design
  • Detects deep-dose (gamma) and skin-dose (beta particles) as well as X-rays
  • No adjustment required; simple 2-button process
  • Offers accurate, promptly readable values ​​with an automatic selection function
  • Easily visible in truck trailers as well other low-light conditions with automatic backlighting
  • Works reliably indoors and outdoors thanks to the waterproof housing
  • 30 percent more accurate than other available EMF meters
  • Provides continuous operation for over a week on two (2) 9-volt alkaline batteries
  • Measures both dose and dose rate with the ability to record the maximum rate
  • Flashing programmable LCD screen and audible alarm
  • Easy to access battery compartment on the exterior of the lower case
  • Over four hours of continuous operation per battery (LCD screen is assumed to have a brightness of 50%)


Limitations of the Fluke 481 EMF Meter

  • The device is relatively bulky. Hopefully, future models will be a little slimmer and more stylish
  • It’s a shame that the Fluke 481 EMF Meter only measures high-frequency radiation and not electrical or magnetic radiation. This is expected because this meter is a high-end RF meter, but it means that you will need more than a meter to measure all forms of EMF radiation

Final Thoughts on the Fluke 481 EMF Meter

Overall, the Fluke 481 EMF Meter is an impressive device and, in our opinion, one of the best high-frequency meters out there. It is easy to use, extremely accurate, and a very rugged device that should last a long time.