How to Clean Shungite

Maintain shungite’s protective powers by learning how to clean shungite. 

Maintain shungite’s protective powers by learning how to clean shungite. 

We clean our home, we service our car, so it only makes sense to care for our shungite.  Cleansing and recharging crystals is very important if you want to continue enjoying the wonderful properties of crystals and harnessing their energy. 


There are no exceptions: all crystals in the world need to be cleaned and charged. However, there is a misconception that this is not necessary with our favorite shungite.


Today, we will take a closer look and answer this question once and for all: should shungite be cleaned and charged or not?


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The Cold Hard Truth



Whether you have shungite stone decorative pieces such as Cubes, Spheres, Owls, or Pyramids, or jewelry made from these stone-like Pendants, Necklaces, Rings, Beads, or Bracelets, cleaning is a must if you want to maintain the beauty of the mineral


Also, as shungite can remove bad energy from us, so regular cleaning helps remove these negative vibrations from the stone instead of sending them to us when the mineral is too full.


As with any other crystal, mineral, or stone, while shungite is helpful in healing and protecting you, it is susceptible to the negativity that surrounds it. 

First, shungite removes negative energy (if any) from you. Although shungite is often referred to as a filter stone, it cannot convert everything into positive energy and part of the negative energy ends up inside the stone.

Another massive source of negative influence is, of course, your environment. Radioactive waves in the air, mainly electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and the newer kind, 5G radiation, are detrimental to your health. 


It is up to shungite to protect you from these influences. In the process, the shungite itself becomes contaminated and must be cleaned. 

Shungite water stones are loaded with toxins and harmful elements from the water. 

Uncontrolled, the use of shungite can become just as harmful as direct exposure to toxins and negative influences.

Why Does it Happen?


how to clean shungite


Shungite essentially acts like a sponge in your crystal cleansing and protective processes. Thanks to its unique atomic structure, known as “fullerenes”, shungite can absorb a large number of negative elements. 

It is possible to decontaminate and purify your drinking water with shungite thanks to fullerenes.


Thanks to its rich chemical composition, shungite, in turn, enriches the water with nutrients and gives it the healing properties of crystals.


But as we have already mentioned, it traps negative energy and harmful elements in shungite that can be harmful to its user.

Cleaning Your Shungite



But don’t panic, it’s not as scary as it sounds, because there’s a simple remedy for getting shungite back into shape: cleaning and recharging the crystals. 

All you have to do is apply it to your piece of shungite every two weeks. 

To do this, you can:

  • Leave it in direct sunlight for a day (or a night in the moonlight), 
  • Use the smoke of sage and incense, or the fire of a candle, 
  • Wash it with pure water or bury it in natural soil for a few hours with energy crystals ( such as quartz, amethyst or selenite). 

Here is how to clean your shungite crystal in more detail:

How to Cleanse Your Shungite


Moonlight or Sunlight


moonlight to clense shungite


Using moonlight and sunlight is a simple yet powerful way to charge your shungite


Quickly clear your shungite of negative thoughts and energy and charge them with more healthy and positive energy from the heavenly bodies. 


To charge by moonlight, the best time is when there is a full moon. The potent energy of the full moon actually lasts for 3 days; it is okay if you miss the day of the full moon. You can capture these moonlight rays the day before, the day of, as well as the day after the full moon.

Some like to place the shungite in a grid-like structure to charge them, but regardless of how you place them, it’s important to place them in an area with direct moonlight or sunlight

Exposing your shungite to both sun and moonlight for 24 hours is ideal and can generate the most energy. Full moons are optimal sources of energy for your shungite as they signify a new beginning, so pay attention to the dates the full moon falls to best charge your shungite crystals.



using earth to clean your shungite


Draw the soil and earth energy into your shungite stones to charge them. This natural recharging technique allows your shungite to reconnect to the earth to replenish powerful healing energies


As long as you have access to a patch of natural soil, this is one of the easiest methods to clean your shungite. 


Using earthy ground will work well as it is recommended to bury the stone in the ground for a powerful cleansing and energy restoring effect. Gardens are useful but unnecessary. A plant with soil that you have at home works just as well.

Candlelight and Smoke


candlelight to clean shungite


You can use candlelight or sage to cleanse your healing stones. Carry your shungite on top of the burning candlelight so that the flame can destroy the bad energy accumulated in your crystals and charge them with positive forces as well. 


It is important to put intention into this process. Ask your shungite for protection or devotional love and they will assist you in all your endeavors.




water to clense shungite


Water is another great source of energy and is readily available to most people. 


Placing the shungite stone in sea salt and letting it sit for several hours is a simple and effective way to recharge its energy. 


Even with no access to sea salt, you can mimic this tactic effectively by mixing tap water and salt together.

Using natural bodies of water like streams and rivers also helps the crystals cleanse themselves naturally, but many believe the ocean is the strongest.

Revitalize your shungite with natural water that cleanses and purifies toxic energy.



How Long Should I Clean the Stone Under the Water?


Generally, the entire procedure takes only a quarter of an hour, unless the stone is very dirty or you also need to clean the jewelry piece’s frame. 

Some owners of this crystal also advise leaving it in the moonlight or sunlight after washing it, so that the piece of shungite can absorb natural positive energies. But even if you don’t believe in energy, leaving the crystal outside to dry is a smart idea!

Perform such cleaning once a month or more often as needed to keep your shungite shiny and clean. You find that the stone looks much better and gets dirty more slowly than if you leave it unwashed for longer!

How to Clean Raw Shungite Stone



If you’ve ever wondered how to remove dirt from raw shungite stone, we have good news for you! The cleaning process is extremely simple and takes only 15 minutes.

What you need to do is prepare a mild solution of table salt, some acetic acid, and baking soda. 

Then treat your stone by soaking it in the cleaning solution for a maximum of 2 to 3 hours. Then remember to rinse the piece of shungite well under running water so that no residue remains on its surface and let it air dry.

In case you want to know how to get rid of bad energy from raw shungite stone, you can use the same method of physical purification described above, only additionally clean the stone with the smoke of incense sticks, for example, Ladan or Sandal and leave it all day in the sun to fill the stone with positive energy.

How to Clean Elite/Noble Shungite

elite shungite


Elite/Noble Shungite has that remarkable lustrous finish that makes it so prized and praised. Of course, elite shungite stone owners want to know how to get rid of dirt without ruining its beautiful finish! And in fact, elite shungite requires more gentle cleaning than, say, its raw “cousin”.

Fortunately, you don’t need any uncommon products or manipulations to keep it clean:

  • Simply rinse the mineral under warm running water until all external dust and dirt are removed
  • Then lay in the sun all day to dry

This is the best and most gentle cleaning method for elite shungite, keeping it clean and shiny and preventing damage to its surface.

How to Clean Shungite Stone for Water Purification


One of the many uses of shungite stone is water purification. And this is where most people ask themselves the same question: what should I use to clean the stone if I want to use it for purifying water? 

The problem is easy to understand: anyone would prefer to avoid using chemicals on the stone, which is then submerged in the water you will be drinking afterward!

Therefore, the best way to clean the stones before using them for water purification is to simply wash them under running water and let them air dry


If you feel the stones need a deeper, more thorough cleaning, opt for a little baking soda. This helps to carefully remove all external dust and grease from the surface of the mineral without damaging it.


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Stay on Top of Cleaning Your Shungite Stones!

The positive energy that shungite stones give off requires attention and time. To effectively enhance different areas of your life with shungite, you need to charge it to give you the healing energy and positivity you need.


Whether you want to release negative energy from your shungite stone or encourage healing in your body, always be prepared and recharge your stone often.


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