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How To Cleanse Amethyst

Amethyst is believed to have many physical and spiritual benefits, but all of these can be lost if you amethyst is not properly maintained. Check out how to cleanse amethyst. 

Amethyst is believed to have many physical and spiritual benefits, but all of these can be lost if you amethyst is not properly maintained. Check out how to cleanse amethyst. 


As one of the most valuable and powerful stones found in Nature, Amethyst has come to represent spiritual growth, stability, wisdom, clarity of mind and inner strength. But for all its positive impacts on mental wellbeing, it is important to remember that these relieving qualities can soon be lost if not properly cleansed and looked after!



Whether you own an Amethyst necklace, bracelet, ring, beads, sphere, tower, raw stone, or crystal, it is essential to understand the proper way to cleanse your Amethyst.

To help you maximize the potential of this beautiful stone’s powers, we will explain below how to cleanse your Amethyst correctly – read on for our top tips on caring for this gemstone!


How Often Should You Cleanse Your Amethyst?


Beautiful amethyst stone necklace

Amethyst Necklace Crystal

We will now base our knowledge on how often we should cleanse our stone. Truth be told, it all depends on how often you use the amethyst and what it is exposed to.


As a general guideline, cleanse your gemstone every two weeks if your use is regular and within normal limits, whether for meditation or energy work.


Nevertheless, we must honor our intuition. Hence, if we sense a dip in our stone’s energy or if it starts displaying signs of gradual or sudden inefficiency, this could be a cue that we should pay attention to and it could be the right time to cleanse your crystal.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that a cleansing session won’t harm anyone, quite the opposite if you use or expose your amethyst to a denser or more negative environment.

To conclude this question, keep in mind that, as with everything in the vast world of spiritual possibilities, there are no rigid rules. Hence, the best approach is to attune your intuition and energy with your crystal.

How Do I Cleanse an Amethyst?


Amethyst Tower

Amethyst has a vibrant and almost calming energy, especially for minds challenged by the rapid pace of society. However, to preserve its healing and protective properties, we offer a short list of simple, beginner-friendly methods for effectively cleansing your stone.

As we delve into this list together, you’ll come to appreciate the gentle yet potent nature of these techniques and how well they can equip you to unlock your crystal’s full potential. So, let’s explore the ins and outs of crystal cleansing so you can remove stagnant energies from your crystal and revive your stone’s natural radiance.


In this technique, you become the anchor and grounding force for your stone, cradling it in your hands. As you hold it, imagine a calm, radiant light surrounding your crystal. This light will envelop stagnant and negative energies. When it fades away, it carries those energies with it, leaving behind a gemstone infused with renewed energy, exuding a vibrant and lighter aura than it held before.

Water Purification

A frequently asked question is: Can amethyst crystal be cleansed with water? The concise is yes.


With this method, you will remain the anchor of your amethyst while it is rejuvenated under running water.


This process may take a few minutes, but it is a small effort compared to the constant effort of this gemstone to protect and soothe you.

With genuine dedication, envision the water cascading over your crystal, carrying away any negative energies. As you turn off the water, you’ll observe the once dense energy has been replaced by lighter, more invigorating, and positive energy. It is crucial to note that not all gemstones are suitable for water cleansing.

Selenite Charging

There is a Portuguese saying that says, “One hand washes the other.” In this context, it means one crystal cleanses another. In this technique, you’ll place your amethyst beside a piece of selenite or on a selenite disk.


7 Chakra Stone Stick - Orgone Energy Australia

7 Chakra Selenite Stick 

Selenite has potent healing properties and is known for its innate capacity to cleanse and recharge other crystals. So just leave your amethyst in this arrangement overnight. By the morning, its energy will be revitalized.

Salt Water Bath

Salt plays a pivotal role in many protective and cleansing practices. In your case, it will be the principal component of your cleansing, especially if you don’t have access to seawater. Prepare a swift mixture of room-temperature water and salt in a container, such as Himalayan salt.

Then it’s important to first verify if the salt is safe for use with your crystal, then submerge the stone in the solution and let it soak overnight. When you wake in the morning, soak the amethyst in regular water to remove any salt residue and you’re done!


To conclude our shortlist, we have one of the most timeless crystal cleansing rituals. Begin by burning herbs known for their cleansing properties, such as Palo Santo, cedar, or sage. Then, pass the gemstone through the fragrant smoke and allow it to wrap around your stone, spiraling around it until the negative energy is swept away, leaving behind a rejuvenated and reinvigorated aura.

Remember to always perform this process with the window open in the area where you are staying to enable any released negative energies to exit your space.

How Do You Recharge an Amethyst Stone?


Amethyst Bracelet 

Charging an amethyst is a gradual process as this process infuses new energy and strength into this remarkable crystal. If before we delved into the world of cleansing crystals, now we venture into the equally essential world of charging them.

In essence, we have put together some powerful techniques for you to recharge your amethyst, thereby enhancing its organic and soothing, protective, and strengthening properties. So let’s move on to this incredible area that will undoubtedly help you realize the full potential of your gemstone.


Reiki or Energy Healing

We are certain there are readers here today who practice or are acquainted with Reiki, so we couldn’t resist including this technique on our list.


Through Reiki, as well as other energy healing practices, you can channel energies into your amethyst directly.


To achieve this, take the crystal in your hand and infuse it with energies of healing and positivity, always being careful to charge it.


Natural light continues to demonstrate its effectiveness in crystal care. Although it is ideal to use this method at the outset and conclusion of your day, i.e. early morning and late afternoon. This preference is merely a preventive measure to prevent prolonged exposure to high temperatures or intense sunlight.

Then, place your crystal in direct sunlight for this period. This allows the energy of the sun to rejuvenate and charge the vibrations of your stone.


With this method, you will follow a similar process to charging through sunlight. However, in this unique instance, you can allow your crystal to bask in the moonlight overnight. Moonlight is not only non-harmful to the crystal but beneficial, as it amplifies the spiritual and intuitive energies of amethyst. You may also choose to wait until the full moon to charge your crystals.


We have mentioned this method several times because it is one of our favorite methods. This technique is especially potent for those with vivid imaginations. To do this, you will need to hold the amethyst and visualize a radiant white light enveloping the crystal, infusing it with vibrant energies that will enhance the properties of your crystal.


The Ultimate Crystal Collection - Orgone Energy Australia

The Ultimate Crystal Collection

Crystal Cluster

If you have a cluster of clear quartz crystals or another slightly larger amethyst, these can be very beneficial for charging your other smaller amethyst crystals. Simply place your crystal within the cluster, allowing its energy to develop naturally and its properties revitalized.

Sound Vibrations

Lastly, those attuned to the power of music should use instruments like tuning forks, singing bowls, or even their instrument, the voice. Creating resonant vibrations around your gemstone will infuse the amethyst with invigorating energies.

Can I Charge Amethyst in Sunlight?


 Amethyst Ring 

It’s possible to charge Amethyst in sunlight. Nonetheless, it is crucial to note that extended exposure to light and heat can affect the color and structure of the stone.


When you charge an amethyst crystal in sunlight, be sure to do it quickly and perform rituals that only take a few minutes.


However, it’s not recommended to place amethyst directly in the sunlight. While this is a popular method for recharging many stones, it is not suitable for all of them. Amethyst, being a variety of quartz, shares the vulnerability of its color to potential damage from sunlight.

Amethyst loses its color when exposed to sunlight for an extended period. The presence of iron impurities gives the stone its characteristic violet color, and with excessive exposure to sunlight, amethyst fades.

There are various alternative methods to charge the stone, such as placing it in moonlight, smudging it with sage, or leaving it in a container with salt. Although salt water can be harmful, dry salt isn’t. In the absence of water, salt particles are unable to permeate the cracks in the stone.


Can I Cleanse Amethyst in Salt Water?


Amethyst Beads

No, it’s not recommended to submerge your amethyst in salt water. Its Mohs hardness scale rating of 7.0 indicates it can withstand some exposure to water, but should still not be submerged in water for too long. The addition of salt to the solution makes the situation worse because it exacerbates the corrosion process.

When combined with water, salt can seep into the cracks in a stone. Even after the water evaporates, salt particles may remain and promote crack expansion. These cracks can slowly compromise the structural integrity of the stone, making it more susceptible to breakage.

Salt can also mar the surface of the stone and dull its color. Lastly, it’s worth noting that salt can interact negatively with the components of the gemstone. This is particularly true for gemstones containing iron (amethyst) because salt speeds up the oxidation process by facilitating the loss of electrons from the iron.

Can Amethyst go in the Moonlight?


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Crystal Water Bottle 

Indeed, amethyst can benefit from exposure to moonlight. A popular charging method is to leave the stones in the moonlight and is completely safe for amethysts.


Collectors generally prefer to leave the stone outside during the full moon so that it can absorb the moon’s positive energies.


Most crystal owners avoid leaving their stones outside during a solar eclipse because it is associated with negative energy. Otherwise, you can always leave your gemstone in the moonlight. Simply place it on the windowsill and let it rest overnight. Unlike the intense rays of the sun, moonlight is much softer and is ideal for gemstones like amethyst.


Can Cleansing and Charging Amethyst Break the Crystal?


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Crystal Purse for Energy Balance 

Have no worries, crystal enthusiasts! These techniques are safe, gentle procedures that typically do not cause any harm to the crystals. Nevertheless, it is still important to consider certain factors to ensure the durability of not only amethyst but also other crystals.

Specifically, some Amethyst variants, such as Spirit Quartz or Chevron Amethyst, are more delicate and porous crystals and therefore it’s advisable to steer clear of cleaning methods involving water. Additionally, we cannot ignore that salt can have a corrosive effect on certain crystals. This is why it is always ideal to confirm if your amethyst can be safely cleansed with this item.

When charging Amethyst, we have warned you of the risks that arise when the crystal is exposed to sunlight and therefore high temperatures for long periods. In this method, it’s preferable to practice it for shorter periods and during times when the sun is not as intense.

How To Use Your Amethyst Crystal


Amethyst Tower


Amethyst crystals are best used when your intentions are well-defined. Once you are in control of your intentions, such as enhancing your communication skills or nurturing your overall well-being, you will witness the magic unfold.

You can incorporate amethyst into your meditation routine to stay centered and present by cradling the crystal in your palms during meditation.


Elevate your mindfulness practice by integrating amethyst into your self-care regimen.


During your leisure time, indulge in a crystal bath with your cherished stone. This not only strengthens your connection with the crystal but also aids in relaxation.

Another way to harness the power of an amethyst crystal is to infuse it into your manifestation rituals. As these gemstones are believed to open your third eye chakra, with a better understanding of yourself you can have a better idea of how to manifest the things you desire. Hold the gemstone, close your eyes, visualize your desired outcome as if it has already happened, and express those manifestations to the universe.


You can carry a small tumble crystal in your pocket, but it can also be worn as jewelry.


Amethysts can be used in a giant geode for Feng Shui. Every shape is perfect because amethyst is among the most versatile and user-friendly crystals to work with!

The potential uses for this enchanting gemstone seem boundless, to be honest. Besides these suggestions, carrying your amethyst in your pocket or bag when going out can help you drive away negative energies and stay calm.

Whether you are seeking balance or aiming to elevate your mystical practices, incorporate the power of an amethyst crystal into your routine and watch your manifestations come true.

How Do You Activate Amethyst?

Amethyst Necklace

Now that you have learned how to cleanse your Amethyst crystal, would you like to know how to activate it? Of course, we are here to guide you! There is a concise but effective set of methods to activate this gemstone. Holding the stone while focusing on your breathing and alignment is one of the simplest.

Additionally, wearing or holding the crystal in everyday life, thanking the amethyst for its work recognizing its benefits and properties, or setting your intentions when holding your gemstone are also great options.

Overall, to activate it, it is crucial that you feel your crystal and its energy, spend quality time with it, and visualize both your intentions and the stone’s vibrations.

Final Thoughts

If you are an admirer of the calming hues of Amethyst, you absolutely must learn the tips and tricks to ensure a successful cleansing and charging ritual.


Whether your go-to method is smoke, water, crystal clusters, or combinations of those methods, finding your own path and trusting your intuition and wisdom is key.


All we can guarantee when it comes to crystals is that embracing the relationship you have with them is essential for optimal performance and durability. 

With this knowledge in hand, we invite you to reflect on how best to keep your Amethyst vibrant and stable so that it can best assist in your spiritual journey. And if you’d like some help along the way, why not visit our online store where we offer

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