How to Make Shungite Water

How to Make Shungite Water

Shungite water is gaining notoriety for its amazing health benefits and protective properties. With this in mind, it is important to learn how to make shungite water to experience its benefits! 

Shungite water is gaining notoriety for its amazing health benefits and protective properties. With this in mind, it is important to learn how to make shungite water to experience its benefits! 


What is Shungite Water?


Shungite water, a unique form of water infused with the powerful properties of shungite, has gained popularity among health-conscious individuals seeking natural remedies and holistic wellness.


Shungite, a rare mineral found in Russia, is revered for its ability to purify and cleanse water from impurities, while also infusing it with various minerals and antioxidants.


By harnessing the exceptional properties of shungite, shungite water is believed to possess numerous health benefits, including increased energy levels, improved immunity, and detoxification.


Benefits of Shungite Water



Shungite water is gaining popularity due to its numerous healing properties that can greatly benefit our overall well-being.


This unique form of water is believed to possess a range of positive effects, including reducing stress, enhancing energy levels, and promoting emotional balance.


Stress Reduction

One of the most remarkable aspects of Shungite water is its ability to reduce stress. The minerals found in Shungite have been known to have scientifically proven stress-reducing properties.


Drinking Shungite water can help calm the mind, relax the body, and alleviate symptoms of anxiety, thus leading to a more peaceful and balanced state of being.


Furthermore, Shungite water is said to enhance energy levels. Due to its high carbon content, it acts as a natural purifier and rejuvenator, promoting vitality and improving overall physical and mental energy.


This boost in energy can increase productivity, improve focus, and combat fatigue, allowing individuals to better navigate their daily lives.


Supports Emotional Balance

In addition to stress reduction and energy enhancement, Shungite water is believed to support emotional balance.


It is thought shungite water can help stabilize mood swings, elevate emotional well-being, and provide relief from negative emotions.


By consuming Shungite water regularly, individuals may experience a greater sense of tranquility, peace, and emotional clarity.

Impact of Fullerenes

One of the most intriguing properties of Shungite water is the presence of fullerenes.


Fullerenes are unique carbon molecules found in Shungite and are known for their potent antioxidant properties.


These molecules can neutralize harmful free radicals in the body, reduce oxidative stress, and aid in detoxification.


Additionally, fullerenes are believed to provide protection against electromagnetic radiation (EMF), which is emitted by electronic devices and is thought to have detrimental effects on our health.


Shungite water offers many benefits for our overall well-being. From reducing stress and enhancing energy levels to promoting emotional balance, this unique form of water is an excellent addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, the presence of fullerenes in Shungite provides further health benefits, including protection against free radicals and EMF radiation.

By incorporating Shungite water into our daily routine, we can experience the healing properties it offers and improve our overall quality of life.


Steps to Make Your Own Shungite Water


Shungite water, renowned for its various health benefits, has gained popularity in recent years.

This unique form of water is infused with the powerful properties of shungite, a rare mineral found in Russia.


By immersing shungite in water, it is believed to cleanse and purify, enhancing its potential as a natural remedy.


Making your own shungite water is a straightforward process that requires minimal effort. 

Gathering Supplies

Gathering supplies is an essential step in any task. To ensure a successful completion, it is important to follow the necessary steps below:

Identify the specific supplies needed: Start by making a list of all the supplies required for the task. This can include tools, equipment, materials, and anything else necessary to complete the task.

To make shungite water, a glass container is essential. While you can use any glass vessel, we reccommend using our Shungite Water Bottle and Raw Shungite. 



It is important to note that raw shungite is required to make shungite water. If your shungite is smooth and shiny, it is polished and therefore not suitable for shungite water. 



Preparing the Container

Step 1: Cleaning

Start by thoroughly cleaning the container to remove any dirt, dust, or grime that may have accumulated.

Use a high-pressure washer or hose to remove any loose debris from the interior and exterior surfaces.





Adding Elite Shungite Stones



Adding Noble Shungite Stones to drinking water offers numerous benefits and uses.


These stones possess unique properties that aid in healing, clearing negative energy, blocking harmful radiation, and purifying water.


Elite Shungite Stones, also known as carbonaceous fullerene-containing shungite, are revered for their high carbon content. When placed in water, they release fullerenes, which are known for their antioxidant properties.


These fullerenes help neutralize free radicals in the body, reducing cell damage and promoting overall well-being.


Moreover, Elite Shungite Stones have the ability to clear negative energy from the environment.


They absorb and transform stressful, stagnant energy into a more harmonious and balanced state, creating a peaceful atmosphere.


This makes them an excellent companion in meditation and spiritual practices.

Additionally, these stones are known for their ability to block harmful radiation emitted by electronic devices.


Placing Elite Shungite Stones near smartphones, laptops, or other gadgets can help mitigate their harmful effects and reduce the risk of radiation-related health issues.

Furthermore, Elite Shungite Stones possess the remarkable ability to purify water.

The carbon content in the stones acts as a natural filter, removing impurities and toxins from the water. This makes the water safe and healthy for consumption, while also enhancing its taste and odor.

By using Elite Shungite Stones, individuals can improve their overall health conditions and relieve stress.


These stones are believed to alleviate various health issues, including allergies, respiratory problems, and digestive disorders.


They are also known to promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, and enhance mental clarity.


Elite Shungite Stones offer a multitude of benefits and uses. From healing and energy clearing to radiation blocking and water purification, these stones provide a natural and effective solution for improving health and well-being.

Filling with Pre-Filtered Water



When it comes to making Shungite water, using pre-filtered water is essential for achieving optimal results.

This is because pre-filtered water ensures that any impurities or contaminants present in tap water are removed, allowing the potent properties of Shungite to work their magic.

To begin the process, start by rinsing the Shungite stones thoroughly under running pre-filtered water.

This helps to eliminate any dust or debris that may have accumulated on the surface of the stones. Once rinsed, proceed to place the stones in a water pitcher, ensuring that they are fully submerged.


After placing the stones in the water pitcher, let them soak for a recommended duration of 24 to 48 hours.


During this soaking period, the Shungite stones release their beneficial properties into the water, resulting in a potent elixir.

It is important to note that the longer the stones are left to soak, the stronger the infusion of Shungite properties will be.

Once the soaking period is complete, the Shungite water is ready for consumption.

It is recommended to drink 2-3 glasses of this refreshing elixir daily to experience its potential benefits.


Regular consumption of Shungite water has been reported to promote overall well-being and support detoxification processes within the body.


To maintain optimal efficiency, it is advised to replace the Shungite stones every 6 months. This ensures that the stones remain potent and continue to deliver the desired effects.


Letting the Stones Sit in the Water


To purify and neutralize harmful electromagnetic radiation, unpolished shungite can be placed in water. This process is a simple yet effective way to cleanse the shungute and enhance its properties.

First, find a bowl or container large enough to hold the pyramid and fill it with clean, preferably spring or filtered water. The shungite should be submerged completely in the water, ensuring it is fully soaked.

Next, let the unpolished shungite pyramid sit undisturbed in the water for a minimum of 24 hours. This duration allows the water to absorb the shungite's energy and activate its purifying and neutralizing properties.

During this time, it is crucial not to disturb the shungite or water in any way. Avoid touching or moving the shungite, as this can disrupt the cleansing process.

After the designated period, carefully remove the shungite from the water and gently dry it with a soft cloth.


Following the placement, duration, and additional steps outlined above will help maximize the cleansing and protective properties of the shungite. 



How Long Does it Last?


 Shungite Water Bottle 


Shungite Water, known for its healing properties and purification abilities, has a shelf life that can be influenced by various factors.


The shelf life of this unique form of water is primarily determined by the quality of the water used and the type of Shungite utilized during the filtration process.


The quality of the water plays a significant role in the longevity of Shungite Water.


If the water used is of poor quality and contains high levels of pollutants or heavy metals, the Shungite will have to work harder to purify the water, potentially reducing its shelf life.


On the other hand, if the water used is already relatively clean, the Shungite will be able to work more efficiently, prolonging the shelf life.

Furthermore, the type of Shungite used can also affect the shelf life of Shungite Water. Regular Shungite contains approximately 60% carbon, while Elite Shungite, also known as Noble Shungite, contains a higher carbon content of up to 98%.


Due to this higher carbon content, Elite Shungite has a longer lifespan and can purify water for a more extended period compared to regular Shungite.


It is essential to clean and replace the Shungite periodically to maintain its efficacy. The recommended intervals for cleaning the Shungite can vary depending on the level of impurities in the water and the intensity of use.

Generally, cleaning the Shungite every two to four weeks is a good practice to ensure its efficiency. Replacing the Shungite entirely is typically recommended every six months to a year.

When Elite Shungite is used alongside spring or pre-filtered water, its lifespan is further extended.


The higher carbon content of Elite Shungite allows it to effectively purify the water for an even longer duration, and therefore, it can be used for an extended period before needing replacement compared to regular Shungite.


Using and Enjoying Shungite Water



Shungite water has gained popularity in recent years for its health benefits. This unique form of water is said to possess properties that can purify and cleanse the body, as well as provide numerous therapeutic effects. 

How Much Should You Drink?



The recommended daily intake of shungite water varies depending on the individual's age, weight, and overall health condition.

As a general guideline, it is advisable to start with a cautious approach and gradually increase the consumption.

A reasonable daily intake for adults is typically between 1 to 2 liters of shungite water. However, it is crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating shungite water into your daily routine.


Shungite water offers several potential benefits due to its unique properties. It is believed to have antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, which can contribute to improved immune function and overall well-being.


Additionally, shungite water is claimed to promote detoxification, balance energy levels, and enhance mental clarity and focus.

Despite its potential benefits, it is essential to be aware of the potential risks associated with shungite water.

Shungite contains trace minerals and can release small amounts of carbon into the water. This carbon can potentially interfere with certain medications or supplements.

Therefore, if you are under any medication or have underlying health conditions, it is crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before consuming shungite water.


The Benefits of Shungite Water



Raw Shungite 


Shungite is widely used as a natural filtering tool to purify and mineralize water. Clean and safe water is a fundamental part of our life. But drinking shungite water has many reported health benefits.

Clean water is among the most important resources.


Up to 70 percent of the human body consists of water and your body depends on  water to function properly.


In our increasingly polluted modern world, water purification has become a problem.

Although water from rivers and lakes is filtered through modern water supply systems before reaching our homes, many worry if it is truly safe to drink. 

As you know, these systems use chlorine and other artificial substances to “purify” the water.


These substances alter the balance of trace minerals in the water and create toxic disinfection byproducts that can be even more detrimental to our wellbeing.


Therefore, most people today resort to additional filtering methods. Consequently, Shungite Rocks for Water as well as other porous materials have become very popular.

They act on both chemical and physical contaminants, killing bacteria, and eliminating unpleasant odors and tastes.

Is Shungite Water Safe?


Is Shungite Water Safe

Yes, Shungite water is safe thanks to the stone’s unique chemical composition (high carbon content) and physical properties (antibacterial, absorption, and catalytic properties). The carbonaceous nature of this stone and its porous structure result in an extremely high filtration capacity.

Shungite absorbs and retains up to 95 percent of pollutants, including chlorine, fluorine, heavy metals, harmful microorganisms, radon, and pesticides.


The amount of artificial substances and organic chemicals in shungite water is almost zero.

Additionally, the powerful properties of shungite lead to the stone’s ability to bind beneficial organic elements while maintaining the optimal micro-mineral composition of shungite water.


Through filtration, shungite water is filled with magnesium, calcium, oxygen, and other mineral components vital to your health and beauty.


Mineralized and energized shungite water is associated with better cell and tissue function because it contains natural antioxidants that neutralize free radicals.

Shungite Water with Balanced pH


Another great benefit of shungite stone water filtration is that it helps balance the pH of tap water. As you may know, the water we drink should not be too acidic (below 6.5 pH) or too alkaline (over 8 on the pH scale).

After the initial stage of filtration, the pH of shungite water is around 5.5, which is why it is considered acidic.

Acidic shungite water can be very helpful and is commonly used for therapeutic purposes.

It’s used externally to treat acne, blemishes, cuts, as well as other skin problems. Consuming acidic shungite water helps with chronic respiratory problems, headaches, joint and muscle pain, and digestive system issues.


At the same time, shungite-enriched water has a high concentration of trace elements and silicates, which are crucial for a healthy alkaline pH.


These elements take some time to enter the water and balance its pH (adjust it between 7 and 7.5 on the pH scale).

Therefore, if you want to regularly drink healthy shungite water without pH imbalance, we recommend following the steps below when making shungite water.

How to Make Shungite Water in Three Easy Steps


  • Thoroughly wash the Shungite Rocks under running water to remove dust, various premises, and dirt from the surface of the stones;
  • Take a jar or pitcher, preferably crafted from glass, and infuse 150 to 200 grams of regular shungite nuggets (30 to 50 percent carbon) or 50 to 70 grams of elite shungite stones (about 98 percent carbon) per 1 liter of initially filtered or tap water;
  • Leave the shungite-enriched water in a dark place for at least 24 hours, then drink it cold, adding more water to the pitcher as you drink.

After that, elite shungite water purifies the water from:

  • chlorine;
  • heavy metals;
  • harmful contaminants
  • fungi and helminths;
  • pathogenic flora.


Shungite begins to filter your water within the first few hours, but the more shungite stones you keep in your water, the more effective it will be.


As you may know, shungite water stones can be used repeatedly to purify water, but only if you cleanse and recharge them regularly.


Shungite stones for water filtration absorb many toxic elements that pollute the water and need to be cleaned from time to time.


To get rid of various premises and restore the original filtering ability of shungite stone surfaces, you need to prepare acidic water by mixing one liter of lukewarm water with one tablespoon of vinegar or citric acid and add the stones to the mixture for a few minutes.

You can then gently clean the shungite stones under running water and place them in direct sunlight for around 3 hours, turning them once.

Solar energy recharges the stones and you can return to the original instructions. If over time you feel the shungite water is no longer useful, it is better to change the stones.

We recommend you purchase new shungite water stones at least once a year.


How to Make Shungite Baths


How to Make Shungite Baths


Shungite water is also suitable for baths, which are very popular because bathing with shungite water is beneficial for health, wellness, recovery, and growth.

To make this process easy, our experts have designed a specialized Shungite Shower Head with some kind of filtering element. The head has extremely small holes that also help to conserve water.

The shower head is filled with tiny Shungite stones that ensure high-quality water filtration. With the Shungite Shower Head, you can easily take a medicinal bath and enjoy the positive changes that the shungite stone brings to your physical and mental health.

It is recommended to take a shungite bath regularly, about three times a week.

Can Shungite Water be Refrigerated?

Yes, Shungite water can be refrigerated, then sip it throughout the day. However, if you are unable to refrigerate it, just store it at room temperature where there is plenty of light. You will reap the benefits of shungite water either way.


What are the Benefits of Drinking Shungite Water?

Benefits of Drinking Shungite Water


If you follow these instructions on how to make shungite water, you will not only get clear and fresh water but also very healthy water, which can be used for many therapeutic purposes.


First, shungite water improves the immune system and revitalizes leukocyte cells.


In case of digestive problems, it is recommended to drink shungite water regularly. It is also used to treat colds, headaches, various respiratory illnesses, as well as joint and muscle pain.

Shungite water is believed to contain biologically active C60 fullerenes, which are extremely valuable for our wellbeing.


Many studies have proven that the high antioxidant activity of these molecules and their ability to block certain cells could be used in cancer therapy soon.


Fullerenes can penetrate tumor cells and block their proliferation. Thanks to this, the value of shungite water improves.

Also, shungite stones water is ideal for detoxification. Shungite detox water is great to carry around in a bottle and drink throughout the day.

It eliminates toxins from the body, speeds up metabolism, and fills you with minerals and vitamins.


Shungite water can be your added protection against cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.


In addition to improving your health, shungite water can also be valuable for your beauty. Shungite crystal has powerful antioxidant and antibacterial properties.


Therefore, external use of shungite water helps to heal acne, pimples, inflammation, as well as burns, cuts, and other skin problems.


An effective refresher and a natural source of fullerenes, shungite water counteracts “free radicals” that damage skin cells and cause signs of aging such as dark circles, wrinkles, and dull and dry skin. Daily washing with shungite water improves skin elasticity, treats redness, and makes skin firmer and smoother.

Shungite water has a completely calming effect. For this reason, it is used in spa and wellness centers for medicinal baths.

It helps relieve fatigue and stress, boosts your immunity, and fills you with energy. If you want to relax after a long day, just pour 400 to 500 grams of healing shungite stones into hot water and wait for about 10 to 15 minutes.


Then simply immerse yourself in a relaxing and warm shungite bath, focus on your body, and feel secure and safe.


Shungite water hydrates tissues, restores your skin’s pH balance, relaxes tight muscles, and puts you at ease.

Choosing the Right Shungite Water Stone Sets

Right Shungite Water Stone Sets

To make clear and healthy shungite water accessible to everyone, our experts have created different sets of shungite stones for all needs and budgets.

Elite (Type I) and Regular (Type III) in their raw, unpolished form is fine. The only difference between them in water purification is the amount of carbon.

Regular shungite stone contains about 30 to 50 percent carbon, while the percentage of carbon in noble shungite stone is higher and can reach 95 to 98 percent.


Therefore, elite shungite is considered more efficient and requires fewer stones for the same amount of water.


Additionally, elite shungite produces more energized and mineralized shungite water.


The size of shungite water stones in a set does not affect filtration efficiency and quality.


What really matters is the size of the set itself. With smaller shungite stones, you only need more pieces to achieve the same filtering ability.

Simply put, a set of 200 grams of elite shungite with 10 pieces of elite shungite stones of 20 grams corresponds to a set of 200 grams of elite shungite with 40 pieces of 5 grams each.

Therefore, choose the set of stones of shungite that matches your preference.

When choosing shungite for water purification, consider that shungite-shaped pyramids, balls, and other products are not suitable for making shungite water.

Polishing, shaping, and other manufacturing techniques tend to reduce the filtering ability of the stones. Only raw, unpolished shungite offers the highest level of filtering and mineralization.

If you are always on the go, you can purchase the Shungite Water Bottle. It produces pure, mineralized, and energizing drinking water.

This wide-mouth bottle is easy to use and perfect for travel, picnics, errands, gyms, or just a day at your office. This bottle comes with a well-designed grip strap that makes it convenient to carry. 

In essence, shungite water is a perfect choice for you if you care about your health and want to experience the properties of shungite. It is your gateway to crystal clear, healthy water that is extremely valuable in the modern world.

Purchase shungite water stones today to create energized shungite water for detoxification and personal healing.