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What are the Health Benefits of Drinking Hydrogen Water?

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Hydrogen water has been shown to have many benefits according to medical studies and scientific research, but there are also hydrogen water testimonials from people like you, as well as professional athletes about how hydrogen works and has given them renewed energy and made them more active.

The key component of hydrogen water is molecular hydrogen (free hydrogen). Free hydrogen is a single molecule made up of two hydrogen atoms that are bonded to each other, but not to any other element.


In the free-state, hydrogen heals the body by attacking and neutralizing free radicals. This allows the body to naturally heal itself with molecular hydrogen antioxidants.


You can only get molecular hydrogen in ionized water, hydrogen gas, or hydrogen water. Regular water does not contain molecular hydrogen antioxidants. Outside the containment, molecular hydrogen evaporates fairly quickly. It is, therefore, best to drink it fresh and store it properly when storing it.

Hydrogen-rich water is known to heal and protect the heart, kidneys, liver, intestines, stomach, skin, eyes, lungs, brain, and virtually every part of the body.


What Does Hydrogen Water Do for the Body?

Oxygen is vital for humans: we breathe in oxygen, which helps produce around 90 percent of the body’s energy. The oxygen we breathe is used in the metabolic process to generate energy, and this creates reactive oxygen species (ROS), a group of highly oxidizing reactive molecules. Radiation, pollution, stress, chemicals, and cigarette smoke can worsen the formation of ROS, and high ROS levels cause increased oxidation that leads to damaged DNA, cellular structure, or cell membranes or changes in cellular function. The human body eliminates some of the ROS that is created using antioxidant enzymes. However, when the natural defense system of the body against ROS is overwhelmed, oxidative stress arises due to an imbalance between ROS production and the natural defense system.

A persistent imbalance can weaken the immune system, accelerate the aging process, and lead to various diseases. A diet high in antioxidants can help protect against reactive oxygen species. Hydrogen is an effective antioxidant for lowering ROS due to the rapid diffusion of gas into cells and tissues. Drinking hydrogen-enriched water is an efficient and safe way to add molecular hydrogen to the body. Hydrogen water has no color, taste, or smell, and the pH of the water has not changed because hydrogen molecules do not form hydrogen ions when dissolved in water. Hydrogen-infused water can protect the skin from UV rays, wrinkles, and slow aging. You cannot stop the natural oxidation process that is going on in every cell in your body. However, you can protect your body from various disorders and diseases by understanding the beneficial effects of hydrogen-rich water as an antioxidant for removing ROS in the body.

Does Hydrogen Water Really Work?


does hydrogen water really work?


Yes, hydrogen water really works! Medical studies and scientific research have shown that drinking hydrogen-rich water can offer a better quality of life. As healthy as we want to be, we often have no control over life; our schedules and responsibilities are often overwhelming. We run from one meeting to another, from work to home, and often not prioritizing our health and well-being.

Have you ever found yourself 

  • Too tired to play with your children after work?
  • Not sleeping enough at night very often?
  • Feeling or looking older than you’re?
  • Frustrated with a slowdown in metabolism?
  • Tired after training?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions and want to improve your quality of life, the benefits of drinking hydrogen are worth looking at. While hydrogen water does not claim to cure any diseases, medical studies and testimonials have proven that hydrogen-infused water can be beneficial in the following ways.

Great for the Skin

Your face will look tired when you are tired. It may result from poor diet, aging, stress, or lack of sleep, but a dull complexion diminishes your natural beauty. In addition to making positive changes (getting a good night’s sleep, adding daily exercises, and making sure to eat veggies), add hydrogen-rich water to your daily beauty routine. Studies have shown that molecular hydrogen is good for the skin. In Japan, where hydrogenated water is becoming increasingly popular, testimonials indicate that the complexion has become “clearer and lighter” and dark circles have reduced.

Has Incredible Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Aging Benefits

Inflammation can be very painful, particularly if you live with arthritis, joint stiffness, or joint pain. Treating arthritis is especially difficult due to chronic pain that can alter a person’s lifestyle in many ways. A study of hydrogen water in patients with rheumatoid arthritis proved that the use of hydrogen-rich water was effective in reducing oxidative stress in patients with the disease. Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms improved significantly with hydrogen-rich water. By reducing oxidative stress, hydrogen also helps slow down the aging process.

Increases Energy


hydrogen water increases energy


It is important to stay hydrated. You cannot live without water, the molecule of life. “Water is one of the unique molecules known to man and one of the most important for biological systems.” Many studies have shown that hydrogen-infused water improves energy by reducing free radicals that are harmful to our health.

Facilitates Recovery after Training

From yoga to running and from hiking to spinning class, we love to stay in shape. Unfortunately, strenuous exercise is also associated with increased blood lactate levels, leading to muscle pain and fatigue, and is sometimes followed by injury. Studies in athletes show that hydrogen water is a healthy option for staying hydrated while exercising and reducing the rise in blood lactate so you can train harder for longer and reduce the risk of injury. The testimonials of users of molecular hydrogen water prove it.

Improves Metabolism

Everybody burns calories at different rates, but having a slow metabolism can be intimidating, particularly if it leads to weight gain or diabetes. Studies have shown that the use of hydrogen-rich water can improve metabolic function.

Can you Drink too Much Hydrogen Water?

No matter how much hydrogenated water you drink, you will never reach the recommended maximum. Also, no matter how long water has been hydrogenated, it’s impossible to overload it with hydrogen. Once it’s saturated, any excess hydrogen will evaporate. In addition, it is impossible to ingest an excessive negative antioxidant load from consuming hydrogen water. The problem only occurs when a negative charge is absent. When there’s too much of it, electrons are released through the skin. The issue is that humans discharge too much, leading to oxidation.

Beyond that, there are no side effects of drinking hydrogen water. Indeed, molecular hydrogen is not a foreign substance. Humans produce hydrogen every day, generally around 10 liters of hydrogen per day with good nutrition that includes veggies, fruits, and foods high in fiber. This is due to the production of hydrogen by our intestinal flora (intestinal bacteria). There’s a constant struggle in the human body, excessive oxidative stress but too little hydrogen to defend itself, and this eventually results in numerous degenerative diseases.

Everybody is exposed to oxidative stress, which has been associated with the pathogenesis of virtually all diseases, including cancer. Drinking hydrogen-rich water is what society needs to combat degenerative diseases.

The recommended daily water intake is between 1 and 3 liters. We recommend drinking only hydrogen-infused water, although having more than one glass a day is a huge benefit in regulating your oxidation levels.



How much Water Should you Drink? Check out this Water Intake Calculator! 

What is the Best Hydrogen Water?

Drinking hydrogen-rich water has been shown to be more beneficial to the human body than inhaling hydrogen gas, possibly because it evaporates faster as a gas. The benefits of ionized water or hydrogen water (whichever it is) will continue to be of benefit for days (fighting free radicals). Whereas these benefits only last for hours when inhaling hydrogen gas (however, studies on the subject show that both methods are therapeutic and effective).

The most common, and possibly the most therapeutic form of molecular hydrogen is in ionized water. Ionized water is a form of hydrogen water produced by a hydrogen water machine that divides water into two streams, alkaline and acidic. Alkaline water is full of molecular hydrogen and therefore therapeutic. With a hydrogen water machine, you can quickly and easily make hydrogen-rich water from the comfort of your own home. Beyond that, with a hydrogen water maker, you can also produce pure, fresh, and clean water that is filled with molecular hydrogen and is beneficial for health.