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Induction Cooktop EMF Calculator: Assessing Radiation Risks and Safety

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An induction cooktop emits high levels of EMF radiation, which experts say can harm your health. People often consider induction cooktops to be a better way to cook. First, the heating elements don’t need to be cleaned like a traditional stove, and second, food can be cooked up to 50% faster. Even though they make cooking much more convenient, the level of EMF they emit makes them a less desirable addition to your kitchen.

According to experts, prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields from induction cooktops can harm your physical and mental health. How does this happen? That’s what we’ll explore in this article. We’ll look at induction stoves, their associated health risks, and most importantly, how to protect yourself from them.

To help you understand and manage your exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) from your induction cooktop, use our Induction Cooktop EMF Calculator.

What’s an Induction Cooktop?

Before discussing the biological effects of induction cooktops, let’s first understand what an induction cooktop is. Induction cooktops have surged in popularity, particularly since their prices began to decrease after 2010.

At first glance, they resemble typical glass-topped electric cooktops. However, unlike electric cooktops, which rely on conventional heating elements, these cooktops use electromagnetic energy (akin to microwave ovens) to heat your cookware.

Initially, induction cooktops became popular in professional kitchens. Over time, they have become increasingly prevalent in household kitchens due to their faster cooking times and energy efficiency. On an induction cooktop, a pot of water can reach boiling point in about half the time compared to a traditional gas stove.

What is the Principle of Induction Cooktop?

Each cooking surface contains an induction coil that generates alternating current ranging from 20 to 100 kHz. This generates a magnetic field through circular currents, called induction. This magnetic field is a form of electromagnetic radiation, abbreviated as EMF.

When a pan is placed on the induction ring, it becomes a component of the electromagnetic circuit. This explains why only specific types of pans, namely those made of cast iron, stainless steel, or laminated stainless steel, can effectively be used on induction cooktops. Using the right cookware on an induction cooktop results in the rapid heating of the pan.

Are Induction Cooktops Safe for Health?

To begin, it’s noted that induction cooktops give off high levels of EMF radiation. Radiation that would not typically exist in your environment without the induction cooktop. And any additional amount of EMF you’re exposed to increases the risk of developing many adverse health effects. Therefore, they are certainly not considered “safe.”

Induction cooktops are attractive, efficient, and exceptionally easy to clean. However, what are the health and safety risks involved? Regarding the EMF risks associated with induction cooktops, there are three key considerations to make.

The amount of EMF In Your Kitchen Environment

Because induction cooktops give off electromagnetic fields, they release this radiation into your kitchen environment. All electric heaters generate high levels of EMF radiation as part of their operation. Induction cooktops are similarly subject to this phenomenon. This results in a massive rise in EMF exposure in homes, which can cause many health issues for occupants.

Besides the increased EMF exposure in the immediate environment, there is another issue associated with induction cooktops. If you understand the principles of electromagnetism, you’re aware that the force of electromagnetic fields is strongest at their source and becomes weaker the farther you are from the source.

Given that it’s impractical to create distance from these cooktops as you need to use them for cooking, your body ends up exposed to elevated levels of EMF radiation. But it does not stop there.

When You Handle the Cookware

As mentioned earlier, induction cooktops heat your metal cookware by integrating it with their electromagnetic circuit. Also, the human body is an effective conductor of EMF radiation. Thus, when you handle the cookware (which is necessary multiple times during cooking), your body becomes part of this circuit.

The nature of electromagnetic fields is that they must continue to travel, except in cases where they are absorbed. With electricity, it flows from the source and returns to the source to repeat the same process.

Since EMF is a byproduct of electricity, it behaves in the same way as electricity when it moves. So, when you handle the cookware on the induction hob, the electromagnetic fields will pass through your body and take all available paths to continue its movement.

While EMF won’t electrocute you as contact current can, you may still be exposed to many potential effects on your health.

ICNIRP Exposure Limits Exceeded

ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) is an organization responsible for establishing guidelines regarding the EMF levels that electrical appliances and electronic devices can emit. Although many experts do not agree with the ICNIRP guidelines, we must recognize the fact that EMF emissions are regulated.

However, some studies indicate, the EMF emissions from certain induction cooktops do not even meet ICNIRP guidelines. As an example among many, a Swiss research group states that “most induction cooktops (rings) even exceeded the 1998 high maximum exposure levels established by the ICNIRP when a person was close to the induction cooktop.

In this experiment, EMF emissions from 13 professional induction hobs were analyzed. They discovered that, in most instances, the EMF emission levels aligned with ICNIRP limits only when the person operating the device was at least 30 cm (1 foot) away from it. And since it is a kitchen appliance, it is practically impossible to maintain a distance of 30 cm.

Powerwatch UK further confirmed that when using a magnetic induction hob for cooking, the entire body experiences high exposure to EMFs, with hands and arms exceeding the typical (not very conservative) ICNIRP levels. These levels are set high and only protect against severe immediate effects. Induction cooktops operating at 20 kHz can produce electromagnetic field levels three times higher than the ICNIRP values.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

The most effective way to protect yourself from EMF emissions given off by induction cooktops and the associated health risks is to not have an induction cooktop at all. But of course, you can’t stop cooking, right? So, here are alternatives you can consider.

Gas & Propane Stoves

Gas and propane stoves are undoubtedly the best alternative to induction hobs. They do not emit EMF, making them completely safe to use in terms of EMF-related health risks.

However, there are also gas stoves with Wi-Fi connections on the market. For example, it allows you to change settings from your phone, receive push notifications, monitor device status, and control it using a smart remote control.

These types of “smart” devices emit high levels of EMF. So, pay attention to Wi-Fi features when purchasing gas stoves.

If you already own a smart gas range, what should you do? You can contact a technician to remove the RF antenna from its motherboard. This action will disable the wireless functionality and leave you with a standard model gas range that does not emit EMF.

Besides EMF, some individuals are also sensitive to chemicals. Therefore, gas and propane stoves may not be the ideal option for them. If you find yourself in that situation, opt for an infrared cooktop.

Infrared Cooktop

Most ceramic-topped stoves and modern hotplates are equipped with infrared technology. Infrared cooktops are energy efficient, fast, and do not require specialized cookware to operate. If you’re considering an alternative cooking method and prefer not to use gas or propane, infrared cooktops may be the ideal choice for you.

However, what should you do if you already own an induction stove?

What If I Already Have an Induction Cooktop?

Now, you might be worried about the health risks associated with the EMF emitted by an induction cooktop, but you have limited choices since you already bought an induction cooktop. Or perhaps your house already includes one.

Under these circumstances, replacing your appliance doesn’t make economic sense. However, there are still steps you can take. You can find ways to use induction cooktops more safely:

  • Use a pot or pan that covers the entire cooking zone. Otherwise, you will probably create stray EMF fields heading in unpredictable directions;   
  • Avoid using damaged cookware that has warped or buckled bases;
  • Use the rear cooking surfaces rather than the front ones, as these are farther away from the body;
  • Only use cookware that is marked by the manufacturer as suitable for induction cooking;
  • Keep as much distance from the cooking surface as possible when using it.
  • Avoid using metal utensils for cooking;

If the handle of your cookware is made of conductive metal, think about getting an insulating handle, like a silicone cover. Alternatively, you can use a kitchen towel when touching the handle.

Using a silicone handle cover or a standard kitchen towel makes cooking on an induction hob safer. In addition, there are other steps you can take to limit your exposure to electromagnetic fields from your induction hob while in use. Take a look.

Maximize Distance Whenever Possible

Although you need to be near the appliance to cook your food, you don’t have to remain close for the entire cooking process.

The intensity of EMF decreases as you move away from the source. Therefore, if you stand just one foot away from the appliance, the EMF received by your body is much lower than at the source. So, whenever possible, maintain distance from your induction cooktop.

To help you estimate the electromagnetic field (EMF) levels generated by your induction cooktop, use the calculator above. Simply enter the power level setting in watts, the size of the cookware in centimeters, and the distance from the cooktop in centimeters. Click "Calculate EMF" to get an estimated EMF level at your specified distance.

This calculator provides a practical way to understand potential EMF exposure from your induction cooktop and emphasizes the importance of safety measures such as maintaining distance to minimize exposure.

While the formula used provides a rough estimate of the EMF generated by an induction cooktop, actual EMF levels can be influenced by many factors. For more accurate assessments, detailed measurements and more complex modeling are required.

Use EMF Protection Products

Besides increasing the distance between your body and your induction cooktop, you can also use EMF protection products (like those made and sold by Orgone Energy) to improve your EMF protection.

These are some products we recommend.

GeoClense: EMF and Earth Radiation Harmoniser

While induction stovetops are a concern, there are many other sources of EMF in your home that are also a cause for concern. Fortunately, there are many options to protect yourself and your family.

The GeoClense: EMF and Earth Radiation Harmoniser consistently generates healthy and beneficial Negative ions that neutralize your entire property and home all the way to its boundaries. The Geoclense is able to counteract destructive energies such as radiation and electromagnetic frequencies.

The Geoclense is a healthy, negative charge resonance field generator designed to balance the noxious, unhealthy positive charge resonance created by 5G and all forms of EMR, RF, Wi-Fi, Earth Radiation, and Bioplasmic Radiation.

EMF Protection Jewelry

Protecting your home is important, but protecting your body is essential. This is why we also suggest protection for yourself while on the go. We have many options to keep your body safe from our Quantum Orgone Pendants, Ener-bands, and even our Black Tourmaline Necklace.  No matter your lifestyle, we have options to keep you protected when on the go.

Eliminate Background EMF

Induction cooktops are a source of exposure to EMF. If you observe your surroundings, you will notice many electrical appliances and electronic devices that expose you to similar types of radiation.

Therefore, we recommend that besides minimizing your EMF exposure from the induction cooktop, you should also turn off all unnecessary background sources of EMF.

This will notably decrease EMF exposure in your home and further reduce the risk of developing EMF-related health problems.

Keep Children Away from the Appliance during Operation

Children are more susceptible to the biological effects of EMF compared to adults (here is why). So, ensure your children stay away from the induction cooktop when it is running.

Also, this applies if you are pregnant as the fetus is particularly vulnerable to health effects resulting from prolonged exposure to EMF. Research has shown that pregnant women exposed to high EMF levels are almost three times more likely to suffer a miscarriage.

If you are pregnant, we recommend you stay away from the induction cooktop when it’s in use. However, if absolutely necessary, you can wrap the Bamboo Orgone Blanket around your stomach, creating a powerful EMF shield that deflects any EMF radiation from reaching your stomach.

Lastly, we strongly recommend that you stay away from a working induction hob if you have a pacemaker. Because EMF can disrupt your pacemaker and cause it to malfunction or completely break down.

Final Thoughts

Although EMF poses risks, whether from your induction stove, laptop, cell phone, wireless router, or microwave oven, the biological effects of EMF represent only part of the impact of modern technology on the general population. According to experts, prolonged use of technology affects us physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically.

So, what is the solution? It’s unrealistic to completely quit technology and expect our lives to remain unchanged. However, the answer is not as complicated as you might think. You just need to develop a healthier relationship with technology so that you can benefit from modern technology without experiencing the health effects associated with it.