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IonPacific Ionbox Review

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IonPacific Ionbox Review

Indoor air pollution is one of the most harmful environmental health risks. The main sources of airborne compounds include building materials and furnishings, tobacco smoke, as well as products such as pesticides, adhesives, cleaning chemicals, deodorizers, dyes, and paints. The indoor air quality of many homes and commercial buildings lack the right ‘electrical’ balance required to offer a healthy and clean environment. Most of these particles including chemical fumes, odors, animal dander, smoke, and pollen have a positive charge. According to scientific studies, increasing the negative ions in an indoor environment can help reduce headaches, moodiness, fatigue, allergic reactions, asthma, and seasonal depression. Thus, using a negative ion generator in an indoor space has many health benefits. 

Why are Positive Ions Bad for You?

All life forms have a biofield of energy surrounding and so can be influenced easily by things like EMF pollution and more. Furthermore, our cells typically carry negative charges. One way toxins affect our body negatively is through positive ions absorption. Positive ions are molecules that have gained positive charges. Most forms of pet dander, mold, pollen, and other toxic chemicals in the air carry a positive electrical charge. Unfortunately, in our world today, there are considerable quantities of positive ions in the atmosphere. They are particularly problematic in industrial zones, office buildings, and congested cities.

If you have ever felt stressed, anxious, or depressed for no particular reason, you may be suffering from positive ion poisoning. These harmful ions are tiny enough to be absorbed through the lungs and skin and can’t be seen with the naked eye. In fact, you are probably breathing positive ions right now as many homes are polluted with it. Other effects of absorbing lots of positive ions include worsened allergies, chronic pain, mood swings, higher inflammation levels, and more.

Generally, anything that has electromagnetic capacities or is toxic will generate dangerous positive ions, including fluorescent lighting, electronic devices like computers, phones, and televisions, paint, upholstery, as well as toxic carpeting. Many studies have found that positive ions levels are very high with office buildings, cities, and homes. 

Are Negative Ion Generators Safe?

When buying a negative ion generator, it is natural for you to ask if these units are safe to be around. Most ionizers are completely safe and not harmful to your health. By design, negative ion generators produce negatively charged ions and release them into the atmosphere as a way to purify and sterilize it. This air purification method differs greatly from the HEPA air purification method which utilizes a fan to draw air into the device and a filter to collect airborne pollutants before releasing fresh air into the room.

With lots of negative ions being released into the air, asking if negative ion generators are safe for your health is justified. Another common question is if negative ions are safe to inhale. The good news is you have nothing to bother about in terms of inhaling negative ions. In fact, negative ions are believed to naturally occur in our environment. Ionization happens in nature with the exposure of the air to energy sources such as waterfalls, lightning, and sunshine. Besides cleaning the air you breathe, negative ions are known for improving moods and increasing energy.

So are negative ion generators bad or safe for your health? The answer to this question depends on some factors. However, negative ion generators are deemed safe if they fall into any of the following categories:

  • It is just a negative ion generator and does not include any ozone generator.
  • If there is an ozone generator, the unit allows you to control the ozone production level.

High concentrations of ozone inside a room can cause serious health problems in humans. Some of these health issues include shortness of breath, asthma triggers, impaired lung function, throat irritation, chest pain, and even respiratory infections in rare cases. Because of these effects, certain standards were set by government agencies to guide ionizer manufacturers on acceptable ozone exposure. 100 ppm (parts per million) are considered hazardous, 51 to 100 ppm are a moderate concern, while 0 to 0.05 ppm are no concern at all. 

Benefits of Negative Ion Generator

  • Negative ions can boost your overall well-being as it enhances your mental clarity by decreasing carbon absorption, thus removing the negative effects of positive ions in your space.
  • Negative ions have been proven to clear the air of mold spores, pet dander, pollen, dust, as well as other potential allergens.
  • A high-quality negative ion generator can decrease bacteria and viruses considerably.
  • Ionizers improve the operation of your respiratory tract cilia that shield the lungs from inflammation and irritation, therefore, leading to instances of respiratory problems such as flu and cold and even asthma and hayfever.
  • Negative ion generators have a calming and relaxing effect. They have been shown to relieve tension, decrease blood pressure, and normalize your breathing rate.
  • Additionally, studies have shown that high negative ions levels can be very effective in treating SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).
  • Negative ionizers can also bolster your immune system and lower your blood pressure. 

What is an Ion Box?

The ion box is a negative ion generator that purifies, cleans, and detoxifies the air. It releases around 20 million negative ions per second. This unit was born out of the need to solve the issues regarding the poor quality of air in submarine environments. Ion box has now evolved into a practical, small and yet very powerful air purification device. It defied the notion that ionizers should be clunky and big. 

IonPacific Ionbox Review

With the IonPacific Ionbox, you can breathe clean air whether you are sitting in your office, idling in traffic, or hanging out in a hotel room. This negative ion generator is superbly sized for travel, yet it outshines many full-sized options in terms of negative ion and noise output. It is powerful enough to purify the air in an average-sized room. You will love how easy this negative ion generator is to operate, and it hardly draws electricity, making it economical. Every ionbox is independently tested by IonPacific to ensure it is functioning properly and safely. Additionally, the package includes two (2) drawstring bags for easy transport. From its compact size to its high level of performance, there are lots of user-friendly features on this ionizer you will love. 

A Great Powerhouse

Most negative ion generators on the market produce about 10 million negative ions per second, but the IonPacific Ionbox releases around 20 million negative ions per second. This means there’ll be an abundance of negative ions in the air to combat pollutants like mold, pet odors, dander, cigarette smoke, bacteria, allergens, and more. To deliver 20 million negative ions, the ionbox has a small but sturdy fan. The fan is so powerful that it can send those 20 million negative ions from an end of a 500 sq/ft room to the other. Of course, you would think a fan that strong would be very noisy, but that is not the case with this ionizer. The IonPacific Ionbox generates about 39 decibels, which is more like a whisper. 

Energy Saver

Obviously, versatility is what IonPacific was aiming at when the ionbox negative ion generator was designed. Whether you are traveling across the country or to the other side of the river, you can easily use the power supply that comes with this unit thanks to the 110/220 voltage. You are free to run this ionizer round the clock as it just uses about 1.5W of electricity. As well as the dual-voltage wall adapter, there is also a USB cable in the package. Typically, a very short USB cable is perfect for a travel-size appliance. With a 3.6” cable, IonPacific Ionbox outperforms many of its competitors.


The IonPacific Ionbox has a streamlined functionality for a hassle-free experience. There’s a button to control the power to the negative ion generator. There are no other switches or buttons – it does not get easier than that. An indicator lets you know once the ionbox starts running. The indicator is a tiny, blue light that is built into the word ionbox, making it a nice touch to the ionizer’s overall design. Maintaining the negative ion generator is just as easy as using it. There are no filters in this ionizer, so cleaning is easy.

Lightweight Design

The IonPacific Ionbox is extremely portable thanks to its air-like weight of just 4.8 ounces. The white, glossy ionizer is small enough to fit in your hand, so it won’t take too much space in your over-packed suitcase. The unit comes with 2 carrying bags for easy storage: the small one holds the power adapter and the USB cable while the larger one is meant for the electrostatic discharge brush and the negative ion generator.

A Trustworthy Device 

Safety is very important, and the manufacturer of this ionizer took extra care to ensure it meets all imaginable regulated safety guidelines. The IonPacific Ionbox is compliant with European Commission health and safety requirements as well as the Underwriters Laboratories. IonPacific also takes quality seriously as every ionizer is individually tested in its in-house laboratory. This is to make sure it is releasing up to 20 million negative ions without releasing any ozone. To round up its list of stability and safety features, the IonPacific Ionbox is equipped with an integrated stand and 3 non-skid feet. 

Travel Friendly

It is not hard to see why the IonPacific Ionbox is the preferred ionizer of many frequent travelers. The negative ion generator weighs less than ½ pound, and it is incredibly small. Its dual-voltage USB adapter lets you use this unit in several countries with no extra converter needed. Additionally, it comes with 2 travel bags. 

What We Liked

  • Patented negative ion generator that can emit up to 20 million negative ions per second
  • Tested individually to quality standards possible that ensure removal of dander, pet odors, dust, pollen, allergens, airborne bacteria, odor, and tobacco smoke from the air you inhale
  • No filter to replace or buy
  • Travel friendly; simply connect to your laptop or any other USB outlet
  • Generates no ozone
  • Can deliver negative ions up to 500 square feet

 What We Didn’t Like

  • The emitter is quite sensitive to dust
  • Pricey for a USB-powered ionizer
  • Dust build-up may lead to a squealing noise

Bottom Line

Whether you use the IonPacific Ionbox in a hotel suite or a 3rd row SUV, you can count on this unit to send a double-dose of negative ions throughout your space. While electricity usage isn’t a concern when you are traveling, you will love how little electricity this unit draws. The extra-long USB cable allows you to place the ionizer wherever you wish. Since the controls have only one power button, there’s no learning curve with operating the ionbox. Safety is not a concern thanks to this unit’s rigorous testing. With the IonPacific Ionbox running in the background, you will stave off allergy attacks, feel relaxed during traffic jams, and sleep better at hotels. 

What is the Best Negative Ion Generator?

Most negative ion generators on the market primarily use ozone to clean the air rather than ions. While ozone options are good for eliminating airborne pathogens and odors, and may also incorporate ion generation, they are harmful for extended periods of use, especially where you sleep or work. If you are looking for a powerful negative ion generator without ozone, the Home and Workplace Harmonizer is a top high-density option.


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