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Orgone Energy and Netflix's Afflicted Series

This article is about Netflix's Afflicted series (2018) and what we could do for one of the characters in the series. Her name is Carmen and unfortunately, she suffers from electromagnetic sensitivities. In other words, Carmen is affected by EMF which is a type of radiation that's constantly being emitted around us. EMF is emitted by phones, microwaves, laptops, and the likes. In fact, any Wi-Fi compatible device easily emits EMF. Still, let's get a bit into the basics of EMF emission by the devices mentioned.


How Do Smartphones Emit EMF?

A phone, for example, has a radio receiver and radio transmitter which receives and transfers data or better yet, messages constantly. There are radio towers around us, and they act as the nodes or mediums that send and receive our messages. When you call your coworker, for example, data will be transferred to the radio tower through the radio transmitter, and when he/she replies, your radio receiver hears the message being sent by the radio tower. Now, as both of you talk to each other, electromagnetic fields are being generated and sent constantly. In fact, if you're near a radio tower, you get electromagnetic waves being sent through your person for every transmission that occurs at the tower—not only yours.


What is Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity?

It's also called EHS and it's a claimed sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. Notice the word “claimed”? We put that there since EHS hasn't been prescribed by any official body currently. Nevertheless, it's not unpopular that no one knows about its existence. It's just that most who do, are in denial of what it represents. And that's despite the fact that victims of EHS usually find moments of peace when they've secluded themselves from technology and the public. The latter is because even the sun itself is a source of EMF. Although, in smaller amounts than let's say, a myriad of phones, laptops, modems, and more in a single house.

There are EMF zones that people go to all the time. One is the National Radio Quiet Zone (NRQZ) which is a 13,000-square-mile spot in West Virginia. It's akin to a Faraday cage, which is essentially a space that has metals and other EMF blocking materials constructed around it. The only difference is that the NRQZ is much bigger than any Faraday cage that can be constructed. Realistically speaking of course. Despite the fact that EHS victims actively look for these zones, doubt is still common. As a matter of fact, there is talk about EHS existing as a result of paranoia or obsession.


Being in Carmen's Shoes

So, what's happening here is that Carmen is affected by all types of waves from different devices since she is extremely sensitive to them. Her symptoms could be a simple headache that just won't go away and will keep on buzzing. Or it could be a migraine that's pounding and makes her hypersensitive to light and sound, hence nausea. 

After those two, stress and thus fatigue are still two other issues that Carmen faces regularly. A deep fatigue (pain and ache in muscles) that can keep her bedridden for a time after she has been stressed out continuously through the day. Of course, both of them will affect her sleep and even disrupt her cycles. This has serious consequences for her social skills, as psychological problems may arise from the lack of sleep. That is the worst case scenario, which is apparent in the film. Another symptom that she faces, in the beginning, is skin prickling, which later leads to rashes and even burning.

Any of these symptoms may come at any time, without them occurring in sequences.

In fact, the series shows something like this. It follows her talking with the camera crew and producer about how much she hates Wi-Fi or cell phones in her home. It's not that she doesn't want to use it. It's simply a matter of her personal health and safety. She's a victim of chronic pain if you really think about it. All those equipment she allowed to be carried around her were the source of constant pain.

Cell phones, fluorescents, laptops, modems, etc are the type of technology she can't use. Still, despite being surrounded by all of these things by the crew, she didn't buckle and instead went on with the plan since she was raising awareness of her situation. At least, until the end of the first episode of the series when she almost broke down in front of the crew. She complained about the crew making her symptoms worse, and she simply walked out to catch some fresh air.


A Little Brief on Sue

Moving on to episode 3, Carmen goes Green Bank in West Virginia (same state as NRQZ) which is a place that she loves because of the view on electromagnetic fields there. An example of their restrictions is that in Green Bank, phones are strictly prohibited. And it's shown through the residents of the spot. Carmen and the crew are there to see Sue, another victim of EHS.

Sue is a lot more sensitive to her issues than Carmen and she has various meters that she uses in detecting low frequencies, which is the type of radiation that EMF carries along. One of her meters detected 1,280 in activity and she's immediately troubled. Now, the person carrying the device emitting the low frequency is Carmen. Once more, she's putting her personal health at risk because she wants to increase awareness of her situation.

On the other hand, the reaction of Sue to Carmen carrying a microphone is what you have to note. She's livid because she's concerned about people with EHS and she's almost confused as to why Sue is risking her health. Carmen's situation is complicated, to say the least. She's making moves but she's hurting herself and this is just one more scenario showing that. Although Sue, from what we saw can't do the same, and she's shocked by what Carmen did.


Continuation of Carmen’s Story

Remember what we said in the last section about the existence of EHS being doubted? Afflicted also kind of follows this thought process. This is not a review of the series, but of the experiences and plot that revolves around Carmen specifically. In the series, Carmen and the others are referred to as crazy by even their colleagues and family members. See Carmen's husband for example. He said and we quote “I’m a man of science” and he elaborates with “and what she’s saying just doesn’t line up”. Now, the point of this is to show that despite her obvious discomfort throughout her proceedings with the crew, her husband doesn't really believe her.

Even when she decides to move out of the house due to being hurt by what's around her, he doesn't really think the situation is that dire. He essentially thinks of her situation as a mental illness and the series itself leans towards his view. But don't get us wrong, her husband definitely loves her. Rather disappointing if you ask us. Since regardless of their views; including the crew, Carmen’s husband, and the public; Carmen is still suffering. You can only fake so much and for so long. Not forever, and what she explains and passes through definitely isn't acting. So, it's problems with the society, with her family, and by far the most important, with herself.


What can Orgone Energy do for Carmen?

Carmen definitely experiences a lot of things throughout the movie. And despite the fact that they are unsavory, they're still real. She doesn't only face physical pain, she has a lot of experience managing the emotional aspect as well. And unlike what we implied, it's naturally possible she has other family members as well. Cousins, parents, brothers, sisters, besties, and possibly more. All of them, she can't necessarily meet them anytime she wants. She actually needs preparation to go outside, unlike people who are not hypersensitive to EMF.

So, what do we propose? We think Carmen can make use of all products we have at Orgone Energy to make things extremely easier and bearable for her. As a result of this, you might notice that even her husband, other family members, and friends will benefit from such an improvement in health. Her social skills will climb through the roof (or at least close to it) is what we mean. However, we are digressing. We're going to list different products and we'll recommend to you how we think Carmen can use almost all of them.


Orgone Energy Products

  1. Quantum Orgone Pendants

Naturally, we built the Quantum pendants to emit negative ions. We think that came out a bit wrong and a bit more explanation is needed. Positive ions are the ions that affect our health and in the long run, our lifestyles as well. So, the job of negative ions is to counteract the surplus and unneeded amount of positive ions around us. Some of the symptoms of positive ion should be recognized. They're like the same ones we listed above. Headaches, rashes, shivering, and the others are just some of them. Consequently, we can say the Quantum pendants are perfect for negating the effects of EMF—a type of radiation that everyone with EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity) will most likely feel.

It's like creating a barrier around your person which resists the constant onslaught of the devices that emit EMF. Now, we can relate this working principle to Carmen. She'll have some kind of reprieve from the constant pain, and if one pendant isn't enough, she can just wear two to compensate for the variety of devices around her. She won't even feel that irritated from the crew's bickering like she would without the pendant. And the best thing about this product is that it's portable. She can take it anywhere she wants and even make it a fashion statement.


  1. GeoClense: EMF and Earth Radiation Harmoniser

The EMF and earth radiation harmonizer is unlike the Quantum pendant in mobility, but it's exactly the same in terms of function. The harmonizer goes into any wall socket in your home and it does its job rather well. You know? It comes in a sleek shape that's discreet and chic. At the same time, it works by generating negative ions that counteract any effect of EMF that's emitted in their immediate surrounding. All Carmen has to do in this case especially is to install the harmonizer in all the rooms in her house. By doing this, even her husband will benefit from the release of good energy.

His skepticism will gradually reduce and in fact, he will be in better health than normal. And that's without including the health benefits that Carmen gets. Another great thing about this is that when Carmen moved, she could just take the harmonizers with her to her new place. A smooth transition and she doesn't even have to deal too much with the stress from EMF. Function-wise, the harmonizers will resist the effects of EMF from up to 200 meters away. This is sweet, isn't it?


  1. Aircraft Travel EMF Protector

It's simply not possible that Carmen would want to spend her whole life at a single spot. She might decide to move closer to nature, where EMF is severely limited. But that doesn't mean she is not going to be subjected to EMF from different devices at the airport or train station and even on the plane/train. So, we recommend the travel EMF protector for whenever she's traveling. It's portable, gorgeous and thus inconspicuous, and will negate all positive ions that want to disturb Carmen.

In other words, it will shield Carmen from EMF effects and even help her deal with the stress when traveling. This, of course, includes the jet lag, that's definitely an issue when you're on commercial flights. Our hope with this particular piece is that Carmen can combine this protector with the Quantum pendant that we mentioned above. The combination of both should give her the needed protection against all EMF in her immediate surrounding. We're talking at least 90 feet of protection.



  1. Orgone Sea Shell Necklace

It's either a replacement that Carmen can get or it's an addition to the Quantum pendant that we recommended before. The function is the same though, it's far more aesthetically pleasing and even more portable. It's what we would recommend if Carmen wants to blend in with the crowd since it doesn't stand out in any way. Albeit, the form, like we said, is appealing. The shell is handmade and it has the same design as a real shell (rough side). Likewise, it is handcrafted and really durable. Finally, when Carmen uses this necklace, she gets a barrier up to 32 feet that protects her from all effects of EMF in her area. Do note that she can't use two to boost the range.


  1. Water Ionization Orgone Generator

These come in the form of small or large plates (depends on your preference) that can be installed on hard surfaces. How they work is simple too. They just generate negative ions to combat all the positive ions that affect you. In this case, Carmen can install these Orgone generators around her home. One in every room in her house to create a protective bubble that completely envelopes her whole house.

Each small plate provides 10-50 cubic meter radius of Orgone energy, while the large plates provide up to 80 meters of protection against the effects of EMF. Each plate, regardless if it's large or small simply boost each other's capabilities. Now, think about what will happen when Carmen combines this generator with the harmonizer and either the pendant or necklace. It's like building a Faraday cage that's big enough to cover her entire house. Only that this generator releases negative ions to fight the effects of EMF.


  1. Buddha And Quan Yin Frequency Generators

It comes in the form of Buddha and it's painted golden for pure aesthetic appeal. Heck, most people that see it will only compliment its good looks. They probably won't know what its real function is, except if both of you are reading this right now.

That said, other than the fact that these generators look good anywhere you place them, they're perfect for generating negative ions as well. As you already know at this point, we're still relating it to Carmen from the Afflicted series. She can literally place this anywhere through episode 1 and 3. It can be a replacement for the travel EMF protector, though not as inconspicuous.


So, what does all of this fix?

If you've watched the series well, you'll notice that Carmen usually complained about pain. She mentioned one time that she had a wireless mouse and she used to have pain in her hand as a result of that. Also, fatigue and the lack of social skills are two other major issues. Especially the latter as it doesn't only affect Carmen's life. Everyone she knows is affected by this also, and it either makes them show concern or it pushes them away.

So, using the Orgone Energy devices above will negate all effects of EMF. Carmen will be from chronic pain. We didn't include a wristband, but it's perfect for use with a mouse since it'll help her a lot with the hand pain. Fatigue will be reduced and even more importantly, social skills will be gradually increased.


Our Final Say

This article is a combination of Carmen's daily experiences to increase awareness of her condition and the topic of Orgone Energy. It touches on we could personally help Carmen with her condition since our services are tailor-made for her.