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Protect Your Personal Space from iPhones, iPads, and Cell Phone Radiation

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As people become more aware of the negative impacts of EMF and the radiation it emits, they try to reduce the use of technology. Realizing how dependent they have become to cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices they tend to just give up and constantly expose themselves to radiation.

Many people don’t even believe that the radiation is not good for you. They say that if it was bad then something would have immediately after we are exposed to the radiation. That is true if we were exposed to ionizing radiation which is high frequency radiation which is harmful to us. However, the radiation emitted by electronic devices is lower in frequency and is non-ionizing radiation. But don’t be mistaken it is still harmful to our body. Since it is lower in frequency, the impact takes more time and depends on how much exposure you have to the radiation.

Unfortunately, we are constantly exposed to non-ionizing radiation today through electronic devices, cellular tower, power lines, and through numerous other sources. In order to protect yourself, you can use an Orgone Pendant. Since, it is almost virtually impossible to keep running away from the radiation.

If I purchase the Orgone Pendant, what benefits can I expect from it? Do I constantly have to wear the pendant or can I just carry it around with me in my purse or pocket?

The biggest benefit to the pendant is the fact that it protects you from the positive ions that are emitted with radiation through EMF. The pendant generates and releases negative ions in its surroundings to neutralize the impact of positive ions, cancelling all the negative impact. It is highly effective and ensures you stay protected. You will notice a change in your overall mood and feel more energized as you start to use the pendant. Most people like the simple yet elegant design of the pendant and prefer to wear it around the neck. However, if you decide not to then you can keep it in your purse or pocket. The pendant works well to cover up to 10 meters with its protective field so as long as you have it near you, you can rest assured that you will be protected.

If you feel that you may need something stronger than the pendant then you can opt for the Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator which gives protection up to 30 meters. This not only protects you but also the individuals around you so if you are with family then we highly recommend the Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator which can easily be kept in your pocket or bag.

I have the radiation shield sticker, but still from time to time feel a slight tension in my head after using my phone. And on my tablet I feel the heat coming off even though the sticker is in place. Does this mean that the sticker is not working? Should I take extra measures to protect myself?

When it comes to protecting from EMF radiation on phones and tablets, you do not have to worry as long as you have the Phone WiFi Computer Radiation Protector on the device. The sticker will ensure that the positive ions released are neutralized so they do not cause you any harm. As far as heat goes, that is something the device emits on its own due to excessive use. The sticker doesn’t act as a cooler to the device so as you use it, the device will heat up. If it heats up too much, then we recommend you stop using it, giving it some rest. If you still experience headaches after using your phone even with the Phone WiFi Computer Radiation Protector on it then we recommend you consult a doctor. The sticker is suppose to prevent headaches so therefore this could mean you have Systematic Health issues. Individuals with Systematic Health issues tend to be more sensitive to EMF and its radiation so even though you are protected with the help of the sticker, you still feel some of the impact.

We recommend you consult a Kinergetics Kinesiologist to help you with your Systematic Health issues, you can learn more about it by clicking here.

Is my body overall protected with the phone shield? No matter how close the device is to my body?

With the Phone WiFi Computer Radiation Protector, you will get complete body protection. Similar to the Orgone Pendant, the protector has a 10 meter protection field so as long as it is on your phone and you have the phone with you, you will be protected. To take extra precaution while using your phone, it is recommended that the phone be 5/8th of an inch away from your head. Direct contact with the body makes it easier for the positive ions to transfer through the skin and into our body. So you need to be cautious and try to avoid direct contact.

IF you have any further questions about the Phone WiFi Computer Radiation Protector, you can read the Frequently Asked Questions related to it.