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EMF Protection in Cars, Aeroplanes, and Water Fluoridation

Are you planning on traveling? Are you aware of how much electromagnetic radiation you are exposed to in an airplane? Forget an airplane, even while in your car you exposed to so much radiation due to EMF.

An airplane attracts a lot of positive ions whether it is from the sun, engine, and other electronic devices on board. You put yourself inside of it for hours exposing yourself to numerous different sources of radiation. Even though the radiation is non-ionizing, you get it from different sources which puts you at more risk. The same is the case in cars. It is a steel magnet for EMF radiation from cell tower, radio signals, bluetooth, and many other sources.

The radiation bombards your body with positive ions, disbalancing the biology and making you vulnerable to risks such as stress, lethargy, and in serious cases, cancer.

To protect yourself, you can get a Car EMF Harmonizer and an Aircraft Travel Organ Generator. You can pair these with other EMF harmonizers for even better protection.

I have an orgone pendant that protects me from EMF. While driving, do you think the pendant would be sufficient protection in a car from radiation?

When traveling in your car, you need to be extra vigilant about electromagnetic radiation. The metal exterior of the car basically turns your whole car into a magnet for microwave signals for outside. Throw in the use of your cell phone and you put yourself at high risk of exposure to radiation. An orgone pendant is great for you to attract positive energy to your body but unfortunately it isn’t a match for microwave radiation, even though it will provide some protection. To be perfectly safe and able to use your phone or other electronic devices with ease in your car you should have a Car EMF Harmonizer. Designed specifically for the use in cars, it harmonizes the car by releasing negative ions to combat the positive ions from radiation. This neutralizes the atmosphere of your car making it safe for you to travel in it without any risk.

The Car EMF Harmonizer will give you the following benefits:

  • Reduces road rage and fatigue while driving
  • Keeps you in a happy mood
  • Increases oxygen level for the occupants
  • Prevents car sickness
  • Improves the overall atmosphere of the car, making you more energetic

If you want another option, then you can carry an Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator. It provides you with the same protection and benefits that you would get with the harmonizer, making it safe for you to use your phone, laptop, or other electronic devices in your car.

How effective is the pendant in airplanes? Would it provide me with complete protection from radiation or should I look at an alternative?

Similar to traveling in the car, if you are traveling on an airplane you cannot really depend on the pendant to give you complete protection from radiation. If you thought the level of non-ionizing radiation was high in a car it almost doubles in an airplane due to the altitude you are closer to the sun and there are numerous different electronic devices on board that allow the plane to function. This doesn’t render the pendant completely useless but the impact of positive ions from radiation does make the pendant less ‘powerful’. To fully protect yourself and combat the radiation and the positive ions you need the Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator with you for safe travels. It will ensure you stay energised and avoid jet lag while protecting you from radiation. The best part is, the Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator can easily fit in your pocket or purse so it is also easy to carry no matter where you go.

How do I protect myself from water fluoridation?

When it comes to fluoridation of water, there are many studies that support it while many others that don’t. According to some studies, fluoride is linked to increasing the possibility of cancer. So to stay safe, it is better not to have excessive intake of it. Now, you may have a water purifier at home but don’t assume it completely filters your water from fluoride as not all filters are equipped to do that.

The Orgone Generator Plates will neutralize and harmonize fluoride and its effect on your body. This will assure that when you consume it, it will not have a negative impact on your body. So it will no longer be toxic for you and you can easily drink as much water as you want without a care.

As technology advanced, we put our own health at more and more risk on a daily basis exposing ourself to the different hazards that come along with technology. However, technology has also helped us in many different ways so we cannot completely disregard it. Instead of trying to rid ourself of technology we can use different products that help us stay safe from radiation and other harms of technology.