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Rune Stone Meanings

Rune Stone Meanings

Are you looking for a fun way to keep in touch with your intuition and spiritual side throughout the day? Using rune stones is one of the fastest ways to unlock your spiritual truth. Rune stones are small stones with ancient runes depicted on them that basically help in understanding the energy behind certain situations by speaking to the intuition or subconscious. Using rune stones does not require you to join any religious system. They are just divination tools that you can use your intuition with.

In its most practical sense, rune stones can help you decide whether you need a new job, a nap, a date with a new partner, or whether you should try something different. On a deeper level, using rune stones as a guide can be helpful when going through a spiritual transformation that involves unexpected changes. If you are trying to change a habit, feeling emotional, feeling stuck, or recovering from a loss, you can look to the rune stones to help make sense of your emotional life.

What do Rune Stones Mean?

Runes are an extremely ancient set of alphabetic symbols engraved onto crystals, stones, wood, or plastic. A set of rune stones typically has twenty-four stones even though they can range up to around 30 stones depending on their origin. Most runes have a symbol or a letter from the runic alphabet – Elder Futhark – with a different meaning and interpretation to each.

The runic alphabet is a mystical writing system with mysterious origins. This alphabet is believed to date to the third century, was used by people from Germanic regions such as Scandinavia, Europe, and Great Britain, and is one of the most recent linguistic inventions in the main linguistic scheme. The runic alphabet was discovered on rune stones with letters inscribed on them, which are often found near graves between 950 and 1100 AD, and around 50 rune stones have been discovered to date. Most of the rune stones have been found in Sweden, but they have also been found in Greenland, Denmark, and Norway.

Odin, the god of divination, wisdom, magic, death, and poetry stabbed himself in the heart with his weapon and clung to Yggdrasil, the tree of the world - for more than a week to understand the meaning of each rune according to Norse mythology. The Well of Urd – the Well of Destiny, provided the information used to create the runic alphabet, and this information was believed to be rich in meaning, insight, and spiritual wisdom. Thanks to the wisdom of the earth and the sacrifice of Odin, we can use the runic alphabet as a spiritual tool in our life.

Typically, this runic alphabet was carved into pieces of bone or wood which were subsequently used for divination purposes through a process known as "rune casting." Rune casting is designed to tap into the wisdom of the subconscious and allow us to see the hidden answers lying deep within our psyche.

Rune Casting Meanings

Rune casting is a great way to explore the subconscious and connect with the spirit realm, but the thought of memorizing or learning a completely new alphabetic system can be overwhelming. This is the ultimate guide to learning how to read runes and it covers the runic meanings of each symbol in the Elder Futharks.

Fehu - Lungs; Chest; Abundance; Fertility; Happiness; Success

Uruz - Strength; Muscles; Energy; Sudden Changes; Health; Sexual Desire

Thurisaz - Heart; Instincts; Cleansing; Reactivity; Destruction

Ansuz - Speech; Throat; Blessings; Gaining Insight Wisdom

Raido - Legs; Journey; Travel; Vacation; Moving; Change in Lifestyle

Kenaz - Ulcers; Cysts; Fever; Vision; Passion; Creativity; Inspiration

Gebo - Balance; Toxic Poisoning; Contracts; Exchanges

Wunjo - Breathing; Recognition; Rewards; Comfort

Hagalaz - Cuts; Wounds; Severe Weather; Destruction; Trials; Completion

Nauthiz - Arms; Determination; Endurance; Fate; Overcoming; Innovation; Delays

Isaz - Grieving; Numbness; Waiting; Challenges; Psychological Blocks;

Jera - Bowels; Peace; Harvest; Timing; Reaping Rewards

Eihwaz - Eyes; Sexual Organs; Childbirth; Protection; Reliability; Motivation

Perthro - Secrets; Future; Destiny; Feminine; Hidden; Uncertain 

Algiz - Brain; Head; Anxiety; Awakening; Guarding; Shield; Shelter; Defense

Sowilo - Burns; Skin; Victory; Honor; Achievement; Wholeness; Higher Self

Tiwaz - Arthritis; Hands; Positive Outcome; Leadership; Justice; Legal; Competition

Berkana - Fertility; Birth; Growth; Beginnings; Liberation; Regeneration

Ehwaz - Back; Progress; Transportation; Partnership; Marriage; Teamwork

Mannaz - Feet; Sprains; Intelligence; Awareness; Friends; Skills; The Self

Laguz - Kidneys; Water; Renewal; Healing; Mysteries; Dreams; Imagination

Inguz - Male Genitalia; Home; Family; Love; Rest; Common Bond; Relief

Othala - Inheritance; Genetics; Groups; Ancestors, Aid; Values

Dagaz - Breakthrough; Mental Illness; Planning; Security; Clarity; Hope; Release

What are Rune Stones Used for?

Rune stones can be used to guide you through troubles or problems and show what is likely to happen. They are not a form of future prediction and do not provide exact answers or advice, but rather offer various variables and suggest what you might do if the event occurs. Rune stones are known to allude to answers, but they allow you to work on the details, which is where intuition comes in handy. Runic readers realize that the future is not set in stone and that people have the power to go their own way and make their decisions. If you don't like the advice on reading runes, you can change your path or direction and take a different path.

Rune stones can be used in different situations. For instance, consulting runes can be useful when you find yourself in a situation where information is limited or can just see a blurry picture. The mystical symbols or letters on rune stones were used for shields, amulets, and for hiding secret messages in ancient times. The runic alphabet has been used for centuries to offer healing and protection, as have other popular symbols such as the tree of life, eye of Horus, ankh, or hamsa.

What does Othlala Rune Mean?

Othala is an intricate rune that was sadly abused by the Nazis in an attempt at promoting "racial purity" and expanding their country with authoritarian fury. The power of the rune will be clarified and a more detailed analysis of the rune will show how it can be used correctly without massive violence to have a potentially global impact.

Othala can be traced back to certain Anglo-Saxon and Norse words, the oldest meaning of which is "noble" or nobility, and which are associated with nation-building, home, dominion, and property. Othala's main strength is the wise management of physical and psychological resources. Not the cruel efficiency that leads to authoritarian monopolies or states, but a more harmonious exchange that leads to freedom and peace among people, a state of balance between chaos and order.

In all cultures, we have legends about this harmonious and perfect place or city – Atlantis, Asgard, Avalon, Eden, Shambala, and Shangri-la. We use the word Utopia, an imaginary place described in Thomas Moore's book of the same name. All of this represents the innate human understanding that we can create a peaceful and harmonious society.

Ancestral Heritage

Othala has been said to contain the potential power of all other rune stones. The main energy involved is the ancestral spiritual power that connects us with our genetic wisdom, the unconscious and often awakened entity that connects us with the first humans who began to seek and think, something "greater" than an "animal" existence. It is a way that Othala brings all of humanity together over time.

Sacred Homeland and Enclosure

Othala is the reason we honor the blood that has been shed to conquer and defend an area. This symbolic act of the warrior is representative of a deeper act that the Greeks set in motion in their philosophy, which is found in the Druids and in all mysticism throughout the world, namely: the expansion of the light of consciousness of collective human and individual against the forces of darkness and ignorance of the "chaotic" old world. This expansion s profoundly illustrated in the constant battle of consciousness (Asgard) against the unconsciousness (Giants). Othala is seen as a sacred enclosure that scales from just living conditions and personal space, to a community or a home such as a city or a town. It scales to the nation or state level, and indeed, it rises to an entire civilization height. 


Instead of representing blood and genetics, Othala is the society's movement to transcend these ideas and see all of humanity linked as a global nation. It is the rune of an enduring planetary civilization, a paradise, or utopia. The "noble" is anyone who takes on the role of a person who changes his part from the personal domestic/community sphere to heaven on earth.

Relationship with Time

As may be apparent now, Othala is a rune stone dealing with time and meaning based on the past and the future. Jera, as the twelfth rune, halfway to Othala's position, focuses on the cyclical nature of time, while Othala seems to point to the arrow of time as the human mind sees it. Therefore, it links the past with the future and our ancestors with our future descendants.

Rune casting is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in your psyche while also learning more about yourself. Also, it is a meditative process in which you are asked to focus and be present in your mind. It does not matter if you have never tried rune casting before, it's an exercise anyone can learn and enjoy.

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