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Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Necklace

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Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Necklace

Not everyone is sensitive enough to electromagnetic (EMF) radiation, at least not sensitive enough to feel its constant effects and the resulting symptoms. Some people have what is known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). These people have constant symptoms of electromagnetic radiation and can feel its effects. If you are very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, it has nothing to do with the long-term effect on your body. One of the best things people can do to protect against some of this radiation is to have a good quality electromagnetic radiation protection necklace.

We rarely think about the amount of EMF radiation we are exposed to each day. From your microwave oven to your cell phone to your router, even your Bluetooth devices emit a lot of EMF radiation. Our bodies are absorbing electromagnetic radiation constantly and science has shown this to have a cumulative effect. One of the best ways to protect the heart, brain, as well as other internal organs is to use an EMF protection necklace with properties that can block, protect, or absorb EMF radiation around us. We have put together a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the confusion and sea of ​​information that surrounds EMF protection necklaces.

Do EMF Pendants Really Work?

There are so many styles and types of necklaces, pendants, and bracelets on the market that use different materials and methods to combat electromagnetic fields that there is no complete answer to cover them all. The simplest answer to this question is: “Yes, EMF protection pendants can protect you from electromagnetic radiation.” But not all EMF protection necklaces and pendants are the same.

There are some very obvious fake EMF protection jewelry on the market, and then several protective technologies used by the rest. This means that a better question would be: “To what extent does a particular piece of jewelry protect against harmful electromagnetic radiation?” And this can be investigated by examining what types and amounts of materials are used in a particular necklace or pendant.

EMF Protection Jewelry by Material

While many types of EMF protection pendants and necklaces claim to block electromagnetic radiation and harmful energy, most use one of the few materials to keep you and your loved ones safe. Here are some key technologies and materials used to make electromagnetic protective jewelry:


Shungite is one of the main materials used to make EMF protective jewelry. Shungite is a unique mineral that originates from the Karelia region of Russia. What makes Shungite unique is that it is made of hollow carbon molecules called Fullerenes. These molecules are spherical and large, almost like the Faraday cages of nature. These cages are known to absorb EMF radiation.


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Tourmaline is a unique stone in the sense that it has been proven to produce positive and negative ions in a single crystal and produce a very little electrical charge. Rather than blocking electromagnetic radiation, advocates of black tourmaline claim that the crystal strengthens your body’s protective electrical field.


Orgonite is a material that is made by combining resin with various metals and quartz. Proponents of orgonite say that it emits weak energy (both negative and positive) and harmonizes and balances your body. They claim that the production of orgonite cleanses negative energy, thereby protecting your body from harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Biofield Tuning

Your biological field is a field of energy and information that surrounds and penetrates a person’s body, according to some scientists. It comprises a combination of measurable electromagnetic energy and subtle energies (often called Chi) that cannot be measured. Proponents of biofield tuning claim it is a vital energy that invigorates our bodies and fuels our daily lives. They claim that when our biological field becomes unbalanced due to the stress of daily life; it has a negative effect on your well-being. The jewelry that tunes your biofield must harmonize this energy, similar to a tuning fork, and restore it to optimal function.

Schumann Resonance Generation

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Schumann resonances are the name of the Earth’s atmosphere resonant frequency. Human beings are designed to live in this frequency range, but some believe that EMF radiation distorts this natural range and causes the symptoms that some are exposed to. Schumann generators try to remedy this by producing the same frequencies at a very low level and combating the negative effects of EMF radiation.

What is EMF Protection Jewelry?

An EMF protective jewelry is a device that is worn around the neck that protects against EMF radiation. Many of these jewelry comprises a chain and a pendant, with the pendant offering the most protective properties. Some of this jewelry provides extra benefits such as mental clarity, better sleep, and increased energy. EMF protection pendant or necklace can complement your outfit and at the same time provide benefits to block EMF radiation. And since we are often exposed to EMF radiation from wireless technology, wearing an EMF protection necklace or pendant makes perfect sense.

Do EMF Protection Devices Work 2018?

This is a hard answer as there are different EMF protection devices on the market that use completely different concepts and technologies to protect against EMF radiation. So the simple answer would be yes. They can absolutely work, but there are a lot of counterfeit products out there. It is known that cell phones emit harmful EMF radiation. One way to protect yourself from EMF radiation is to use EMF protection devices. EMF shields come in many forms, but their main purpose is always the same: to limit the amount of EMF radiation passing through them.

The basic idea is that they absorb and attract the EMF radiation emitted by your phone. This is usually done using certain materials that are known to reduce EMF radiation. These materials include aluminum, steel, and other metals designed to absorb and /or deflect radio waves. There are various indications of the effects EMF radiation has on our health, but EMF protection devices can help reduce the amount we come into contact with.

What is the Best EMF Protection Pendant?

How can we combat the effects of radiation on our bodies when the technologies we use are disrupting our DNA to cause disease? The answer lies in EMF protection devices which are offered in the form of portable EMF protectors, neutralization devices, and cell phone protectors. Personal protection from EMF in the form of EMF protective necklaces or pendants is probably the best and most popular protection against wireless and wired ionizing radiation sources. Wearable protection is increasing as people can discreetly stay safe while wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry or clothing. Here are some of the best EMF protection pendants on the market.

Quantum Orgone Energy Pendant

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The Quantum Orgone Energy Pendant generates healthy, life-giving negative ions and constantly works to cancel or eliminate dangerous positive ions, making these radiation protection pendants very effective and absolutely unique. The incredible EMF protection of these Orgone pendant necklaces is very pronounced. Orgonium Orgone technology creates two positive-sided pendants that eliminate the dangerous effects of negative polarity on your body, which turn off glands, organs, and muscles. These amazing Quantum Orgone Energy Pendants provide you with strong protection against dangerous positive ions created by electromagnetic fields (EMF), microwave frequencies, radiation, and radio waves generated by our environment through electronic and wireless technology.

Orgone Shell Necklace

The Orgone Shell Necklace offers you with complete protection against electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic pollution, and all kinds of destructive and dangerous energy. Made from a natural Kabibe shell, this amazing Orgone Seashell Necklace gives you ten meters of personal space and protection against EMF, radiation, and all forms of harmful positive ions. The Orgone Seashell Necklace creates negative ions that cancel out detrimental positive ions.

Orgone Harmony Wear Glass Pendant/Pendulum

The Harmony Wear Pendant/Pendulum can be used for dividing or dowsing so that you can locate harmful energy in your home or office that may affect you, your family, and your coworkers. Experienced pendulum dowsing rods are capable of accurate measurements of the depth of water streaks, electrical currents, electromagnetic radiation, and all kinds of other phenomena like finding groundwater, Benker grids, geopathic stress, Hartmann and Curry lines, fault lines or water streaks that can affect your sleep or your health and well-being.

Final Thoughts

If you are concerned about EMF radiation, an EMF protection necklace is one way to protect yourself. By no means should this be the only way - there is a host of other things you can do, including installing a smart meter cover, going wired, and replacing your CFL and LED bulbs, as well as the installation of a protective bed canopy in your bedroom. However, an EMF protection necklace or pendant can be an important piece of the overall puzzle, especially for those with EHS.