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Safe EMF Level

Depending on who you ask, whether officials or government sources, the threshold for EMF levels can be high. However, in the realm of building biologists and ecologists, the thresholds for electromagnetic fields may not be so high. So what is considered a safe EMF level? In this article, we’ll discuss what’s considered a safe EMF level.

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What Levels of EMF Radiation is Safe?


If you ask us what levels of EMF radiation are safe, we will say the only safe EMF level is none.

Well, that alone may be an unsatisfactory answer. And you might even think it is a little dismissive and simplistic. But please keep reading. Because we believe the full answer is very insightful and may help clarify the issue of EMFs for those of you who are concerned about their exposure.

So if you really want to know the answer, it helps to understand some things. For example, why can’t we give a simple numerical value for what is “safe” regarding electromagnetic radiation? And why safety standards based on such values ​​do not really guarantee your safety. Let’s take a closer look and hopefully help you learn what you need to know about safe EMF levels.

Origin of Natural EMF Radiation

First, it is important to understand that ALL life on Earth has evolved over millions of years with some degree of natural EMF radiation. In fact, an incredibly low level. The electromagnetic fields that existed on Earth before the nineteenth century came from the Earth’s magnetic field, cosmic sources (distant stars and the sun), and occasional lightning strikes. That was it. And those were safe EMF radiation levels.

(Although, as we all know, they are not completely safe. For example, too much sun exposure can cause you to get sunburned. And too much sun damage, such as sunburn, can lead to melanoma.)

Origin of Man-Made Radiation

But then came the light bulb. And then the electrical grid came to power it. They are both sources of artificial EMF radiation. Suddenly, people were generating massive amounts of EMF and sending it across the country (eventually around the world) and straight into people’s homes.

It was the first time in human history, in fact in the history of the planet, that man-made electromagnetic fields became something that we were exposed to on a daily or regular basis. And of course, the electrical grid and the light bulb were just the beginning. Once the electrical grid was in place, entrepreneurs and inventors continued to find innovative ways to use it. Like coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, and refrigerators.

Each new device has become another source of EMF exposure in our daily lives. Eventually, people learned that the same force – electromagnetism – could be used for wireless communications such as cell phones, radio, television, RADAR, and eventually Wi-Fi.

Within a brief time, just over 150 years, humans began to be exposed to unparalleled levels of EMF radiation on a daily and now constant basis. By some estimates, the background radiation from EMFs in cities today is more than one trillion times greater (i.e. 1,000,000,000,000) than those EMFs found in nature.

Man-Made EMF Radiation Levels are Not Safe

The important thing is that these new levels of EMF radiation to which we are exposed are not natural. For most of human history, we have evolved not to be exposed to man-made electromagnetic fields. And suddenly - bam.

Today we are engulfing the planet in a sea of ​​EMF radiation unprecedented in the entire history of the Earth until relatively recently. So the reality is that our bodies are not equipped to deal with this level of radiation exposure. We cannot simply evolve new reparative or protective mechanisms in the short time that these EMF sources have emerged.

Utility companies, regulators, and cell phone carriers tell us these values ​​are “safe.” But that is not true. In fact, our bodies are considerably sensitive to the ill effects of man-made electromagnetic fields. As the BioInitiative report explains:

“Biological effects have been clearly established and occur at extremely low levels of exposure to EMFs and radiofrequency (RF) radiation. Biological effects can occur within the first few minutes at levels linked to cordless and cell phone use... Up to 5 recent studies of cell towers report biological effects between 0.003-0.05 μW/cm².

It’s the REALLY low levels of EMF exposure that can cause adverse health effects. It turns out that the human body is very sensitive to these forces, responding to incredibly low levels of electromagnetic radiation, much lower than any safety standards allow. (And infants are even more susceptible to the health risks of electromagnetic radiation.)

This does not mean that low exposure causes cancer or any other terrible disease. But just because the exposure doesn’t show up as cancer or another major disease doesn’t mean nothing happened or there was no harm. The reality is that the human body responds to even minimal amounts of EMF exposure. And our body is constantly exposed to electromagnetic radiation, so these reactions are triggered all the time.

The Body’s Coping Mechanism to Electromagnetic Radiation

Luckily, the human body is an incredibly resilient machine. And the human body is designed to cope with quite a bit of damage. Often, when a part of the body is slightly damaged, the body knows how to fix it, and it does so.

Think of it like cutting your skin. When we cut ourselves, our body knows how to clot blood, form a scab over the wound, and then grow new skin. (It’s actually quite an amazing thing!). Similarly, with some types of damage to your DNA, for instance, the body sees that the DNA has been damaged and fixes it!

Even if exposure to a certain amount of EMF caused damage, your body recognized it and worked to heal it.

But there are limits to the amount of damage the body can repair. Often, the wounds are bigger than they can handle. Think of a cut again. Often, the cut is too big and our bodies can’t fix it perfectly; that is when we scar. Or sometimes our bodies are not strong enough to repair the injury on their own and we have to be taken to the hospital for help.

And as we age and accumulate more damage to our cells and systems, the body becomes a bit weaker, less resilient, and unable to fix the damage.

So over time, even minor damage can turn into major damage. And that’s why we earlier stated that “the only safe EMF level is none.” Because that is the level at which our body has managed to exist. Any additional dose, even minute ones, can cause harm, and that damage accumulates with time.

Safe EMF Levels and Safety Standards

Emf safety level and standards

How does all of this relate to legal limits on radiated EMF emissions?

Each country sets its limits for electromagnetic radiation emissions. However, most countries rely on the standards of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), which is part of the WHO (World Health Organization).

Well, there are a few issues with these limits. And even if the EMF levels in your area are below these levels, that does not mean they aren’t dangerous.

Safe EMF Exposure Levels by Institute for Building Biology

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It’s precisely because international safety standards are so inadequate that the Institute for Building Biology has published recommendations to help people understand what the “safest” levels of exposure are. And we include them here for your reference.

As you will see, the recommendations of building biology differ significantly from those of international safety standards. Why is that? Because the Institute for Building Biology recognizes several health factors related to EMF exposure that regulations ignore. Let’s go into this in a bit more detail.

The Thermal Effect

First, all these standards are based on the supposed “thermal effect”. Regulators assume if the EMF levels do not burn you, they are safe. But that is not what the growing body of EMF science tells us, as we see in the recommendations of the BioInitiative report (cited above).

Simply put, EMF safety limits aren’t designed to protect you from the adverse health effects of EMF exposure, which have been documented in hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific studies covering over a half-century. But wait, there is more.

Concurrent Exposures

All of these limits are based on a single EMF source. These limits regulate, for example, the amount of electromagnetic fields you can be exposed to from your microwave and limit the amount of electromagnetic fields you can be exposed to from your mobile phone. But they do not limit the amount of EMF radiation you can be exposed to simultaneously from a cell phone and a microwave oven!

This is what we call the basic flaw in EMF safety standards. They don’t take into account exposure to multiple devices when in reality we are all exposed to electromagnetic radiation from multiple, sometimes tens or hundreds, of sources at once. But wait, there is even more.

Cumulative Exposures

EMF exposure regulations also do not consider cumulative exposures or lifetime exposure. Someone who talks on the phone twelve hours a day will be exposed to much more electromagnetic radiation than someone who spends fifteen minutes a day on their phone, even if they are using the same model of the phone.

And this effect increases throughout life. But the regulations ignore this fact completely. The same regulations that apply to cell phones that are used for just a few minutes per day apply to cell phones that are used ten or twelve hours per day. But wait, there is still more!

Outdated Technology + Outdated Science = Outdated Security Standards

A pathologist tasting something to make difference from outdated technology


Current standards are vastly out of date. For example, in the United States, emission standards for cell phones were introduced in the 1990s based on research from the 1980s and have not changed since then. And it goes without saying how much technology has advanced in the last thirty years!

Simply put, these safety standards aren’t based on modern technology and are not based on how we use modern EMF-emitting devices in the real world. As such, safety standards created by governments and international organizations like ICNIRP are gravely flawed and largely inadequate to protect your health. Therefore, they are several orders of magnitude higher than the recommendations in the BioInitiative report.

So if we ask the question, “what EMF levels are safe?”, finding answers from industry safety standards isn’t helpful.

The Only Safe EMF Levels Are…

So the bottom line is that the only genuinely safe EMF level is none. The only way to avoid any risk is zero exposure. Do not get confused. We are not saying that we should all remove technology from our lives and settle deeper into nature. And this isn’t meant to be scary.

Think of it like driving a car. In truth, the only amount of “safe” driving is none. Driving a car involves risks. Every time we drive our vehicles, we increase our risk a bit. During our life, we ​​will probably have some accidents. Sometimes, they will be bad. Other times, sadly, they will be deadly.

However, most of us continue to drive because we can weigh the risk and weigh the benefits we get from driving against those risks. And we take some precautions, like wearing a seat belt, obeying the speed limit, and avoiding drunk driving, to reduce that risk. That is also the best way to think about exposure to EMF radiation.

The fact that we accept the risk does not mean that it is safe. We know there is a risk. And if we desire the reward, we have to accept that risk. However, at the same time, there are certain things we can do to mitigate it. We can take these precautions to reduce our exposure to EMFs and therefore our health risk.

Minimizing your use of EMF-emitting devices, and maximizing your distance from them when using them, are two of the best ways to lessen your exposure to electromagnetic radiation and lead a healthier life.

But there are also more options. For example, at Orgone Energy, we manufacture some of the best EMF protection products in the world. For instance, we have products that make carrying your phone and using your laptop safer. We also manufacture products to protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

We may not be able to reduce our exposure to electromagnetic fields to a completely safe level. But there is a lot we can do to make the technology safer to use. So if you are concerned about your EMF exposure, start now!

How Do You Reduce The Levels Of EMFs You Are Exposed To?

Start changing the way you use your smartphone or cell phone. Generally, cordless phones, tablets, and laptops are considered personal radiation devices. Honestly, most of the daily EMF exposure in our lives emanates from there.

You Can Make Your Radiation Devices Safer:

Eliminate Radiation: The Absolute Best Way to Mitigate Exposure! You can do this by using airplane mode and switching off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The phone can also act as an alarm clock and a camera in airplane mode. Also, you can purchase the Phone Computer Bluetooth Wi-Fi Radiation Protection can be attached to the back of cell phones (or cases), Bluetooth, computers, iPads, baby monitors, and other wireless devices. 

This product is more effective than any other product which acts as a “shield” as they harmonize and neutralize the harmful effect, rather than attempting to block it - which only leads to generating more radiation.

Distance: You’ll be most comfortable when you are at least 8-10 inches away from phones and laptops. 2 to 5 feet is optimal. You can carry the phone in your bag or case with a strap. We recommend typing and texting with a non-cordless pen that gives you 3 inches of EMF dissipation. When using the phone, use an air tube headset or hands-free mode and place the phone as far away from your body as possible.

Be Mindful. Do not leave cell phones, tablets, or laptops turned on when not in use. Off means no radiation.

Reduce EMF Exposure in Your Home Environment


Crush the IoT. Go around your house and remove as many gadgets and wireless devices as possible. Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use. Note that Bluetooth printers, Bluetooth speakers, security systems, doorbells, televisions, and their remote controls — anything wireless — can and do emit EMFs.

Switch to analog. Opt out of a smart meter and pay the monthly surcharge for a non-digital meter for electricity, water, and gas. Retro light switches, analog alarm clocks, non-wireless doorbells, and wired security cameras mean less EMF.

Consider investing in wearable protection. Those who want round-the-clock protection should opt for orgone jewelry. Wearing an orgone pendant or necklace means they are close to your skin, which is even more beneficial. As you already know, you can have deadly orgone energy in your body, so this jewelry can cleanse your body of this negative energy and replace it with positive energy. Orgone home devices and jewelry can protect your mental and physical health.

Wire up. Get robust connectivity and faster speeds by hard-wiring your connection to the internet. Use a shielded cable and adapter as well as a grounding wire to eliminate electromagnetic fields from home computers.

Orgone energy is all around us and must be harnessed in a way that allows it to move freely and not become stagnant. Just as orgone energy surrounds us, negative energy emitted by all the devices we have in our homes also surrounds us. Televisions, laptops, refrigerators, cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, and washing machines can cause symptoms such as anxiety, depression, headaches, and lower energy levels.

Having a GeoClense EMF and Earth Radiation Harmonizer in your home allows you to shield yourself from the negative energy emitted by these devices and turn it into something positive. In addition, they also clean the electromagnetic fields that are causing these symptoms.

If a family member suffers from night terrors, they can wrap themselves in protection with our Bamboo Orgone Blankets. These environmentally friendly Bamboo Orgone Blankets are infused with octaves of frequencies that create and bring into being a powerful Negative Ion resonance used for energy healing or EMF protection, making them the best in natural sleep aids.