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Do you Know your SAR Value? Cell Phone Radiation Level Chart

Do you know your phone's SAR value? The cell phone radiation level chart you need to see! 
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Do you know your phone's SAR value? The cell phone radiation level chart you need to see! 

Technology has now become a vital part of our everyday life. Wherever you go, whether at home or work, a variety of devices designed to perform a task surrounds you. 

The number of devices that the average person uses each day is very high, and that number has just increased over time. These devices operate electronically and also emit electromagnetic radiation. If people are exposed to these rays for a long time, they can get sick. 


People should monitor the amount of radiation emitted by their devices. This can be done by checking the SAR level of the device.



What is SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) Value?


radio frequency


Many people have found it difficult to understand the maximum SAR values ​​reported for wireless devices. According to the FCC, SAR is a measure of the rate at which radio frequency (RF) energy is absorbed by our body from the measured source. 

The SAR value provides a simple way to measure the RF exposure characteristics of wireless devices to ensure that they comply with the safety guidelines set by the FCC.


What Level of SAR is Safe?


which level of SAR is safe?


Each GSM phone has a radio transmitter and receiver to operate in the wireless GSM network. This transceiver is manufactured in such a way that when worn close to the ear and on the belt, it does not exceed exposure limits set by authorities for exposure to radiofrequency energy. These authorities are the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States government, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, and the European Union Council.

These limits are part of holistic guidelines that determine acceptable RF energy levels for the general populace. 


The guidelines are based on standards developed by independent scientific organizations through regular and comprehensive reviews of scientific studies. 


The exposure standard for wireless devices uses a unit of measurement called the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). Unfortunately, the limit ​​set by the FCC/IC as well as the European Union Council are measured on different amounts of tissue, so they cannot be directly compared.

What is the Recommended SAR Value Limit? 


SAR value limit

The SAR value limit recommended by the IC/FCC is 1.6 Watts per kilogram averaged over 1g of actual tissue. The SAR value limit set by the European Union Council is 2.0 Watts per kilogram, averaged over 10 grams of actual tissue. Although the SAR value is determined at the highest certified performance level, the actual SAR value of the device in operation may be well below the maximum value. 

Indeed, GSM phones are designed to operate at several power levels in order to use just the power necessary to reach the network.


Generally, the closer you are to an antenna of a wireless base station, the lower the output power of the device and vice versa. Below is the SAR value of some popular phones.

How Can I Check the Radiation on my Phone?


How to check SAR limit on phone


There is a very simple process to check the SAR level on a cell phone. All the user has to do is dial the USSD code *#07# on their cell phone and they will be redirected to the page where they can check the SAR level and other required information. 


If the value of your cellphone is lower than the set limit in your region, there is no problem to use the cellphone. If it is higher, it may present a risk to the health of the user. 


For other devices where the luxury of entering the number is not available, users can simply visit that device’s brand website to find out its SAR value. You can also go to the settings option and from there find out the SAR of that particular device. This information is often included in the user guides for many of these devices.

What Happens When SAR Value is High?


cell phone radiation


While much has been said about phones with a high SAR value that might harm the body at the cellular level, especially when holding phones to your ears and talking on them, insufficient attention has been paid by cell phone users to the damage these devices can cause to sperm.


While there’s no consensus on if cell phones cause cancer – the World Health Organization does not provide conclusive evidence and the same is the opinion from the EU and US regulators – researchers are increasingly convinced that radiation from cell phones can damage sperm, leading to infertility.


Many studies have been carried out to determine cell phone radiation effects on sperm count.


 A 2014 study found that men who kept their phones in their front pockets for long hours had lower sperm counts and higher sperm counts with DNA fragmentation.


One result of the study was: “For men preparing for fatherhood, particularly if they are diagnosed with fertility problems, it is better not to have a cell phone in your pocket for long periods.



Orgone energy cell phone radiation protection


Another study by the International Journal of Fertility and Sterility in 2015 found similar results for sperm that were exposed to radiation for an hour. A report from suggests men may be more sensitive to phone radiation than women in terms of fertility. 

This is due to the location of the sperm and ovaries. The ovaries are inside and adequately shielded to protect them from radiation, while sperm are stored in the testes outside the abdomen. The level of radiation protection, in this case, is relatively low, making male fertility an easy target for radiation. 

While the harmful effects of smartphones on male fertility have yet to be officially proven, the key word here is that phones emit radiation that is not good for sperm.


Each electronic device emits a certain amount of non-ionizing radiation, and the amount of that radiation that is absorbed by the tissues of our body is known as the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate).

Which Cell Phone Has Highest Radiation?


Cell phone SAR value


According to a study by the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection, the Xiaomi Mi A1 gives off the highest radiation level in a list of current smartphone models, followed closely by the OnePlus 5T. 

The list of the 16 best radiation-emitting smartphones compiled by Statista, based on data from the German authority, is largely dominated by the OnePlus and Xiaomi models.


The list shows that the Xiaomi Mi A1 gives off the most radiation with a SAR value of 1.74W/Kg, while the OnePlus 5T, which is in second place, has a SAR value of 1.68W/Kg.

The Mi Max 3 is in third place with a SAR value of 1.58W/Kg. The OnePlus 6T, the latest OnePlus flagship, is also one of the five phones that emit the most radiation with a SAR value of 1.55W/Kg. 


Xiaomi and OnePlus topped the list of phones with the highest radiation emission – with 8 of the top 16 cell phones sporting one of their brands. However, the list also includes the iPhone 7 with a SAR value of 1.38W/Kg, right next to the OnePlus 5 with a SAR value of 1.39W/Kg.


Cell Phone Types

SAR Value (W/Kg)

Xiaomi Mi A1


OnePlus 5T


Xiaomi Mi Max 3


OnePlus 6T


HTC U12 Life


Xiaomi Mi Mix 3


Google Pixel 3 XL


OnePlus 5


iPhone 7


Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact


HTC Desire 12/12+


Google Pixel 3


OnePlus 6


iPhone 8


Xiaomi Redmi Note 5


iPhone SE


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra


Apple iPhone X


Apple iPhone 11


Which Phone Has Least Radiation?


cell phone radiation


With a SAR value of 0.17W/Kg, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with dualism is probably the smartphone with the lowest radiation currently available in the United States. 

The list of least radiation-emitting phones compiled by Statista includes a list of models from Samsung, including the Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy A8 (2018), Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 +, and Galaxy S9 +. There are also models like the Moto G5 Plus, HTC U11 Life, LG G7 ThinQ, and ZTE Axon Elite that emit much less radiation.

Cell Phone Types

SAR Value (W/Kg)

Samsung Galaxy Note 8


ZTE Axon Elite




Samsung Galaxy A8


Samsung Galaxy S8+


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


HTC U11 life


LG Q6/Q6+


Samsung Galaxy S9+


Motorola Moto G5 plus


Motorola Moto Z


Samsung Galaxy J6+


ZTE Blade A610


Samsung Galaxy J4+


Samsung Galaxy S8


ZTE Blade V9


Samsung Galaxy A70


Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max


Apple iPhone 12


How to Protect Yourself 



Mobile Phones and cell phones are the most exposed to electromagnetic radiation fields (EMF). The reasons are:

  • They are used near critical parts of the body (head, wallets, pockets).
  • They are on or near our body most of the day, if not 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • They are often connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • They give off a lot of radiation (have you ever felt a phone heat up near your head?)

However, there are certain things you can do to protect yourself and your family. Realize that most of us cannot live without technology and smartphones. In young children, in particular, restricting its use and applying certain basic safety measures can minimize exposure and protect health. 



Also, you can purchase the Phone Computer Bluetooth Wi-Fi Radiation Protection to eliminate radiation emissions as it harmonizes and neutralizes the effects of this harmful energy, rather than shielding or blocking them.



EMF protection cell phone radiation


This highly effective Phone Radiation EMF Protection provides you and your loved ones with maximum radiation protection, while at the same time preventing the ill effects of DNA damage and the formulation of brain tumors, and works in a far superior way to any shield can.