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Shungite Pyramid Benefits

Using shungite pyramids has many unique benefits due to both its shape and its unique composition. Learn how a shungite pyramid can benefit you! 
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Using shungite pyramids has many unique benefits due to both its shape and its unique composition. Learn how a shungite pyramid can benefit you! 

Shungite is a powerful mineral in its own right due to its unique properties, but its form can change the way you experience its effects. 

Different shapes of shungite can be used for different intentions and purposes. 

Shungite pyramids are an inexhaustible source of energy and, thanks to their shape, they can share their protective properties with a large surface. 

Using shungite pyramids in the home protects not only you from electromagnetic fields but also those around you.

The Importance of the Pyramid




The pyramid shape is commonly used in crystal and mineral products, not only because pyramids are pretty, but there is also symbolism that dates back centuries. 

In ancient Egypt, pyramids served not only as tombs but also as powerful healing chambers


The Egyptians believed the pyramids symbolized the sun’s rays because they capture the healing energy of the sun, helping the body ward off negative energies and disease.


It’s not widely known, but the pyramids were built long before ancient Egypt. In Russia, near the Republic of Karelia, on the Kola Peninsula, pyramids twice as old as the Egyptian pyramids have been found. 

Scientists say shamans used the pyramids to connect with the earth and its healing energies

The Shungite Pyramid is an effective EMF shielding tool and can be placed next to a variety of appliances, such as TV, laptop, microwave, etc. 

The pyramids are also ideal for protecting larger areas: bedrooms and apartments. Here are some shungite pyramid benefits.

Shungite Pyramid Benefits



Enhance Positive Energy


Shungite is a natural pain reliever and powerful healing stone known for its ability to disperse negative energies. 

When you feel called to a Shungite Pyramid, you probably want to infuse your space with cleansed, focused, balanced, and positive energy that will help increase your sense of security and focus by neutralizing chaotic or negative vibrations.

Perhaps you need the Shungite Pyramid at the office to remain emotionally balanced, even when your deadlines are tight.

Or maybe you are drawn to a shungite pyramid because of the need for grounding and stability at home.


Wherever you want to feel a surge of soothing balance, bring a pyramid into that space and allow its protective and grounding properties to harmonize your energy field and bring harmony into your life. 


Carry it in your bag or place it on your altar to bring positivity, happiness, and joy into your life.

Spatial Harmonization



Shungite has the ability to remove bad energies from your personal space, home, or office. 

Our Shungite Pyramid’s radius of action is 1.5 times that of quartz, jade, and lapis lazuli. Placing it at the highest point in your room can transform the environment in your home or workspace from a negative or stressful environment to a more peaceful one. 

It’s considered more powerful than an onyx crystal or an orgone pyramid.

Feel One with the Earth



Meditation can help you control your emotions, improve your concentration and support your mental well-being. But are you getting the most out of each session? 


“Grounding” your root chakra allows you to create a harmonious connection with the world, experience minimal distractions, and be fully focused on the present moment. 


Since the dawn of man, the pyramid was considered a very sacred and powerful geometric shape. Appreciated for its beautiful structure, it also represents stability at its base and concentration at its apex.

The shungite pyramid shape allows you to tap into a higher energy vibration as it absorbs energy from the earth and sends it up. 


Because of its shape, the pyramid is extremely beneficial for focusing and releasing the properties of shungite into your space. 


Having our Shungite Pyramid on hand while you meditate (or practice Ayurveda or yoga) will help you achieve this state of mind more easily.

Gorgeous Accent Piece



Not only known as a grounding and protective crystal, but our Shungite Pyramid also adds a beautiful and harmonious touch to any interior space. It is a great decoration choice for home and office.

EMF and 5G Protection




Physiologists are horrified: on average, many people spend a third of their life in front of the computer! 

According to recent studies, adults exceed 4 hours, young people - 2.5 hours. Why do we get tired so easily? 

Each computer (laptop, desktop, tablet, or notebook) generates EMFs in the environment. Regardless of where you are – at home, in the office, or on the street, the pathogenic background is amplified by household appliances, office equipment, satellite transponders, power transmission lines, and many more.

If you have been looking for a harmonizer or blocker to reduce the EMFs in your space, you may have discovered authentic shungite nuggets. 


The Shungite Pyramid is a unique product that protects you from radiation from any device, including your mobile phone, Wi-Fi router, laptop, or computer. 


In our technologically advanced but energetically noisy age, shungite pyramids are among the most powerful tools in our crystal arsenal to help counteract the tons of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) relentlessly emitted by all the technology that permeates our daily lives.

Due to relentless exposure to electromagnetic fields from smartphones, laptops, smart wearable devices, TVs, modems, etc., our bodies begin to absorb this frenzied and unstable energy and clog our body systems with a rush of energy. 

Place your Shungite Pyramid by your devices, the power of which is amplified by the crystal’s shape. 


The pyramid’s solid base serves as an earthly foundation, while its pointed, concentrated apex represents an energetic leveling of your space, you, your consciousness, and you.


Regular use of a shungite pyramid balances and regulates your energy field, completely neutralizing it to correct imbalances while protecting and revitalizing it at the same time. 

Also known as the EMF Pyramid, this powerful energy cleansing tool offers electromagnetic shielding while assisting in the healing process of electro-sensitivity. It acts as a protector and transformer of any harmful, negative, or electromagnetic energy. 



Our Shungite Pyramid also doesn’t charge when exposed to electromagnetic fields, which allows it to block the detrimental effects of EMF radiation from everyday electronic devices.

Geopathic Stress and Shungite Pyramid



The Shungite Pyramid and other elements seem to be a perfect solution when it comes to dealing with geopathic stress. Geopathic stress is a disrupted or distorted electromagnetic field of the earth (resonance/Schumann waves - 7.83 Hz).

Many things, such as underground rivers, water pipes, sewers, power grids, underground tunnels and railroads, mineral formations, and geological faults, distort the earth’s natural resonance and lead to the creation of Geopathic Stress (GS). 


People who sleep or spend much of their day in geopathic stress zones are extremely susceptible and their well-being, performance, and health are affected by the negative influence of these zones.


The Shungite Pyramid is among the most effective tools that protect against geo-pathogenic radiation. 

Not only do shungite pyramids reduce the negative effects on the environment but also counteract geopathic rays and help you protect your home from electromagnetic radiation from computers, refrigerators, TVs, and phones.

How to Use Shungite Pyramids

The fact that the pyramid has quickly become the most popular product made of shungite is no coincidence. 


Pyramid-shaped shungite items are believed to have a positive effect on the body and internal health of man. 


They can be a perfect tool for protecting the house against electromagnetic fields. They can create a protective and positive biofield around themselves in a radius of about five meters and more.

A common question people often ask is “where should the shungite pyramid be placed in the house? Read on to find out.

Where to Place your Shungite Pyramid in Your Home



Place a shungite pyramid in places where you spend most of your time during the day (beside your bed, in your sacred space, on your desk in your workspace, etc.). Placing the shungite pyramids in your workplace or bedroom contributes to better health and well-being.


Placing a shungite pyramid in your workspace is believed to enhance work efficiency and the productivity of those around you.

It creates a field around you that enhances favorable emotional and nervous conditions to affect emotions and moods in the office positively.


Place a pyramid close to all devices that are sources of different types of radiation, such as televisions, computers, microwave ovens, radio receivers, Wi-Fi access points, etc. to neutralize electromagnetic fields.

To strengthen your energy field and bring inner harmony and calm into your daily life, use shungite pyramids as an interior decoration item. Besides improving your physical well-being, the pyramid will stabilize your relationships with loved ones and colleagues.

How to Choose a Shungite Pyramid for Yourself



There are unpolished and polished shungite pyramids and both are commonly used for healing and protection


Polished and unpolished shungite pyramids offer the same effects in terms of crystal vibrations and EMF protection and differ only in appearance.


Also, unpolished pyramids can get dirty while polished ones can’t. Aesthetically, polished pyramids look quite better in any room – the noble black color absolutely fits into any interior.

What really matters is the size of the Shungite pyramid, which determines its radius of action. The larger the pyramid, the greater the radius of action and the greater the protection it offers. Pyramids with a base of about 10 centimeters are used to shield small spaces and reflect radiation from desktops and laptops.

The period of validity is unlimited. The shungite pyramid is charged by the sun - its vital force is fully restored within a few hours.


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