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EMF Car Harmonizer

EMF Car Harmonizer: is this handy device the cure for your road rage?

EMF Car Harmonizer: is this handy device the cure for your road rage?

Most of us spend a lot of time in our vehicles; some spend hours commuting to work every day. Besides the usual stress in traffic and on the road, our car’s electromagnetic field contributes to stress that leads to irritability, brain fog, fatigue, and other symptoms.

Sources of Car Radiation



There are many sources where car radiation emanates from: GPS tracking tools, GPS guidance, remote controls, powered accessories, music and radio systems, Bluetooth, and your alternator.

Microwaves and electromagnetic fields from power lines and cell towers also bombard you as you pass by. 


If that is not enough, all this exposure is amplified by your car’s metal frame, which creates a “Faraday cage effect” and traps radiation inside. And if your car is an electric or hybrid, your exposure to EMFs is even higher.




The Orgone EMF Car Harmonizer is a powerful EMF protection technology that effectively neutralizes the harmful effects of all this radiation in your car. 


Powered by patented ERT (Energy Resonance Technology) and MRET (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology), the Car Harmonizer enhances your body’s natural resistance to the effects of electro-pollution. 


The result is a more comfortable environment in your car that significantly reduces the stress and fatigue associated with driving, so you arrive at your destination (whether at home or work) less tense and less tired.

What is an EMF Car Harmonizer?



An EMF Car Harmonizer helps reduce the risk of radiation exposure from various sources in the vehicle. 


The EMF harmonizer for cars protects you from the dangers of EMF radiation inside and outside your car, such as cell tower radiation. These devices harmonize the frequency of harmful energy generated by electronics inside and outside your vehicle, including the 5G mobile networks.


There’s a wide variety of EMF protection products available on the market, each offering different protection characteristics. Different vehicles are made from different types of metallic materials, and some vehicles offer better EMF shielding than others.

Are you Safe from Radiation in a Car?




Cars emit electromagnetic radiation from various wireless features installed in the vehicle and large batteries in the front and/or rear of the vehicle. These devices, particularly newer electric cars, expose the user to high EMF radiation levels from all electronic components in the vehicle.

The vehicle’s wireless capabilities increase the level of microwave emissions from RF (radio frequency) signals. 

Also, the wireless devices emit Bluetooth radiation when communicating with other paired devices. Modern cars are equipped with Wi-Fi modules that increase radiation inside the vehicle. Some car manufacturers allow you to turn off the car’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules when not in use, while others don’t have a turn-off option.




Devices such as the ignition system, AC, and other vehicle electrical systems generate electromagnetic radiation. Radiation risks are very high in hybrid or electric cars because they contain a multitude of electrical systems. You are also exposed to EMF radiation from outside your vehicle when driving from point A to point B. The source of external EMF radiation is cell towers and high-voltage power lines.


The metal body of the vehicle traps the radiation inside the vehicle because when the EMF radiation hits the metal surface, it reflects back and increases the amount of EMF radiation inside the vehicle. This phenomenon is known as the Faraday cage effect.


The EMF radiation generated inside and outside your car has a negative impact on your health. Therefore, measures must be taken to protect against the dangers of electromagnetic radiation in the short and long term.


How to Measure EMF Radiation in Vehicles



When you sit in the driver’s seat, you are exposed to a lot of radiation because most electrical devices are located around the driver’s seat. 


Driving for long hours exposes you to many health risks. For instance, if you turn on the Bluetooth or GPS transmitter, you will be exposed to high radiation levels. Using the phone in the car also increases radio frequency emissions in the car.


Different vehicle brands generate different magnetic field levels. The magnetic frequency level depends on the car model. Some vehicles give off low magnetic field radiation levels, while others give off large amounts of high frequencies.

You can test radiation levels in car seats, at head level, at foot level, and with the car turned off. 

In addition, you should measure EMF radiation when all the car’s electrical accessories are turned on, when you start the engine, and while driving. 





Cars give off high-frequency magnetic radiation, so make sure you have a gaussmeter capable of measuring low to high-frequency magnetic radiation.

The radiation emitted by cars increases when driving under or near power lines. You’ll also notice constant magnetic radiation from the seats, deflecting the Earth’s natural magnetic field. There are high magnetic fields at the foot of the vehicle as well.

Therefore, measuring your car’s magnetic field will help you determine your radiation exposure. Vehicles with the lowest magnetic emissions have 1.5 ​​MilliGauss (mG) at the seat region and 1-3 mG at the foot region. Other vehicles have high frequencies between 5-10 mG and 15-100 mG in the seat and foot area.

The radiation of the electric field of each of the vehicles can also be measured. 110-volt vehicles generate high electric fields. You should avoid 110-volt vehicles as they increase the risk of radiation exposure.

Do Hybrid Cars Emit EMF



Sales of electric cars have doubled over the past year as more people realize they can save a lot of money and reduce pollution by reducing their carbon footprint. The health effects of the growing use of electric vehicles (EVs) are of some concern. You might be wondering if hybrid cars emit EMFs.

As mentioned earlier, most modern vehicles have a variety of electronic components on board designed for comfort and safety. These electronic devices emit a large amount of harmful radiation. If you have a hybrid car or an electric car, the risk is even higher.


All electrical devices found in hybrid cars, including large batteries and powerful electric motors, emit a large amount of electromagnetic radiation


This could expose you to many health risks. Using battery-powered automobiles is an emerging technology all over the world and year after year, we will see more and more battery-powered automobiles on the roads. 


Although hybrid vehicles reduce the release of environmental pollutants from fossil fuels into the air, they emit EMF radiation, which is an invisible form of pollution.


The radiation generated by the electronic components inside the car is reflected when it hits the metal body of the car. This is called the Faraday cage effect. As the radiation bounces back, it becomes trapped inside the vehicle, increasing the amount of radiation you are exposed to inside the car.

Different types of hybrid cars give off different levels of EMF. Most hybrid cars have the highest EMF levels at the driver’s feet, followed by the second-highest levels at the waist. Therefore, whether you use a hybrid car or an all-electric car, you are exposed to a large amount of EMF radiation.


Do Electric Cars Emit EMF Radiation?




Electric cars (EVs) emit two (2) types of radiation:

  • Very low frequency (ELF) EMF radiation is given off by electronic devices, batteries as well as other internal circuits in a vehicle.
  • Radiofrequency (RF) EMF emissions originate from in-vehicle wireless devices that connect to devices and technology inside and outside the vehicle. For instance, the radiation from devices is connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular network.

As the name suggests, ELF emits a small amount of EMF radiation compared to radiofrequency radiation. Keeping a close distance from a particular source of EMF increases the level of radiation you are exposed to.

The large battery, which is installed at the front and rear of the electric car, is close to the body and has electronic circuits that enclose the entire vehicle. This exposes you to higher levels of ELF-EMF radiation.


If you suffer from Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EHS), you may be more affected than others by electromagnetic radiation from a car battery. 


Other sources of electromagnetic radiation in electric cars are:

  • Electric engines give off low-frequency radiation, as does when the car controls the opening and closing of the windows. The vehicle’s computer system emits a large amount of radiation.


  • The computer system controls all media in the vehicle and the engine compartment. Electric vehicles with autopilot mode or autonomous driving mode generate a large amount of radiation for the driver and also for the person sitting in the passenger seat.


  • The EVs alarm system employs radio waves to transmit signals, resulting in the emission of electromagnetic radiation. 


  • Furthermore, the ultrasonic radars, cameras, and anti-theft devices installed in the vehicle increase the radiation exposure to which you are exposed. The vehicle’s alternator produces dirty electricity that gives off EMF radiation.


  • In-car Wi-Fi systems emit dangerous levels of RF radiation. Some electric cars come with a built-in Wi-Fi router that allows you and your family to access the internet while on the go. The level of radiation given off by the wireless router is very dangerous.


  • The built-in Bluetooth system for connecting the cell phone to your car’s music system exposes it to nearby EMF radiation. You should try to connect your phone to a cord to reduce the level of radiation given off.


  • Keyless start systems in newer models of electric cars give off radiation. These models do not require a start key. Instead, they solely rely on a push button and a remote-controlled key. The wireless key system uses Bluetooth or radiofrequency waves to start the vehicle. The Bluetooth signals and radio waves emit harmful EMF radiation.


  • Electric vehicles use batteries to store the electrical energy needed to run the engine. The stored energy needs a higher frequency to convert DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current). This makes the generated alternating current more harmful than using direct current.


Exposure to high levels of any type of radiation can cause long-term health effects or complications.


How Do I Protect my Car from EMF Radiation?




Although it is impossible to eliminate radiation exposure while driving your vehicle, there are several ways to reduce your exposure to EMFs while driving.

1. Keep Distance from the EMF Source

Distance from an EMF source can help minimize the risk of exposure. EHS drivers are likely to be more affected by radiation from electric vehicles. So the further away you are from the EMF source, the safer you are. 

You may thrive better in the back seat of the car where it’s far from the front battery of the car, or you may not be able to ride in an electric vehicle at all.

2. Put your Phone in Airplane Mode

You should switch your cell phone to airplane mode until you get to your destination. As you move from point A to point B, your phone’s cellular network keeps switching on and off, which delays data transmission over the cellular network.

When traveling, some areas may not have cell coverage, especially if there’s no cell tower nearby. Therefore, your cell phone constantly scans for network coverage.

The constant search for networks and updating the phone causes the emission of a large amount of EMF. When the phone has poor connectivity, it emits more EMF because it has to send a stronger signal to connect to the nearest cell tower.

Therefore, putting your phone in airplane mode will minimize the amount of radiation inside your vehicle. You can also access GPS when your phone is in airplane mode, so don’t worry if you need GPS for navigation.

3. Stop the Car When you want to Use the Phone

If you want to make a call, you can stop your car in an area with good network coverage and exit the car. If you must answer a phone call while driving, open the window to minimize the Faraday cage effects in the car.

4. Switch off the On-Board Computer System

The in-car computer systems that control all the media devices connected to your car emit EMFs. Switching off the system reduces the electromagnetic fields emitted by the car’s multimedia system while driving.

5. Use Audio Cables

If you want to listen to music from your cell phone’s playlist or even your Spotify playlist, connect your phone to the car with an audio cable. Avoid using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth features. This reduces the amount of radiofrequency emissions from the phone and the vehicle’s Bluetooth. Also, you can turn off the front speakers and listen to music through the rear speakers. Make sure the phone is some distance away from you. A distance of at least one foot is generally recommended.

The Best EMF Car Harmonizer



Besides lowering your exposure levels, there are other products you can use to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation while driving. These devices neutralize the level of radiation emitted by the car. One of the best EMF Car Harmonizers is the Orgone Car EMF Harmonizer.


The Car Orgone Generator reduces driver fatigue by harmonizing and neutralizing EMF, EMR, ELF, and harmful energy everywhere you drive. 


The amazing Car EMF Orgone Generator even protects you from the phone, computer, and WiFi radiation in your vehicle. It also protects you from the environment around you, providing you with total personal space protection.

You will feel a tangible difference in your driving experience when driving with your Car EMF Orgone Generator which prevents road rage and driver fatigue. 


The Car EMR Harmonizer is designed to fit all cars that have a USB port, therefore it is very easy to install. 


Click this link to learn more about the EMF Car Harmonizer, read user reviews and testimonials, and get one for your car today.



When you drive, you are exposed to various sources of EMF radiation both inside and outside the vehicle. Particularly, electric cars comprise various wireless and wired devices that give off harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radiofrequency (RF) radiation.

The external EMF radiation emanates from driving near a cell phone tower or a high voltage power line. These devices expose you to high levels of radiation, especially when the car windows are open.


Activating various wireless devices in the car increases your radiation exposure.


For instance, connecting your mobile phone to your car speakers to play music via Bluetooth increases radiofrequency emissions.

Electric vehicles are equipped with Wi-Fi modules that allow you to access the Internet in your vehicle and connect to other wireless devices using Wi-Fi technology. These wireless devices tend to increase the risk of exposure to microwave and other electromagnetic radiation in the car.

The energy produced by these devices is absorbed by the body and causes various health problems such as headaches, male infertility, blood-brain barrier problems, and brain tumors, among others.


If you are sensitive to electromagnetism, you’re at high risk. Therefore, using an EMF Car Harmonizer in your car will reduce the risk of exposure to these radiation sources.


One of the best EMF protection products for your car includes the Orgone Car EMF Harmonizer and the Aircraft Travel EMF Harmonizer. You can select one of these devices and connect it to your car to reduce electromagnetic radiation and repair your damaged body.