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Shungite Spiritual Properties

Shungite is a mysterious black stone with healing, protective and spiritual properties! 
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Shungite Spiritual Properties

Shungite is a mysterious black stone with healing, protective and spiritual properties! 


Shungite is a must have in every crystal collection! This potent grounding gemstone has a rich black color sets it apart from other colorful gemstones.


Shungite’s spiritual properties come from its rare, non-crystalline carbon mineral base.


Shungite Harmonizers Rods are a perfect way to enhance your spiritual journey with holistic crystal healing.


By using Shungite Harmonizer Rods, you are able to access your Root Chakra and bringing holistic healing to your body. Here is the truth about the spiritual properties of shungite.


Shungite Spiritual Properties




As we all know, “electricity” powers humans. Neurons in the human brain work by receiving electrical signals from cells. Our heart beats due to an electrical charge given off by the cells, causing them to contract.


A lesser-known meta-science, called bioenergetics, explores the human energy fields and the relationship our energy has with the world around us.


The human body releases an energy field called the vital field that interacts with the environment and moves away from us in waves.





Life itself is an energy-intensive process as it takes energy to move a muscle, heal wounds, breathe, and even think.

We give off an energy field around us that interacts with and is influenced by our environment.


The vital field of a person can vary significantly depending on health, state of consciousness, and environmental influences.


We can also directly influence our vital field by eating and drinking, where we are and with whom we meet.

Our vital field endeavors to maintain itself in a state of homeostasis (a state of equilibrium).


However, we would not be surprised if most people living in modern society around the world are in a state of bioenergetic imbalance because of modern lifestyle choices and the constant bombardment of EMFs.


This is where the shungite stone comes into play.


Shungite and Vital Life



An individual’s life field can be measured, and a study of shungite was conducted as part of bioenergetic research. This study by a bio-energy researcher – Regina Martino – revealed that shungite can improve our growing bio-energy field.

What do these results mean?


Shungite Balances the Bioenergetic Field



A balanced energy field can address dysfunctions in the body, including persistent and recurring ailments, fatigue, lethargy, depression, and all kinds of problems that can arise due to energy imbalances.


Shungite Protects from Negative Energies




When our vital fields are centered and balanced, natural positive energy is returned to the body. In addition, shungite can absorb negative energies, as well as contaminants in water and radiation.

Shungite Helps You to Feel Grounded



According to healers, shungite has a positive effect on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chakras.

Shungite is well-known for its ability to heal the lower chakras.


You may hear it referred to as the ‘stone of life’ or the ‘miracle stone’ because it is a catalyst for transformation, growth, and positive change.


It focuses its energy primarily on the 1st or root chakra, giving us a more powerful connection to the earth, also known as feeling grounded.

It is also said to help overcome negative thoughts and energies, alleviate spiritual imbalances, increase personal strength and promote mental clarity.


Protection from Electromagnetic Fields 



Scientifically, shungite is known to block electromagnetic interference.


When radio waves bombard us from all sides, our vital energies become unbalanced and depleted. Shungite acts to restore our energy field and protect us from these invading waves.


Shungite neutralizes electromagnetic emissions from cell phones, computers, power grids, Wi-Fi, appliances, and other electronics, which means shungite converts harmful man-made EMFs into waveforms that are more compatible with human biology.


Shungite Purifies Water



Shungite's purifying ability is all thanks to the carbon content of the crystal.


The high carbon content of shungite acts as a high natural filtration power for water. Shungite can modify water, purifying it, energizing it, and infusing it with minerals.


The water it filters contains inherent antioxidants that diminish free radicals, making it beneficial to our tissues and cells, as well as our immune function.

There is even scientific evidence to support shungite for purifying water, indicating that it supplies magnesium, oxygen, calcium, as well as other essential minerals to your regular water.

Shungite Doesn’t Take a Negative Charge



The fullerenes in Shungite have a natural structure that creates a void that doesn’t allow the negativity of human emotions, vibrations, and frequencies to get absorbed. The state of the shungite stone remains always intact, regardless of what it encounters.

If you are experiencing general malfeasance, unexplained fatigue, discomfort, emotional or mental problems, lethargy, and anything related to a possible energetic imbalance in the body, shungite can help restore your well-being.

How to Recharge Shungite


It is always a smart idea to recharge your crystals and stones so you can always get the most out of them. And for shungite, there are plenty of ways to recharge and cleanse it.

We recommend employing a visualization technique to recharge and cleanse your stone by holding it in your hands and deep breathing.


Visualize universal healing light filling the crystal until all negativity is dissolved. Watch as the light expands to surround the stone and fill your hands. Intend to get all the negativity removed from the gemstone and dissolved. Once you instinctively feel that the gemstone is cleared, you can stop the visualization.


You can also try recharging your shungite stone with your breath. To cleanse a crystal with your breath, you need to first clear your mind of all external thoughts. Then hold the stone in one hand and exhale forcefully while whiffling the stone with the other hand.

You can cleanse some crystals with water, especially water flowing naturally like a stream.


However, as salt and/or water can damage some stones, especially soft stones like shungite. While it can be put into water, it should not be left beyond a maximum of 72 hours. 


You can also use Palo Santo smoke to recharge and cleanse them or place them in a Tibetan bowl and ring it.

If you need grounding or want to tap into your divine wisdom, shungite stone could be an ideal option to help you. While “elite” shungite is rarer, regular shungite still has these benefits and properties, and both will make great additions to your crystal collection.

How Can a Shungite Help You?




There are several ways to reap the benefits of shungite stone.

One way is to wear it as jewelry. Direct or indirect skin contact is safe and recommended. Shungite is good to wear as a ring, bracelet, necklace, pendant, beads, or keep a piece in your pocket or bag. Also, you can use its anti-EMF powers: it is a great idea to have Shungite Plates in your house and other rooms where there are electronic devices. We recommend places like near your cell phone, computer, microwave, smart meters, or TV.

Three Ways to Use Shungite

1. Wear it as Jewelry


For a simple ritual, we recommend you wear shungite jewelry.


Whenever you feel overwhelmed, bring your attention to where the stone touches your physical body, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. Inhale for a count of four, hold your breath for a count of four, and then breathe out for a count of four.


This rhythmic and deep breathing brings you back to your center and helps create calmness in your mind.


2. Use it to Ground Yourself

We recommend using Shungite Harmonizer Rods to ground yourself by resting on a chair and holding a piece of shungite stone in your lap while your feet are planted firmly on the ground.


As you feel the shungite’s weight in your hands, visualize the roots extending from the stone into the root chakra and then spreading through the soles of the feet and into the earth.


3. Use it to Receive Ancient Wisdom



Finally, to connect with shungite’s ancient wisdom, you can put a few dried lemon verbena leaflets and your shungite stone in a small bag and keep it in your pillowcase.


Before going to bed, set the intention to live and remember a purposeful dream that gives you guidance on something that needs healing in your life.


Shungite is said to hold ancient information, energy, and wisdom, which is why it is the perfect stone to help you discover the cosmic messages coming to you from the Akasha's.

Shungite for Purification, Healing, and Protection



Shungite works to purify and align all particles in the body so they are open and aligned with Light.

It has powerful detoxifying, cleansing, and purifying properties. It can be used to cleanse your body of dysfunctional patterns, which can manifest as emotional difficulties, negativity, or even certain ailments.

It is believed that you can place some of these stones on an affected area to quickly resolve the problem.

If you are looking for a more holistic type of healing, simply hold or meditate with the Shungite Harmonizer Rod rather than focusing on a specific area.

Shungite stones are also quite beneficial in calming insomnia, relieving anxiety and stress, and increasing overall energy levels.