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Smudging Prayer for Home

Smudging Prayer for Home

For centuries, smudging has been practiced by Native American tribes and is a powerful way to cleanse the spirit, body, and spirit. Burning sage, sweetgrass, and cedar is designed to clear negative energy and either weaken or remove negative entities such as nasty spirits and demons. It is important to clean your home and yourself of the energies and negativities from the past that no longer serve. Prayer is an important component which increases the effectiveness of smudging. 

What do you Say When you Cleanse Your House with Sage?

Palo Santo and Sage combined with this easy smudging prayer can help you cleanse your home. 

Start with Intention

Despite the unbelievable power of these sacred smudges, your intention is very important. To start, you will need Palo Santo or white sage. Also, you will need something to light them with. You will want an abalone shell and a fireproof bowl. Begin first with the Palo Santo. Ignite the match and start calling in light as you do.

“I ask Divine light to surround my space. I’m calling in the presence of my Ascended Masters, Angels, and teams of guides. Enter this space and time. I call out the consciousness of the sage and Palo Santo, in association with my team to fully cleanse the energy of my house of all negativities, to release and cleanse any density, as well as other things that no more serves. Release any negativity into the Divine light.

Release any density, negativity, and attachments into the light so I can shine with my highest vibration and incorporate my highest possible authenticity. Anything not in alignment with this highest light and truth, let it be released and cleansed into the divine light.

Thank you for elevating my vibration and cleansing my energy and space so I can radiantly live, vibrantly shine, and thrive in conjunction with my sole purpose and mission according to Divine will. I thank the Palo Santo and sage for their service and for the service of my entire team of Ascended Masters, Angels and guides. Thank you for helping me to stay vibrantly shining, clear, and connected.”

As you do this, releasing and cleansing anything that isn’t love, feel as your energy shines brighter. Ensure you get it below your feet, behind you, and in front of you. Also, cleanse all rooms and corners, releasing all the energies that no more serves and calling in your genuine truth and light.

Finish with Gratitude

The Palo Santo and sage will stop smoking at some point. According to the Native American tradition, this is when the cleansing of the house is complete. Keep going as long as there’s smoke billowing. Once the smoke stops rolling, know that the cleansing is finished and complete with gratitude. Now know that you are shining brighter and clearer and ready to start to tune in through contemplation, prayer, or meditation to your Angels by quieting the mind.

With this clear, vibrant energy, you can now focus all your awareness within. There is something very powerful about using these tools to cleanse. If you have not already, order some Palo Santo and sage and try this. 

How do I Smudge my House?

Smudging is a ceremonial way to clear a person, space, or object of unwanted or negative influences. It is also a great way to bless a person, space, or object. There is no particular right or wrong way to smudge a house, there is just an effective way and this differs for different people. To smudge your house, you will need a vessel, a sage bundle, a fire source, an abalone shell, and a fanning tool.

Once you have gathered all the above-mentioned tools, ensure your doors and windows are opened before lighting the sage up. Intentions are central to smudging practice, so take a moment to determine what you are trying to release or purify from your space before lighting the sage. Then decide on a prayer to say while smudging that sums up this intention.

Once you are ready, hold the sage bundle at a 45° angle, light it using your candle or match, and allow it to burn for up to 20 seconds. After this, blow out the flame gently so you can see orange embers at one end. Now, walk around your space slowly and let the smoke to drift around. Guide the bad energy and the smoke toward the open door or windows so it can escape. Pay special attention to those areas in corners, in front of mirrors, and in spaces like doorways, hallways, and foyers.  

After smudging all rooms, open as many doors and windows as possible to allow the smoke to escape for at least 45 minutes. This will help to clear all the bad energies you have worked to disperse and break apart. Once you are done, it’s also important to sit down and enjoy the newly cleansed environment and your positive energy space. 

Why Does Sage Remove Negative Energy?

When sage is burned, the spirit of sacred plants is called to drive negative energies away and put an individual back into a state of harmony, peace, and balance. This practice is believed to be the psychic equivalent of washing the hands before eating. According to research, sage releases negative ions, which helps put people in a more positive mood. The aroma of sage increases the supply of oxygen to the brain, thus relaxing the muscle tension.

Beyond that, the smoke from sage changes the molecular structure of energy and air, producing a cleansing effect. Since the sense of smell is very powerfully connected to memory and instinct, the burning of sage is believed to be an effective aromatherapy agent, particularly when combating feelings of grief, resentment, frustration, fear, anger, and depression. Other qualities associated with sage burning are giving clarity, wisdom, and increasing spiritual awareness.

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