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Q Link Necklace

Q-Link Necklace

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Today’s fast-paced, high-tech world demands greater emotional, mental, and physical resilience. Independent tests and users have reported that Q-Link offers anyone the ability to survive in a modern stress-filled environment. Q-Link pendants have been shown to protect from various kinds of frequencies that disturb our natural energies. They help neutralize the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) chaos around us, allowing the body to maintain its natural balance away from the interference that these EMFs cause. 

What is Q-Link Pendant?

The Q-Link Pendant is an advanced EMF (electromagnetic fields) protection device that helps reduce the harmful effects of EMF, reduces symptoms of fatigue, increases energy and stamina, strengthens resilience against stress, improves quality of life, and enhances mental and focus performance. The pendants are well designed to fit any wearer. Neville Brody, an artist designed the Q-Link pendant and features a slim, clean, and simple profile. The product usually comes with a 36-inch adjustable cord, but you can use any chain or cord of your choice. Q-Link Pendants is available in a wide variety of metal qualities and styles, including:


This is a simple version of the pendant, and what we recommend, as you don’t get any extra protection with the more pricey options. Acrylic Q-Link pendants are very affordable, and you also get to choose between different color options. 

Stainless Steel

This option is very attractive and has a similar design as the acrylic option. However, it’s entirely made from stainless steel apart from the SRT-3 ring, which is usually laser-etched into the pendant.


At about 6 times the acrylic SRT-3 pendant’s price, the Titanium Q-Link pendant is definitely not budget-friendly. With a dark gray titanium finish and an extremely slim profile, this necklace is a stunner. If affordability is not an issue for you, go for this option and you won’t regret it.


The silver Q-Link SRT-3 pendant offers you some choices to choose from, including the pebble design, a simple round version, or a silver cross. It has a very appealing contour and was professionally designed by Dominic Walmsley. 


The gold version of this necklace is exquisite but comes with a huge price-tag attached to it. Designed professionally and made of 14 karat gold, the necklace is understandably custom-made, so orders can take up to 5 weeks before it gets delivered. Additionally, sales of the gold version are final, so returns are not allowed. We advise that you first try out the Q-Link Acrylic SRT-3 pendant before considering buying the gold option, as you won’t get any added results for the extra price tag.

What is inside the Q-Link Pendant?

  • Induction Coil: 75 feet of insulate super-fine pure copper filament in a 25 millimeter diameter coil amplifies the resonating effects of the cell.
  • Resonating Cell: The proprietary SRT-3 (Sympathetic Resonance Technology) crystalline polymer oscillator works like a series of tuning forks to resonate with sympathetically and reinforce the frequencies of the bio-field (human energy system).
  • Assembled Q-Link: The Resonating Cell and Induction Coil are assembled and permanently sealed in a highly durable and rugged waterproof case. 

Does the Q Link Pendant Really Work?

At the heart of Q-Link pendants is the Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT), an innovative technology used in consumer healthcare products to protect humans from the harmful effects of stress. The SRT-3 resonating cell is the source of the Q-Link tuning power that fine-tunes and enhances your body’s energy systems and aids the body’s natural ability to cope with stress. A scientifically researched combination of elements from the periodic table are manufactured using a proprietary process to create a resonating sound that helps eliminate stress and increase focus in concentration.

The National Institutes of Health in 1994 accredited this concept of a field of energy in and around each of our cells that regulates the homeostasis, regulates basically the well-being of that particular cell which of course adds up to your whole body. The Q-Link enhances the biofield which has the information for you to become more focused. Doctors who tested the Q-Link Pendant found that it quickly increases healthy energy states – and reduces energy drains caused by a wide range of stressors. It is a life-enhancing tool for strengthening your human energy system against ambient and direct sources of EMF, including EMF from cell phones and computers.

Additionally, studies have shown that SRT reduces the stress response for a wide range of stressors such as electromagnetic and chemical stress in different biological systems and various levels of organization, ranging from the behavioral to the molecular. Now, it sounds complicated, but if you think about it copper coils are at the heart of every electric motor and every power generator in the world. Without them, we couldn’t generate electromagnetic fields. Now our bodies are basically electrochemical machines. The Q-Link resonating cell generates a positive effect that can not only improve your general well-being but bring a whole new level of focus, consistency, and confidence to you.

Benefits of Q-Link Pendants

Q-Link pendants are specially designed to help balance and strengthen the energetic system of your body, which may boost your resilience to different kinds of stress. Wearers have reported improved concentration and focus, reduced anxiety, improved sleep, enhanced physical and mental performance, increased ability to cope with stress, reduced exposure to the effects of electromagnetic radiation from air travel, computers, and mobile phones, improved exercise recovery, and increased blood oxygenation.

Also, Q-Link is designed to help relieve the effects of geopathic and electromagnetic stress by normalizing your biofield. Modern advances in technology, leisure, and medicine should let us live longer and have better health, yet we often hear “I’m stressed, I have no energy, I’m tired. The impact of physical and psychological stress, including exposure to EMF from computers and mobiles can have wide-ranging effects and if not dealt with can result in severe conditions. The SRT-3 in Q-Link pendants helps to integrate the energetic and biological functions of the body recognized in both Eastern and Western sciences.

Q-Link works just like acupuncture, but without the needles and complements all therapies and treatments. In simple terms, all cells in the body are believed to resonate together, creating a human energy system. When the biofield is distorted by various stressors, some people can discover some symptoms. SRT-3 is designed to resonate at a very healthy frequency, and when the Q-Link pendant is worn, the resonating frequency that’s emitted will normalize your biofield.

Each pendant has a resonating cell, which is programmed with the body’s healthy frequencies, may balance and strengthen the energetic system of the body when you wear it over the heart area. The copper induction coil activates the resonating cell which picks up micro-currents from the heart to power your pendant. The Q-Link pendant works like a tuning fork, reminding the body constantly of its healthy frequencies.  

How Long Does a QLink Pendant Last?

Q-Link pendants may last a lifetime as long as they aren’t damaged physically or exposed to very powerful magnets like those in MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) equipment. However, you may have to replace broken chains or worn out cords or want to upgrade the Q-Link product overtime. 

What Phones Does QLink Offer?

QLink offers the following phones:

  • Hp Poblano VLE5
  • Zte Quest 5
  • Nuu A6l-C
  • Motorola Moto E5 Play
  • Motorola Moto G6 Play
  • LG K30
  • LG Stylo 4
  • Samsung Galaxy A10E
  • Samsung Galaxy A20
  • Samsung Galaxy A6
  • Samsung Note 8
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Samsung Galaxy A50
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Replacement Smartphone

How Do You Wear a QLink Pendant?

Hang the Q-Link pendant around your neck at the center of your chest. It does not matter whether you wear it outside or inside a blouse or short. Over time, you and your Q-Link pendant will start creating a linked energy system – in technical terms, a sympathetic resonance effect. This effect enhances and reinforces life-supporting energies in your body’s bio-field. With the Q-Link pendant, the recharging of your biofield happens whenever it is worn. So it is advisable to wear the pendant at all times, even when you go to bed. 

The pendant is particularly beneficial when you are exposed to strong EMF such as while on a mobile phone, in front of a computer, or you live close to high-voltage power lines. You will get better results, the more you wear it. Maintenance on the Q-Link pendant is quite easy. There are no parts and no batteries that wear out. No noise, no hassle. You can shower with it and swim with it. The only maintenance needed is for the pendant to be cleaned using a damp cloth. 

Can My Q-Link Pendant Get Wet?

Acrylic Q-Link pendants are typically waterproof to a depth of about 30 feet (10m). all other Q-Link Bracelets and Pendants are water resistant and may be worn while bathing, swimming, or showering. Q-Link bracelets or pendants should be promptly rinsed with freshwater after exposure to salt water to avoid cosmetic damage or staining. 

Can Children Use Q-Link Products?

Decades of good experience and thousands of users confirm that Q-Link SRT is useful for people of all ages. However, Q-Link products have cords and so like other corded wearables and necklaces, parents should be very careful and should never allow young children or infants use, play with, or wear Q-Link products without constant supervision. 

How Can I tell if My Q-Link Pendant is Still Functional?

After the energy systems of your body become accustomed to the pendant, its effects may be less obvious. However, research has shown that Q-Link products continue to work even if or when you can no longer feel it. In fact, many users who forget to wear or misplace their Q-Link product report they almost become aware immediately they are without its beneficial effects. 

Is My Q-Link Pendant Still Effective After Going through the Washing Machine? 

Acrylic Q-Link pendants are waterproof and should still be effective after such exposures. Although Q-Link products with metal casing are quite resistant to water, they can be susceptible to damage because of contraction and expansion from dry heat or high temperature water. So, if your Q Link necklace appears undamaged structurally, it should still be effective. 

How Do I Care For or Clean my Q-Link Pendant?

You may clean your Q-Link pendant using gentle dish soap and fresh, warm water. Gold and Silver Q-Link pendants may be restored by utilizing a quality jewelry polish. 

Are all Q-Link Products Equally Effective?

Q-Link bracelets and necklaces deliver maximum SRT benefits because of their design and possibility of being used more consistently. Q-Link Nimbus is specially designed to deliver similar results as bracelets and necklaces, although user experiences may vary based on proximity to product, product usage, and other factors. Additionally, Q-Link CLEAR is designed to offer benefits related to the usage of body-worn/handheld electronics and as such won’t deliver the same variety of results as Q-Link Nimbus or wearables. 

Can or Should I Use a Q-Link Product if I Have a Medical/Health Condition, am Pregnant, or Have a Pacemaker?

Neither Clarus Transphase Scientific, Inc nor Q-Link Products make any claim that any of the products are meant to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent disease. You mustn’t rely on the information in this post as an alternative to medical advice from a professional healthcare provider. If you have any questions about the use of these products regarding any health or medical matter, you should first consult a professional healthcare provider. 

Not only is the Q-Link incredibly effective, but they are also fashionable. Q-Link pendants are available in a wide variety of styles and can be worn in or outside your clothing. Each cubic pendant works in exactly the same way and the sympathetic resonance technology SRT, the essence of your Q-Link lasts a lifetime. The only difference is how you choose to look when wearing your Q-Link. We are so sure you will benefit from the Q-Link pendant. Take the next step to managing your stress and join the thousands of people who are living happy, balanced, and energetic lives wearing a Q-Link pendant. 

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