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So What Is The Most Harmful Energy Affecting Buildings?

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The Most Harmful Forms Of Energy

Many people who are aware of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), believe that radiation emitted from their electrical system is the most dangerous form of EMF hazards inside any building, closely followed accompanied by radio frequencies from WIFI and Smart Meters. After that Earth Magnetic Radiation being the least dangerous. Unfortunately, this is not so!

The most dangerous forms of EMF inside any building originates from the various types of Earth Magnetic Radiation in the form of grid lines, then Very Low Frequencies (VLF) and Imprints such as Personal beams, Death Imprints and Black Lines.

List of Harmful Energies That May Affect Your Home

If we were to list all of the different forms of EMF that may potentially exist within a given space, the checklist below would most accurately explain the most dangerous forms of EMF. Nevertheless, all of these forms of dangerous EMF continue to be a potential health EMF hazards (in no particular order):

  •  Very Low Frequency (VLF)
  • Earth Magnetic Radiation
  • Photon Lines
  • 400 Metre Earth Magnetic Grid Lines
  • Black Lines
  • Water Veins more than 100cm wide
  • Death Imprints and Personal Beams
  • Radiation from electrical systems
  • Radio Frequencies and Microwave fields from WIFI
  • Smart Meters and wireless appliances
  • Digital Television beams (up to 400 metres away)
  • Benker Grid Lines
  • Mirrors holding negative thought forms
  • Cursed land carrying negative thought forms
  • Ectoplasm

Therefore, having a building assessed for radiation from electrical appliances and radio frequencies from potential outside hazards such as Cellular Phone towers, and not including all forms of Earth Magnetic Radiation, would be misleading.

The Geocleanse EMR Home Harmonizer Solution

We are frequently called out to premises with our consultancy work or are asked to do Google Earth Remote Readings, because the occupants believe that their electrical system or Smart Meter is impacting their health.In almost all cases, the true danger is not always their Smart Meter or the radiation from their electrical system at all.

The harmful energies from VLF, 400 Metre Earth Magnetic grid lines and the new Photon Lines, which have been creeping their way around the planet over the past ten years, pose the biggest health hazard and these appear to be affecting our health and well-being by far.

The most hazardous of all of these is the 400 Metre Earth Magnetic Grid Lines and their crossing points along with Death imprints, which cause much discomfort, pain and organ stress and are a greater EMF hazards in buildings.

If you have any of these affecting your home, office or workplace, you will most certainly require a Geoclense Orgone Generator to harmonize and neutralize these. Then place a Dome Orgone Schumann Generator on the points around you home where you know there are particular points of harmful energy, such as besides your Smart Meter or on a 400 metre grid crossing.

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