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What’s the Best Ionic Toothbrush? Orgone Energy

Dental care is your first line of defense in health. Healthy teeth and gums are not only the key to a beautiful and radiant smile but also to longevity and disease-free living. While keeping your mouth clean is your key to a long and healthy life, it is

easier said than done. The dental health industry is a money-making machine, with dental care being one of the only basic services not covered under most universal healthcare plans. A wide variety of products exists to help support oral health. From mouthwash and floss to electric toothbrushes, it is hard to know which products really work to promote a healthy mouth.

Orgone energy is life force energy and has healing benefits for the human mind, the spirit, and even the human body. Orgone energy promotes balance and harmony. Orgone energy is naturally charged with negative ions, which has many health promoting benefits. Exposure to negatively charged energy can help us concentrate our minds and invigorate us. Orgone energy can also have some surprising effects on our oral health.

 Saliva in the mouth is positively charged. Like a magnet, two positives repel each other while a negative and a positive attract each other. It is the literal definition of the catch phrase “opposites attract”. Ionic toothbrushes work in a couple of ways. Firstly, the brush head's bristles on an ionic toothbrush are negatively charged. This means that it will attract positive ions. Dental plaque is also charged with positive ions, meaning that an ionic toothbrush attracts even hard to reach plaque like a magnet.

The Ionic brush head's bristles also change the environment in your mouth. The negatively charged bristles change your saliva to a substance charged with negative ions. Bacteria simply cannot survive in this environment, which means your mouth stays cleaner, longer. Not only is this beneficial to oral health, but it also assists in the maintenance of fresh breath.

Dr Tung's Ionic Toothbrush System is one of the best brands of ionic toothbrushes that exist. It can be purchased on Amazon here. People love the fact that this toothbrush does not require toothpaste or water. It can be used anywhere! This makes the toothbrush ideal for camping, travel, and even for use on an airplane.

The ionic bristles on this toothbrush are also very soft, which is ideal for gum health. Because, with a normal toothbrush, people try to scrub plaque off their teeth and over brushing is common and can cause bleeding gums and damage to enamel. This toothbrush is very soft and will not damage your mouth in any way. You can also be gentler while brushing as the ions will draw the plaque off your teeth naturally.

Dr Tung’s ionic toothbrush also offers a more effective clean than a regular toothbrush, even dentist recommended electric toothbrushes. Studies show that most electric spin brushes only clean 11% more plaque off your teeth than a regular, manual toothbrush. However, Dr Tung’s ionic toothbrush cleans 48% more plaque off the teeth than a hand-operated toothbrush. Dr Tung’s ionic toothbrush clearly provides a better clean and a fresher, healthier mouth, which is the foundation of good health.

Dr Tung's ionic toothbrush can also be helpful for people suffering from dentin hypersensitivity. Dentin hypersensitivity usually occurs on teeth that have exposed roots from gum recession or when the enamel that protects the teeth has been damaged or has thinned. It is marked by extreme pain on the tooth. This toothbrush will help prevent dentin hypersensitivity by preventing damage to gums or enamel from aggressive brushing. It also eliminates the need for toothpaste, many of which contain abrasives or ingredients that can damage enamel, such as fluoride.

Dr Tung’s ionic toothbrush can help with gum inflammation. Inflammation always indicated infection. With Dr Tung’s ionic toothbrush, you are unlikely to suffer from gingivitis or periodontal disease. This is because the toothbrush works to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth, keeping them clean. The toothbrush also kills bacteria, meaning that your gums will stay healthy and disease free.

Dr Tung’s ionic toothbrush can help prevent cavities. Cavities are formed when the acids in plaque eat away at the enamel of your teeth, essentially opening the door for bacteria to walk right in a start eating away at your teeth. Since the toothbrush will temporarily alter the polarity of your teeth, changing them from positive to negative, the teeth will, in fact, repel the plaque off them, allowing you to brush it away and spit it out. It also kills bacteria. This toothbrush will make it essentially impossible to create the environment cavities need to form. The same concept will also help rid your teeth of stains on the enamel. Stains are positively charged and the tooth will also repel stains.

This toothbrush is extremely long lasting. The only thing you should ever need to replace is the head of the toothbrush, about every four months. It is also relatively inexpensive for a product of this quality and will save you money on professional tooth cleanings.

In conclusion, Dr Tung’s ionic toothbrush should be your number one defense against cavities and gum disease. Not only is it high-quality and durable, but it also is gentle on the gums and discourages over brushing. It is portable, does not require a charger or toothpaste and has been shown to clean better than both manual and electric toothbrushes. That is because this toothbrush works in a completely different way than a regular toothbrush. Instead of scrubbing and scraping plaque off your teeth, you are temporarily changing the polarization of your mouth, not only causing teeth to repel plaque but also making your mouth an inhospitable home for cavity-causing bacteria. Do your mouth and your health a favor by trying out an ionic toothbrush for total oral health and help prevent gum disease.