The 11 Best Smudging Supplies

Check out the 11 best smudging supplies. We could all live with less negative vibes, and a smudge kit is a good place to start. Smoke clearing or smoke purification, known as smudging in some Native American practices, is the use of smoke, sometimes sage leaf smoke, to remove stagnant or negative energies in people and spaces.

The 11 Best Smudging Supplies

We could all live with less negative vibes, and a smudge kit is a good place to start. Smoke clearing or smoke purification, known as smudging in some Native American practices, is the use of smoke, sometimes sage leaf smoke, to remove stagnant or negative energies in people and spaces. It is great when you’re feeling trapped in a rut.

For cleansing and purification, you’ll need a couple of things, including a smudging plant, a fire source, a heat-resistant place to rest your incense stick, and some sort of fan to help direct the smoke (but you can still get by with your hand or a feather). 

You can also consider a good quality incense holder to add purifying smoke to your space more easily. 


Smudging kit


Read on to find out which smudging supplies will add to your smudging intentions. Of course, we always recommend our Smudging Kit for your Home as it contains everything you need to clear the negative energy in your space. 


White Sage Smudge Stick



White sage is used to prepare people for teachings and ceremonies. Because it is more powerful and medicinal than the sweetgrass, it is used more often in ceremonies. Also, it is known for its antibacterial properties. 

White Sage smudge stick helps in releasing anything that troubles the mind and removing negative energies. It is also used to cleanse houses and sacred objects.

Our white sage sticks are harvested sustainably and ethically. 

Palo Santo Natural Incense


Palo Santo for Smudging


Palo Santo or “holy wood” is an aromatic natural wood incense that has been used for centuries by the Incas and the native peoples of the Andes for medicinal purposes. It is also used as a spiritual remedy for cleansing, purification, and getting rid of misfortune and evil spirits. 

Palo Santo can help to relieve symptoms of emotional trauma, inflammation, headaches, colds, stress, and more.


 Sweetgrass for smudging


Sweetgrass symbolizes spirituality, peace, and healing in many indigenous cultures. Sweetgrass is used for smudging, purifying, and prayer ceremonies. 

Typically, it is dried, braided, and burned. It is burned at the start of a ceremony or prayer to attract positive energies. Sweetgrass braids are often left as offerings in holy places and graves. It invites positive energies and spirits. 

It has a unique aroma similar to that of vanilla and is one of the most popular Western herbs for smudging. Sweetgrass as a campfire incense delivers the same dry, ground, and long-lasting wilderness scent.

Desert Sage Smudge Stick

Desert sage smudge stick

Also known as Grandmother Sage, desert/blue Sage can be used during ritual ceremonies, home purification, or just for the pleasure of its perfume. 

It has been used by Native Americans for thousands of years for purifying and cleansing oneself and others as well as an area of ​​the room through the smudging technique. It protects from bad influences and feelings. It is used for purifying negative energies or for exorcism.

Floral Sage Smudge


floral sage smudge stick


Floral sage smudge sticks are cleansing energy sticks made from sacred and pure ingredients. Traditionally, they have been used for centuries to cleanse, purify, and revamp energy. 

Each pack is wrapped in sustainable white sage, organic hemp yarn, and locally sourced rose petals to ensure self-love and positivity.

Cedar Smudge Stick

 cedar sage smudge stick


Like sweetgrass and sage, cedar is used to cleanse the house. Also, it has many medicinal and restorative uses. 

If cedar is set on fire with tobacco, it will crack. In doing this, you are drawing the spirits’ attention to the offering that is being made. 

Cedar smudge stick is used as a protection tool in fasting and sweat lodge ceremonies: cedar branches cover the sweat lodge floor and a cedar circle surrounds the lodge of the faster.



Orgone orgonite EMF protection



Floral Sage Smudge with Lavender

 lavendar sage

Floral Sage Smudge with Lavender is known to promote a good night’s sleep, as well as promoting happiness, relaxation, and rest. 

Lavender is a unique purifying tool that has many magical uses, such as psychic protection, cleansing, and increased clairvoyance. It helps to create the energy of healing, happiness, tranquility, and purification.

Mugwort or Black Sage



Also known as Mugwort, Black sage has a unique ability to stimulate dreams. 

It is typically found in the West Coast mountains of California in northern British Columbia. As a smudging plant, it is known for its subtle, sweet aroma and dreamy properties. 

The Black Sage brings clarity, removes unwanted energy, and deepens intuitive abilities.

Candle and Matches



It is recommended to have a candle nearby to relight the incense stick during the cleansing ceremony. A lighter or matches are used to light the candle. And you will ignite the incense stick with the flame of the candle.

Fireproof Container


It is helpful to have a fireproof container, such as a small clay bowl, under the incense stick to collect embers or ashes. 

Often, Native people use an abalone shell for this, which provides an element of water. We love our abalone shell as they are unique and beautiful.  

The inner lining is made of Nacre (Mother of Pearl), with beautiful colors and iridescent markings. The shell’s rainbow colors enhance the feeling of peace, love, compassion, and beauty.

Bowl of Sand

A sand bowl is a must. It’s used to safely extinguish the incense stick after the smudging ritual is completed.

Can you Smudge with Sweetgrass?


Smudge with sweetgrass


You can burn Sweetgrass for smudging. So if you burn sweetgrass, you can also burn sage to eliminate more negative energies and influences. The best way to smudge with sweetgrass is to light up its end. Wave it gently so it burns so hard that smoke is released into the air. Sweetgrass does not burn as well as sage or cedar, so people often burn sweetgrass with other sacred herbs to keep it burning.

Smudging rituals are a great technique to free up space. It is particularly powerful to perform a room clearing smudging ritual when you are moving into a new home or during the Lunar New Year. Hopefully, the smudging supplies on this list will help simplify the process.