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What are subtle energies?

What are subtle energies?

Subtle energies and how your life could be better by using orgone energy

If you aren’t already in the know, subtle energies are created, sent, received and destroyed all around us every day. Your thoughts and feelings have a frequency, your body and mind create and conduct energy and the world around you is an energy field filled with subtle energy.

No, this doesn’t make you a nuclear power generator. We’ll explain:

If you have a scientific background, you’ll know that the world and everything in it is composed of energy particles. In conventional science the universe is explained under the umbrella of four different forces or energies:

  • Strong Nuclear force
  • Weak Nuclear forces
  • Electromagnetic forces
  • And gravitational forces.

We’d like to introduce you to a fifth form of energy — commonly referred to as subtle energy.

For quite some time, hippies, clairvoyants and some modern-time scientists have found forces which cannot be explained under the umbrella of the four conventional forces. Although some experimental data exists, no explanation can be given to the effect that mere thoughts have, and the energy-reaction people have to different particles of energy – specifically to imbalances of positive and negative energies.

subtle energies

Subtle energies appear to be a 5th intangible energy force from which the world around us is constructed. 

An article composed by Bernard O. Williams, Ph.D., refers to subtle energy as “different forms of energy more subtle than conventional physical instruments can detect.” He continues his writing stating that “subtle energy could also mean finding new understanding of how measurable forces produces effects – for example, processes in which electromagnetism affects us.”

Have you ever heard Yoda’s description of “The Force” in Star Wars? Let’s call this Yoda’s definition of subtle energy: “It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.”

Dr. Nikola Tesla, perhaps a more trusted observer, once observed that too find the secrets of the universe, you need to “Think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” We`ll spend our time focusing mostly on energy, and in particular on subtle energy.

Subtle energies cannot be observed with the eye — but no denial exists that they are real. To new converts, the practice of channeling subtle energies might seem magical at first. It would certainly FEEL magical too — often, a notable change in moods, health, and general well-being have been noted by people using subtle energies the right way.

Some examples of subtle energy in our daily lives:

The practice of Chi by traditional Chinese doctors has become a popular pursuit for enlightened people around the world. In Chi (or qi) focus is placed on the natural patterns of energy circulating in the body. Sickness and other afflictions are believed to come from the natural flow of this energy. Chi can be seen as the energy that ultimately brings, heals and sustains life.

In the ancient practice of Prana and CIT (which is very close to the practice of Chi) focus is placed on the universal principle of energy or force. In effect, this focus is on the energy or force responsible for the body’s heat, maintenance and effectively LIFE. Prana does not just focus on the body’s energy though — it focuses on the sum total of all energy that is manifest in the universe, and by definition, subtle energy.

A third practice is that in pursuit of Orgone energy. This form of energy, believed to be a universal life force, was introduced in the 1930s by a student of Freud named Wilhelm Reich. Orgone energy is closely associated with living energy. Reich’s theories held that constrictions in bodily orgone are at the root of many diseases — including heart ailments and cancer. The pursuit of good orgone energy has to do with positive and negative ions found all around us. Orgone energy, according to Reich is found in every matter in the universe – from microscopic elements to the biggest organisms. He took this theory even further, to include clouds, galaxies and the universe as a whole.

Positive and Negative ions explained

So, what is this positive/negative ion business that orgone energy refers to? Although both positive and negative ions occur naturally, the world we live in today has a great number of positive ions, most of which occur in the air around us.

You will know how electrified our environment has become, and what great role pollution plays when it comes to bad health. Electrical equipment such as electric meters, kettles, computers, mobile phones, and many others contain and exposes our bodies to positive ions. When we are over-exposed to positive ions, we might feel tired and depressed. Although this has not been scientifically proven, many followers of the orgone-energy movement have observed feeling much better when they are exposed to an abundant amount of negative ions. 

So — because of the imbalance in the environment around us, we can view positive ions as a pest, and negative ions as a healing force of subtle energy. Finding the right balance will do for you what spinach did for Popeye!

subtle energies

A quick word on free radicals

Free radicals are another enemy to those who try to maintain a good level of orgone energy. Free radicals are unpaired electrons that “steal” charges or electrons from healthy cells to create their own charge. With the vast number of free radicals in the air, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand how this affects our positive/negative ion balance. Free radicals, thieves that they are, actually ruin our auras!

What is EMR?

An Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) field is caused — as the name suggests — by electrical equipment. Think kettle, washing machine, heater or anything operating with an electrical current. These electrical machines produce positive ions, which orgone-energy conscious people view as harmful. 

So how does this affect you? Does it?

We can deduce that your world, wherever you are, is probably overcome with positive ions. In the absence of a good balance — or without enough negative ions — this world is undoubtedly negatively affected.


Can this be changed? Or should we suffer from positivity (Pun intended!)?

Without knowing it, many ancient cultures have embraced the power of Orgone — or subtle — energies. The Greeks regularly went to seaside health spas to cure skin diseases. The English developed seaside resorts in the 18th century in an attempt to treat the ill. 

Chances are that even you have tapped into the healing and positive effect of subtle energy at some time. Have you ever felt good after a walk in the woods? Have you ever felt the total bliss of sitting on a beach? The joy that breathing pure mountain air brings?


All these feel-good effects can be explained as the body’s reaction to a good balance of positive and negative ions. Our bodies’ magnetic field, as you now know, contains both positive and negative ions. The over-exposure to positive ions in our daily lives can be detrimental — and once we employ orgone energy, or the rebalance of these ions — we feel better.

“But, I never use orgone energy, what are you on about” you might ask. Well, folks — water in motion produces negative ions, and that’s why you always feel better around the ocean or near running water. That breathtaking waterfall? Orgone. Lush vegetation? Orgone.

Orgone, orgone, ORGONE!

It’s obvious that taking a quick stroll to a nearby waterfall is neigh impossible for most of the globe. So are we — figuratively — doomed to whatever our environment produces? Yes and no. Yes, abundant levels of positive ions exist. No, we don’t need to allow this to create an imbalance in our lives.

Many international firms manufacture products attempting to rectify the imbalance of positive ions around us. Orgone.org is one such company who manufactures bespoke products addressing specific needs of those clued up enough to enjoy the benefits of orgone energy.

The products found on Orgoneenergy.org produce Orgone energy which mimics the resonance of nature at its purest. All orgone’s products also produce Schumann resonance(named after the German physicist, Professor W.O. Schumann, who described this resonance of 7.83HZ as the heartbeat of mother earth). Schumann resonance is thought to have a calming and healing effect much like that of Orgone energy.

As you now know, Orgone is another name for negative ions — which is the resulting vibration we find around waterfalls, in lush vegetation and other places where nature is at its finest. The folks here at Orgone Energy have created a number of products that accurately produce the same resonance and subtle energy — which you can access right in your home, at the office or on the move.

The products we offer all produce orgone energy and Schumann resonance infused with tones of frequencies that create powerful levels of negative ion resonance. The effective range of these products varies between 10 meters, to an astounding 200 meters radius!

One of the top sellers on this website, the Orgone Generator Dome, effectively raises the levels of vibrational healing energy by producing orgone energy that covers an area of 40 to 80 cubic meters!


If you are in an ever-bad mood, ready to stomp the lips of whoever dares look at you the wrong way, your energy field is probably at the root cause of your monstrous mania. If you step out of bed and miss the floor, your energy field is probably the stumbling stone causing your grand entrance to what will probably become a nasty day.

The practices of various well-respected healers of the previous millennia cannot be ignored. The healing actions of being in nature cannot be written off. If there is ANY way that you can possibly create a balanced field of positive and negative ions, you probably should. Get your Orgone Energy sorted, and live an Orgone life of positivity. No… REAL positivity!

UPDATES on Subtle Energy.  A new take, August 21:

What is Subtle Energy?

A revolutionary discovery has been made by scientists studying the motion of the galaxies clusters. They have incontrovertible evidence that subtle energy, an ancient energy form exists in what they refer to as the subatomic world or dark matter. Some scientists believe that this energy has beneficial effects on our health and using it in the healing professions holds a lot of potential for improving the quality of our life. Thanks to advancement in technology, this fascinating energy form can now be generated and packaged. This will definitely change the way modern medicine is viewed forever.

In the late 1800s, Western scientists believed subtle energy existed in what was referred to as the “Etheric World”. They also believed this energy was very important for the effective functioning of the organs in our human body. Although the Ancients of the East believed in the existence of this energy, they also believed this energy has a spiritual part that was not only vital to the well-being of humans but was indestructible. Nowadays, subtle energy is called Qi by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners and is referred to as prana in the Eastern Ayurvedic practices.

Dr. Jole Jones of the University of California proved the effects and existence of subtle energy in and on the human body. Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), he found that when we stimulate the toe’s acupuncture point that influences vision, a signal is sent to the brain’s visual cortex. He also found that the signal from the brain to the toe travels a thousand times faster than the signal sent from the eyes to the brain.

Basic Points of Subtle Energy

Why do we instantly feel warm and peaceful when one person touches us yet we may bristle and cringe when touched by another? Is it purely psychological or is something happening energetically? What happens when we touch? When we touch another person, we exchange energy and a kind of energetic communion takes place. Even in such simple acts as shaking hands or touching another on the shoulder, all kinds of contact – casual, intimate, even contact for healing purposes involve a commingling of our energy field with that of another.  (SOURCE: http://collinge.org/Touch.htm)

Some fascinating breakthroughs in understanding the energetics of touch have recently been discovered at the Institute of HeartMath. In one study, pairs of subjects were wired up to electrodes, researchers found that when the subjects were holding hands each person’s heart energy waves were detectable on the surface of the other's body and even affected the other’s brain waves. Then they attempted to determine whether heart energy was transferred without physical contact. The subjects were seated three feet apart and indeed their electrocardiogram output was detectable across the surface.

There’s also a collective phenomenon that can happen since our energy field extends several feet away another person can be twice that distance and we are connected where our fields meet. This makes it easy to understand how we can be swept up in the collective energy of a large group of people. Imagine two drops of water sitting near each other on a surface now imagine taking a toothpick and piercing the side of one drop then drawing it over to the other drop. When they meet they flow into each other creating one larger drop. Likewise, when we are joining energy fields with others, we create a large unified field.

This larger field serves as a medium through which people who are physically far apart are connected energetically. This energetic connection also enables us to be in sync with others. In marching, team play, or dancing our whole body becomes an oscillator affecting and being affected by the surrounding oscillators. This same principle applies to sitting silently in meditation or prayer in a group or singing with others. When we all become entrained together we oscillate collectively and the whole group becomes one big oscillator. This helps explain how group and cult experiences and mass action for better or for worse can be so compelling. When we are in the presence of powerful personalities such as spiritual teachers, evangelists, political auditors, and even expert salespeople we can be drawn into entrainment with them.

When we enter into prayer meditation or spiritual healing activity, we are entering into a kind of courtship of the spirit we seek an experience of direct partnership with the divine because these activities are all concerned with union or communion across dimensions. It is no coincidence that the words holy, hail, and health all have their roots in the Greek word “Polus” meaning oneness with all that is. There’s a Sufi saying that prayer is when you talk to God and meditation is when God talks to you. Though we may bring different intentions to these two pursuits in practice, they are often commingled and can bring similar energetic experiences.

But how can it be that simply sitting still can generate all these things especially when the whole practice is centered on non-doing. Here, we have strong indications that simply by consciously intending to bridge to another dimension a chain of events seems to be set in motion that can alter us on an energetic level. That happens because we become transducers. Remember, a transducer is any device that converts energy from one form to another. Remember, too that the human body contains a transducer system comprising our endocrine glands, our nervous system, and our own biofield to which these systems are coupled and that this is what allows us to detect subtle energies.

In spiritual practices, the whole person becomes a transducer. We are converting energy from another dimension which we can experience throughout our body as light and many other sensations. Emphasis is not so much on sound vibration as on being absorbed in the repetition of the mental intention. This practice opens the heart and creates deep feelings of peacefulness and harmony. Take a moment right now to think of someone who has touched your life deeply in a positive way and whom you genuinely appreciate. Picture this person in your mind’s eye and as you do so bring your attention to your heart. You have just caused a shift in the energy field of your heart.

One of the goals of spiritual practices across traditions is a sense of integration and oneness within oneself. On the physiological level, this takes the form of coherence and entrainment occurring in our energy systems and this is not something that takes years of practice to experience. Simply feeling sincere appreciation increases coherence in the energy field emanating from the heart. We all have native healing abilities, we are all healers; it is only our cultural blinders and prejudices that keep more of us from functioning as healers. Spiritual healing by the laying on of hands or by prayer or meditation has been practiced for as long as recorded history.

The reality is that we all have performed this act countless times spontaneously in our daily lives without giving it a second thought. A bump on the head or a bump or bruise anywhere else on the body is usually met with the laying of a hand to soothe or protect. We do not have to conjure up the conscious intention to soothe or protect for it’s already there nor do we think about the fact that our hands are conduits of healing energy from the heart which is channeled through our palm chakras or that by touching the wound we are sending energy through it that can clear out trauma and restore energetic balance to that area.

We also spontaneously tend to reach out to touch others around us who are suffering. Taking another’s hand placing a loving hand on someone’s shoulder are ways we naturally express our caring. It’s not just psychological support for something energetic is transferred. When we touch another, we are completing a circuit by connecting energy fields and creating a larger joint energy field. This allows the other to draw upon our resources and allows us to give support in the form of energy or what we commonly call strength.

The indigenous people of Hawaii have a beautiful practice that shows the impact of the collective energy field on us as individuals. When someone is ill and is to be treated by a Kahuna healer, the patient’s entire community must first assemble and undergo a forgiveness ritual in which everyone releases any resentments or ill feelings that were being held in the collective field of which the patient is a part. This makes up a kind of cleansing or purging of the shared field allowing the group’s collective intention to be as strong and pure as possible as it is focused on the well-being of the patient. It is only after this process that the healer will proceed with the healing work. This is a true expression of the understanding that we are not living in isolation but are intimately connected to and subtly affected by those around us.  (SOURCE: http://collinge.org/Kahuna.htm)

Using subtle energy in different health products has enormous implications, especially for those in the healing professions. Subtle energy can increase the healing effects of nutritional products and natural. So these remedies will work better without having to increase the dosage. Several subtle energy formulas are now available through Orgone Energy and they have been proven scientifically to be effective for several healing purposes.