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What is Life Force Energy?

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What is Life Force Energy?

Life force energy is known as Prana in Hindu Yoga philosophy. It is called Chi in Chinese and Ki in Japanese. Life force energy is usually interpreted as breath but everything that yoga talks about has a gross reality and also a subtle reality. In that sense, life force energy is not only breath but also life itself. So when we talk about life force energy in terms of yoga, we have to look at it as not just breathe or air that we breathe in or the process of respiration but we also have to look at it in terms of the energy that surrounds us, that is within us, and that is outside of us at a gross level and at a physical level.

Life force energy means the breathing process or the breath that we take in, so when you inhale we have the life force energy moving in and when you exhale we have done a moving out. In modern scientific terms, we can say oxygen goes in, breath exchange happens, and carbon dioxide comes out but from the subtle point of view, we have to understand life force energy has life itself.

what is life force energy

What exactly happens when we breathe in?

When we breathe in, we are not just inhaling air and trying to process the oxygen but when we are inhaling, we are actually receiving life itself so that we live and move closer to ourselves. So we have to realize from a subtle point of view that when we breathe in we are receiving life energy from our breath and the life energy that surrounds us.

What exactly happens when we breathe out?

What we are actually doing when we are exhaling from the gross reality is that we are exhaling carbon dioxide and other metabolic wastes through the nose or the mouth as the case may be. But from the other point of view, when we are exhaling we are actually letting go of everything that stops us from coming closer and closer to ourselves.

Every exhale is letting go of what stops us from being truly alive and experiencing the truth that we are living. So for now, just remember one thing from the subtle aspect of life force energy, we have to understand that the breathing process is not just a relation and acceleration of gases and gas exchange but the process of respiration is also the inhalation of life energy, and exhalation of whatever that stops us from being truly alive.

Top 6 Energy Drains Stealing Your Life Force Energy

One of the most beneficial perspectives that you can take on your path of personal growth and self-development is the perspective of understanding what energy drains are and the idea of plugging your energy drains to stop the drains. This can be helpful because it really gives you some tangible action steps you can take to raise your vibration and to help speed up your personal growth.

The Mind

You have probably heard it a million times, but it’s absolutely true – the mind drains so much energy when it is not trained properly. A good way of looking at your mind can be like a stubborn horse. Your mind is like a stubborn horse and you have to train it to think properly otherwise it’s basically getting whipped around by the entire stimulus in your environment and it’s draining your energy regularly. So negative thoughts, pointless thoughts, and any kind of thinking that actually isn’t fueling you or supplying you in some sort of way drain your energy. Different practices like mindful meditation, centering practices, positive thinking practices and all these kinds of things are extremely important in learning how to balance your mind so that your mind is not draining you. Mastering your mind is a key component of personal development.


How many people do you know that are addicted to drama and then are you actually addicted to drama yourself because it’s easier to think about it when you are pointing at somebody else. Drama addiction is off the charts, that is why there’s so much drama in the media and movies because it sells, and people are addicted to dramatic things. Everyone knows someone that’s addicted to drama, someone that whenever something dramatic is going on their ears perk up, and they want to get into the mess and be part of it. This is a huge thing and something to pay attention to.

If you are addicted to drama or if you get excited when drama comes along, it may perk up your energy for a bit and you might feel a little stimulation of energy but what you are actually doing is you are feeding off low vibe energy and low vibe energy is ultimately a drain. It may perk you up a little at the moment while you are gossiping or whatever it is but eventually what happens is you crash down and then you crave more and you start creating drama in your life and in your environment. These are things that pull your energy away from you just to get that little energy fix.


Toxins in our food and in the things we drink and consume are another source of energy drains in our life. This is like through the roof because the world is so toxic nowadays. I mean everybody pretty much knows this to a certain degree. If you don’t know this well, you need to know this that tap water is not the way to go, regular conventional food is not the way to go. In fact, there are so many pollutants in the air that it’s probably a good idea to get some sort of air filter or get some sort of protocol for detoxing your lungs and detoxing your body in general because toxins in our environment are a major energy drain.

What happens is when we have irritants in our system, they literally drain our energy because our body has to spend so much time and so much effort trying to detox pathogens and trying to detox different chemical toxins from our system that we can’t use and we basically lower our quality of life and lower our energy levels as a result. So start drinking good water, don’t drink tap water anymore and don’t even just use one of those cheap filters. Go get yourself an Orgone Generator Water Ionizer to increase hydration and improve your food’s nutritional absorption. Keep this Food and Water Ionizer rejuvenation disk plate in your refrigeration to harmonize the harmful electromagnetic energy from its motor and watch how much the quality improves.

Also, another good first step is to go 100% organic and stop eating crappy conventional foods. This might mean giving up some of your favorite restaurants if they have shitty quality food but you know what it’s actually totally worth it because when you fuel yourself with good sustenance your whole life improves. You feel clearer; you think clearer; you act clearer; you make better decisions and then start to implement some detox protocols. Other helpful products include Orgone Iron On EMF Clothing Protection and Orgone Ionic Toothbrushes. So all those things are super useful and there are many other things that you can do as well.


How many people are addicted to media, how many people are addicted to social media, how much energy does that drain from you when you have been scrolling for two hours and your eyes get crossed and you can’t even think straight anymore. You just feel kind of anxious, weird, and uncomfortable. Well, that’s an energy drain – media, in general, can be an energy drain if you are not using it correctly. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a bunch of great media out there but after you have been on media for a certain amount of time, you need to ask yourself if it has fueled or uplifted you or it is draining you. You need to cut out the stuff that drains you. If it’s toxic media or even pointless media that drains you, you don’t have to involve yourself with that kind of stuff because it’s a waste of time. A lot of stuff in media simulates value to get people to click on it or go after it but doesn’t actually deliver the value. So it is important to find a way to balance your diet of media.

What is Life Force Energy?


This is a factor that’s often overlooked as people talk little about it. Posture is huge and anyone that’s actually done a significant amount of Qi Gong or yoga understands this and that is why these practices are so powerful. This is one of the reasons why we have different meridians. Meridians are basically energy rivers that run through your body and it is what delivers your Prana or your life force energy to your body. If you don’t have the right posture, then it’s basically like disrupting a river, so all the water is just spilling out of your energy field.

If your back is all hunched over and you’re spilling energy out, the energy is not moving up and down your spine the right way and naturally, you will not have an optimal performance capacity because your energy isn’t fueling all your different energy centers. It is a great idea to take some Qi gong classes so you can learn what that posture is. You don’t necessarily have to become a Qi Gong master or a Tai Chi master or anything like that but when you learn what the posture is, then you can start correcting your posture. Qi Gong and Yoga can really help the energy flow and that is when you will be able to keep yourself in the correct posture.

You will also be able to think better, feel better, act better, make better decisions and everything in life is just better. So doing that really gives you the capacity to understand how you are supposed to keep your balance, how you are supposed to keep your energy centers moving through your posture, and then as you move through your regular day you can correct your posture. When it falls out of balance, you can actually start feeling when you are out of balance.

Energy Vampires

This is the last life force energy drain, but it is a big one. This one is huge because there are tons of energy vampires running around. You might even be an energy vampire and not even know it. If you are addicted to drama, you might be an energy vampire. But the other side of that is energy vampires are energy leeches in your environment. They are those kinds of people that come into your environment and push your buttons and then they feed off of that energy. It might not be that the person is actually trying to piss you off or irritate you but it might be something where they are just always bringing up something that takes your attention and takes your energy. So you have to focus on their drama or whatever their issue is, and this drains your energy from you.

It can also be people that systematically disempowering you or saying things that belittle you. It could be different spiritual teachers that actually do this that they tap on to your different chakra systems and steal your energy from you. But one thing you should know is that if you have a lot of energy vampires in your life, the first step to being able to get out of those situations and re-empower yourself is to agree within yourself that you will not give your energy away anymore and not make it their responsibility.

You can’t make it the energy vampire’s responsibility to stop vamping, make it your responsibility to stop giving your energy away. Otherwise, you are playing in a victim role and when you are in a victim role, you will always be a victim right. So you have to be empowered and determine not to give your energy away and have control over your energy. If you have to change the circumstances in your life, you might have to drop some friends that are energy vamps. However, you have to conclude that you are in control of your own energy and you can’t blame anybody else rather you have to take control. Those are the six energy drains that are stealing your life force energy.

What is Life Force Energy?

How to Increase Life Force Energy

Spend More Time Outdoors

Breathing fresh air charges the body with vital energy. The sun is also a good source to rejuvenate our energy. We can experience water as a source of vital energy by being in it (soaking or swimming), drinking it, or simply appreciating it in nature (oceans, lakes, streams, rivers). The earth has a powerful electromagnetic energy, so it is important to connect with it.


Energize the body by eating fresh living organic food. We are energetic beings, so our life force energy charges us naturally when we eat these live foods because sunlight energy is held within the plants.


Having a good night’s sleep can mean we will have good energy throughout that day. According to many studies, deep sleep has a physical restorative effect. During deep sleep, growth hormone is usually released. This is the hormone that tells our tissue to repair itself after a series of activities during the day.


Meditation has been shown to help decrease anxiety and move in the world with ease and flow. Regular daily meditation practices can help to create equanimity and resilience that supports the body to maintain our life force energy. Energy flows more freely through the subtle and physical bodies as we gain a higher state of being.


When we breathe deeply, the extra air we take in contains not only oxygen but also life force energy. The ancient art of Pranayama which is the governance of life force through the breath is a very powerful tool to optimize the mind-body energy.


According to many studies, the more we move the more energy we will feel. This can be explained by the mitochondria found in every cell of our body. When we move, the body makes our mitochondria to meet our energy needs. The more mitochondria we have, the greater the boost to our metabolism.

Positive Affirmations

When we fill our lives with positive emotions and thoughts, the flow of energy to the body is positive. Negative emotions and thoughts drain our life force energy. Affirmative practices can retrain the brain to shift limiting beliefs and thoughts into positive energy and intentions.

Compassion/ Loving Kindness

The highest vibrational frequency of the universe is love. We can reward ourselves with rejuvenating life force energy by radiating a signal of love for ourselves and everyone around us. On the other hand, low frequencies of blame, anger, low self-esteem, guilt, and fear drain our life force energy.