What Does EMF Stand For?

What Does EMF Stand For?

The term EMF is popping up more and more in the mainstream media as concern over its exposure is starting to build. But what does EMF stand for? 



Technology is all around us with more and more people adopting the newest and latest tech. Unfortunately along with these modern conveniences also comes a really big concern-EMF exposure. 


What is Electromagnetic Field?


Electromagnetic field is a form of energy that is invisible to the human eye, which is emitted from both natural and manmade resources. Like the name suggests, it is an electric energy or force that is emitted. The field is measured in frequency and has been categorized into two radioactive categories:

  • Non-ionizing
  • Ionizing

Non-ionizing radiation are low to mid-frequency. These are radio frequency, visual lights, and microwaves which are emitted from MRIs, mobile phones, WiFi networks, microwaves, and such appliances.

Ionizing radiation are higher in range than non-ionizing, which can lead to damage of cells and DNA. These are not so common as they are emitted from gamma rays, UV light, and very high ranging x-rays.

You can click here to view the Electromagnetic Spectrum. The spectrum highlights the frequency of EMF emitted by appliances to high powered x-ray.

Can EMF be Harmful to Us?


In the past decade or so, we have seen a major advancement of technology. If we look back to the 1990’s when mobile phones weren’t so common we had a low exposure to radiations emitted by the electromagnetic field.

It would mostly be from power lines, home appliances, and other sources that mostly emitted non-ionizing radiation.

There was a research conducted to see what impact electromagnetic radiation has on children. Even though there wasn’t substantial proof, it was concluded that exposure to electromagnetic radiation can lead to leukemia in children.

In 2010 an examination of seven similar studies looked at the between leukemia in children due to excess exposure to low-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

The results showed an increase in leukemia with EMF exposure. More research is needed to know the true impact of this exposure. 

Excess exposure to electromagnetic field radiation is not beneficial for our bodies. Electromagnetic radiation has been known to impact us in the following way:

Increased Risk of Asthma From EMF Exposure



A study was conducted to gauge the impact of EMF on babies. It was concluded that women that are exposed to higher frequency of EMF while pregnant were 3x more likely to have babies with asthma. 


Risk of Autism From EMF Exposure


Autism is caused by a disturbance in the biological makeup of an individual. High exposure to RF, radio frequency, radiation has been linked to as a cause of autism in a study.


It is believed that the radiation causes stress and oxidative damage to proteins which in turn lead to neurological harm.


This exacerbate symptoms for those that already have autism while also putting others at risk of it.

Risk of Cancer From EMF Exposure


With the excessive use of laptops and mobile phones, we put our bodies and tissues in direct contact with RF and devices that emit low frequency radiation.

In close proximity our tissues pick up these radiations much quicker and therefore they have a negative impact on us, even though they may be low in intensity.


Brain Cancer: 

 Even though brain cancer makes up only 1.4% of the cancer cases reported, it is quite lethal. There is statistical evidence that we have a higher risk of developing brain tumour due to the use of mobile and cordless phone.

Breast Cancer:

An odd case appeared in 2013 when four women, who had no family history of breast cancer, developed breast cancer.


Surprisingly, the cancer was shaped like their cell phone in the breast tissue.


This was due to the fact that they kept their phone for over 10 hours on a daily basis in that region of their chest for several years.

Many studies have been conducted since to find a relationship between electromagnetic radiation and how it increases the risk of breast cancer.


Additional Health Risks of EMF Exposure 

  • Stress
  • Infertility
  • Headaches and lethargy
  • Skin burn



As our bodies are more exposed to electromagnetic radiation, even if it is low frequency, it has a negative impact on us.

Infants and children and are especially vulnerable to the effects of EMF exposure as their bodies are still growing and developing. 

Science is beginning to realize this and that is why many studies are being conducted on EMF and its impact. However, keeping these studies and results in mind there has yet to be a major change. 

Minimizing your EMF exposure is the best option to protect your physical and mental health.


Protect yourself and your family From EMF

  1. Keep a safe distance: Keep a safe distance from electronic devices, particularly when they are being used.
  2. Use speakerphone or headphones: Reduce Your Cell Phone Exposure with Speakerphone or Wired Headsets.
  3. Limit screen time: Reduce your EMF exposure and protect your health with our screen time breaks.
  4. Turn off Wi-Fi at night: Reduce your exposure while you sleep by turning off your router at night. 
  5. Choose wired connections: Whenever feasible, choose wired connections over wireless, like utilizing an Ethernet cable instead of relying on Wi-Fi.
  6. Use EMF Protection Products: At Orgone Energy we offer EMF protection products including personal and whole home solutions