Would A Second Geoclense Negative Ion Generator be More Effective?

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Our bodies are continually exposed to electromagnetic radiation emitted from EMF all around us. Whether it is while using our phones, the computer, or even just sitting idle. We are exposed from non-ionizing radiation from WiFi signals, television sets, radio waves, cellular towers, amongst many other sources with EMF.

It is high time that we begin to neutralize the negative impact radiation has on us. To help you harmonize your home, you can get a Geoclense Orgone Generator.

The Geoclense has been proven to improve the atmosphere of the house. It does this by generating negative ions that neutralize the positive ions emitted by EMF. So your body does not absorb these positive ions as they are neutralized in the atmosphere before gaining contact with your skin. You can be certain that the Geoclense will harmonize your home from:

Man-made radiation

* Smart Meters

* Bluetooth from phone, computer, and other devices

* Digital television

* Microwave ovens

* Baby monitor

* Electrical appliances

* Cellphone towers

* High voltage power lines

* WiFi modem and router

* Metal House Frames and home roof top

* Among other EMF radiation producing products

Earth Radiation

* Pipes including water, sewage, and storm

* Seismic fault lines

* Radioactive geological matter (Coal and Uranium)

This will overall result in your stability both mentally and physically.

I have a Geoclense Orgone Generator at home, is one enough or should I purchase a second one?

Well typically, one Geoclense is usually more than enough for a home. It provides an exceptional range so if you plug it into a central location in your home, you would get coverage throughout your home and even into your yard. However, if you have a home with more than one storey or an exceptionally big house then to get the most protection we would recommend purchasing a second Geoclense.

Another reason to get a second Geoclense would be if you have had your home tested for EMF and have found that at a certain location there is a stronger field. The first Geoclense you can plug in a central location and the second one you can plug near the location of the strong EMF. This way the second one directly helps neutralize the positive ions as they come out from the source. Leaving your home completely neutralized.

Does the second Geoclense make the protective barrier stronger?

Well, does a second lock on the door make a door more secure? It does provide additional protection so similarly the second Geoclense will provide and enhance the protective barrier. You need to space them out enough and if done properly then you can get protection well into your yards and even to your neighbors house. The Geoclense constantly produces negative ions for the period it is plugged in. So you will get plenty protection as long as you have the two plugged in at all time.

Would you recommend getting a Dome Orgone Schuman Generator? How about two Dome’s so that I can achieve better protection?

The Dome Orgone Schuman Generator is a great product if you want to target EMF and the positive ions at the source of where they are generated. You can put the Dome on top of electronic devices such as the computer, your television, and so on so that it neutralizes the positive ions emitted from the device right away. We highly recommend purchasing more than one Dome if you have a lot of electronic appliance to combat the hazardous energy they expose you to.

Not only that, the Dome also improves the overall chi of your house. Releasing positive energy that will have you feeling much better. No longer will you feel tired and lethargic at home. This also has a positive impact on your mental health leading to a less stressful and happier you.

The Dome complements the Geoclense very well. The Dome can be placed near the exact source of the EMF while the Geoclense can be placed somewhere else in the house to make sure that all the negative energy in the house is neutralized and you and your family’s health is not compromised.

If you want the ultimate protection from electromagnetic radiation we recommend pairing the Geoclense Orgone Generator with the Dome Orgone Schuman Generator. They will help improve the atmosphere of your house leading you to a better and healthier life.

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