What is EMF Balancing Technique Training?

Learn how to balance your chakras with EMF balancing technique training

The EMF Balance Technique was designed by Peggy Phoenix Dubro and is an energy system that was developed to work with the “Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL)”, a system found in the anatomy of human energy.

 It’s a simple technique that anyone can learn and that is based on the human effect on the body’s electromagnetic field. 

The technique comprises eight phases, and each phase is designed specifically to strengthen the UCL.

A Strong Desire to Remember God



From an early age, Peggy Phoenix Dubro had a strong desire to “remember God”. 

As a young woman, she had a series of profound experiences that led to the spontaneous opening of all of her chakras. This openness created an awareness of unconditional love and an understanding of the connection between all things in the universe.


Her desire to know more and to live daily in the awareness of this condition led her on a fifteen-year journey that ended in another deep opening, this time a unique experience that led to the discovery of the Universal Calibration Lattice. 


Initially, Peggy focused on her spiritual development. By directly working with UCL’s electromagnetic nature, she realized that there was a way to develop a way to help others in their evolutionary process.

What is the Universal Calibration Lattice?



The Universal Calibration Lattice is a system within the human energy anatomy that has a simple goal: to transport the greatest electrical charge that is available to every human being. 


The Universal Calibration Lattice is the circuit that carries the electric charge that functions as the basis for the next stage of personal evolution. 


It’s an extension of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems that help develop the ability to express oneself fully.

What is Involved in an EMF Balancing Technique Session?



An EMF balancing technique session typically lasts about one hour.


The client sits on a massage table while the practitioner performs a series of graceful movements similar to Tai Chi.

For most of the movements, the practitioner runs his hands through the part of the UCL that completely surrounds the body two feet away. 


During some parts of the session, the practitioner may place their hands gently on the client’s body to facilitate energy flow.

A Permanent Powerful Charge



With every session, the UCL strengthens itself so that it can permanently carry a more powerful electrical charge. 

Although the procedure is always the same, the strengthening of the field (or calibration) is unique for each person conducting a session. 

The calibration is typically determined by the client’s inner wisdom.


As the client lies on the massage table, the energy field is prepared as the universal energy flows from the practitioner’s hands through the client’s energy anatomy. The client can feel a feeling of warmth, tingling, and relaxation


Once the field is prepared, the cleansing process begins by stretching the energy fibers. Then the balancing process takes place, and the practitioner places his hands on different energy centers, also called chakras. This contact can cause noticeable temperature changes, leading to the end of the session.

The Different Phases of EMF Balancing Technique

The phases of the EMF Balancing Technique must be performed one after the other. A client can choose to complete the first 4 phases in a row before completing the last 4 phases in a row, or they can choose to repeat one of the first 4 phases. The phases are as follows:

Phase 1: Emotions and Wisdom – This session relieves stress and creates a new pattern of well-being and freedom.

Phase 2: Support and Self-Direction – This session releases the energy limitations of the past and increases the client’s awareness of support and self-direction.

Phase 3: Radiate Core Energy – This phase will encourage increased spiritual intelligence flow in your life.

Phase 4: Energetic Accomplishment – This phase views communication and connection with the future self through the lens of personal potential.

Phase 5: Infinite Love Pattern – This pattern features an area that includes the Heart Center, the Upper Heart Center, the throat, small vortices of energy around the mouth, and the center on the nose tip.

Phase 6: Infinite Compassion Patterns – There are 2 separate patterns in this phase, one for each hand. Each pattern includes the energy center in the middle of the hand as well as the small energy vortices in the fingers.

Phase 7: Infinite Presence Patterns – There are 2 separate patterns in this phase, one for each foot. Each pattern includes the major energy center on the bottom and top of the foot and the small vortices of energy around the toes and on the soles of the feet.

Phase 8: Infinite Wisdom Pattern – This pattern includes the points of light in the brain and the energy vortices that are connected to the Crown Center.

Benefits of the EMF Balancing Technique



Documented benefits of EMF Balancing Technique sessions include deep peace, increased self-control, improved well-being, and often even remarkable physical healings; the benefits are limitless as we learn to hold and express our greatest burden. 

We learn to shape, translate, and explore our world as multidimensional beings. The work empowers everyone who wants to keep growing, from the novice on the road to the seasoned sage who knows that the journey is eternal and that growth is limitless.