Best EMF Protection

In the world today, it is virtually impossible to completely get away from EMF and the radiation it emits. With radio frequency and waves all around us, the only way you can rid yourself of EMF radiation is if you were to isolate yourself in the middle of a forest but what kind of life is that.

As we surround ourself with technology, we get more and more exposure to EMF radiation. Cell phones, computers, laptops, WiFi routers, microwave ovens, and all electric appliances have an electromagnetic field which emits non-ionizing radiation. This radiation is harmless for the most part but as we rely on excessive use of technology we are exposed to the low-frequency radiation throughout the day which can be harmful for us.

Studies have been conducted on how ionizing radiation has led to mutation of cells which in turn leads to cancer. Now, non-ionizing radiation is less impactful but many studies have linked it to increase the chances of cancer and leukemia in children.

Our health should be our first priority. In the past two decades we have seen a rise in cancer cases as reported by American Cancer Society. These cases cannot be directly linked to EMF radiation but the radiation has been linked by a few studies to triggering cancer. If you are worried about your health and want to combat EMF and the radiation it exposes you to then there are a few measures you can take. We have three products that can help you negate the impact of EMF radiation that we are constantly exposed to.

The first product we have on the list ensures to cleanse your home of EMF radiation and ensures you have a healthy life.

Geoclense Negative Ion Generator

The Geoclense Negative Ion Generator generates negative ions which have been proven to be beneficial to our health as they work to harmonize the energy in our homes. The main purpose of Geoclense is to combat radiation and electromagnetic frequency to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The effects of EM radiation:

    Feeling of his laziness and lethargy, you have trouble attempting the simplest of tasks
    Fatigue and headache
    Trouble concentrating from time to time
    Trouble sleeping
    Negative aura, have anxiety and feeling of angry
    With continuous exposure to EMF radiation you risk your health and may increase the chances of cancer

Since EMF radiation can be absorbed by the skin, it directly has an impact of the biology of our bodies. Which leads to the above symptoms.

So to test the benefits of Geoclense we purchased one and used it in our office. We would like to tell you that we felt a difference right away but we think that was more psychological than anything. Similar to a placebo effect. After plugging Geoclense in for about 30 minutes, we decided to put it to the test with the help of an EMF meter.

Now, it is hard to tell exactly how much EMF radiation is emitted but what we did was, we gauged if the Geoclense had an impact on reducing the frequency of EMF of electrical appliances. The test did not really prove much but we were not really expecting it to. Since Geoclense does not promise to reduce the EMF itself, the readings we got on the meter were similar to the ones you would get without a Geoclense. However, what the Geoclense does is release negative ions which balance out the negative impact of EMF and the exposure to EMF radiation. Since, there was no way of actually running a test to see if this was done, we decided to see if it had an impact on us in the long run.

To our surprise, we felt a difference just one week in. There was just more positive energy around the office and more work was being done. The feeling of laziness and lethargy was definitely reduced.

The product can combat the radiation from the following:

Man-made radiation

  • Smart Meters
  • Bluetooth from phone, computer, and other devices
  • Digital television
  • Microwave ovens
  • Baby monitor
  • Electrical appliances
  • Cellphone towers
  • High voltage power lines
  • WiFi modem and router
  • Metal House Frames and home roof top
  • Among other EMF radiation producing products

Earth Radiation

  • Pipes including water, sewage, and storm
  • Seismic fault lines
  • Radioactive geological matter (Coal and Uranium)

We now move on to a product that will protect you from electronic devices on a daily basis and that too for long period of time.

Phone Computer Bluetooth WiFi Radiation Protection

Studies conducted by British psychologists have concluded that young adults use their cell phones for an average of five hours a day. Whether it is for social media, phone calls, text messages, and so on. They put their health at risk due to the EMF radiation that they are exposed to with the use of cell phones. Not only that, everyone carries their cell phone around all day. Even when not in use, cell phones emit radiation whether it is through WiFi or cellular signals.

The Phone Computer Bluetooth WiFi Radiation Protection is a sticker which you can put on your phone or any other electronic device. It seeks to protect you by eliminating radiation emission. Now, it doesn’t just block it out, it harmonizes the harmful energy by generating negative ions which creates a healthy life-force chi.

As cell phones have become popular, there has been a rise in the cases of brain cancer. Many doctors warn parents to not let their children who absorb 50% more radiation into the brain use phones for too long. Especially when talking on the phone, the brain gets exposure to EMF radiation the most while we are talking on our phones.

However, cell phones have now become a necessity and it is virtually impossible to live without one. It is the easiest form of communication with our friends and family. So rather than having to give it up you can use the sticker to combat exposure to EMF radiation and make it safe for you and your family to use a cell phone.

The Phone Computer Bluetooth WiFi Radiation Protection, is not only for your cell phone. You can stick it to an electronic device from a computer to your microwave oven and with the use of negative ions it will harmonize the device and surrounding so the device does not put your health at any risk.

Our final product is portable which makes it great for travel purpose. Whether you are traveling within or outside the city on a public or private mode of transportation. The next product will have you protected from EMF radiation.

Aircraft Harmonizer EMF Protector

Whether you have a flight to catch or just traveling in your car, the Aircraft Harmonizer can help balance your chi and protect you from surrounding EMF radiation. You can easily fit it in your pocket, purse, or bag and carry it with you wherever you go.

When we travel, we constantly have an exposure to EMF radiation from radio, cell tower, power lines, and many more sources. The Aircraft Harmonizer works as a personal protective equipment to guard you from all the negative energy you absorb while travelling away from your home.

The Aircraft Harmonizer is your perfect companion to combat jet lag. When traveling on an airplane, you put yourself inside a steel tube which is a magnet to positive ions. Whether it is from the sun when you are in the air or the heat that the engine and jets produce. The EMF radiation is quite high on airplanes. Which can take a toll on your health and body. The fact that seats and the limited space you have doesn’t help either. This leads you to feeling fatigue and jet lagged. With the Aircraft Harmonizer you have the ultimate jet lag remedy as it helps to combat the positive ions with negative ones to neutralize the negative impacts the positive ions have on your health.

We were skeptic about the impact but when we actually tried it out and took it on an overseas flight, we noticed a difference in the fact that we weren’t as tired as we normally are on flights. The Aircraft Harmonizer is also great for those that experience motion and car sickness as it helps stabilise your aura and chi to combat the sickness.

To get the best protection from EMF and the radiation it exposes us to we recommend you pair all three products. You get the Geoclense for your home so you are protected while at home. You get the sticker and the Aircraft Harmonizer for when you travel that way your aura is always protected and EMF radiation has little to no impact on your health. Many believe that these products have a psychological impact and it is all in our heads. We say why don’t you try them for yourself and see the positive impact they will have on your life even if it is just psychological. You will have a healthier and better life and that is all anyone can hope for.