What is Orgonite?

Orgonite is a substance composed of resin, quartz, and metals that harmonizes and balances bioenergy, also known as orgone, prana, or chi. Research has found organic materials attract and retain orgone energy, while non organic materials attract and repel energy simultaneously. 


Originally discovered by Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s, orgone or etheric energy is present in living things, including the human body. Reich suggested that disease develops when our etheric body is out of control and positive orgone energy could realign the etheric field, thus promoting healing and balancing of life force, prana, or chi. 

What is an Orgonite?



Orgonite is a substance composed of resin, quartz, and metals that harmonizes and balances bioenergy, also known as orgone, prana, or chi. Austrian psychiatrist, Dr. Wilhelm Reich investigated orgone energy in the first half of the 20th century, and today’s orgone devices are based on his findings. Dr. Reich found during his research that organic materials attract and retain orgone energy, while non organic materials attract and repel energy simultaneously. 

Orgonite is based on these two(2) principles. It’s a 50-50 mixture of resin (organic, since it is based on petrochemicals) and metallic shavings (non-organic). A quartz crystal is added within the orgonite matrix as well. The unbalanced energy is absorbed by the resin and metal mixture in the orgonite and the embedded crystal returns it to a living and healthy state.

How Does Orgonite Really Work?

orgone energy


To discuss orgonite, we must first discuss the basics of orgone energy. In simple terms, orgone is energy. In fact, this is another name for the multi-named etheric energy that is everywhere and embodies everything related to Reiki energy, chi,  prana, biomagnetic energy, life energy, and soft electrons.

An orgonite crystal device or orgone matrix is a device that offers help with working with these etheric energies. Both release orgone energy when stimulated by other forms of energy and have the ability to shift orgone energy from one state to another. It is especially suitable for transmuting negative energy in an area and converting it into a healthy and balanced energy. This makes it particularly useful in a variety of alternative health, radionics, as well as other traditional metaphysical applications.

The Birth of Orgone Accumulators 

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Orgone accumulators came into being in 2000 when Don and Carol Kroc discovered through extensive research that the mixture of metal shavings and organic fiberglass resin is poured into small molds like muffin pans or paper cups and would generate a material that would attract them if they were etheric energy. Then when you add crystals to the mixture, you get something even more amazing. Carol Croft, who was remarkably good at detecting etheric energies, discovered that adding a quartz crystal to orgonite would cause the orgonite not only to attract all types of energy, but also to transmute and rebalance all negative energies to positive energy.

Organic substances attract and maintain a scalar charge, while metallic substances repel it.

The orgonite basically attracts the bioenergy, and while the energy is in the device, the organic resin and metal shavings push and pull it in all directions simultaneously. This creates friction on the energy in which the crystal begins to bring order out of the chaos by aligning the energy structure in a more positive pattern.


What is Organite? The Truth about this Powerful Material

Orgone Energy & How It Works


The simplified and basic theory of how orgone devices work is that the organic component (resin) attracts negative energy towards the device and then bounces between the resin and the unsuspended metal shavings. The crystalline structures of the mixture enable the energy to organize itself and release it again as clean, positive energy.

Benefits of Using Positive Orgone Energy Pyramids



The Orgonite Pyramid helps balance and filter the energy fields in our environment and can help strengthen your energy body by transforming low frequency energies into higher frequency energies which is more beneficial for living things, including plants and pets. People use orgonite to strengthen and balance their energy field and to provide protection against electromagnetic radiation. You can also use it for:

  • Eliminate negative energy in a specific place
  • Deepen meditation
  • Reinforce strengths and visualizations
  • Boost plant growth

The effects of orgonite vary from one person to another. Some feel the energy immediately (usually in the form of a tingling or hot sensation), while the effects are cumulative for others. The most common effects of orgonite are:

  • Decreased sensitivity to EMFs
  • Better sleep and vivid dreams
  • More energy
  • Psychological and spiritual growth
  • Balanced moods
  • Increased resistance to illness 

Orgone Energy for Therapy

Orgone energy therapy is ideal for rapid wound repair, muscle tension and snugness. It makes physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, and craniosacral treatment (among others) much more convenient by helping to maintain muscle tension and relieve muscle tension.

A low point of repair is a real obstacle to recovery from debilitating conditions such as frailty and iron deficiency, shortness of breath, fibromyalgia, or constant exhaustion. You can get the help you really need for your vitality with orgone energy. 

Regardless of this, the recovery of tissues and cells is a characteristic consequence of a flow of solid orgone in the human body. Sitting in an orgone aggregator restores the body's ability to rebuild new tissue and detoxify from toxins, germs, and dead cells. 

How Can We Protect Ourselves from Deadly Orgone Energy?



A room loaded with deadly orgone energy will be terribly suffocating and it will be difficult to breathe well. Given the water-thirsty nature of deadly orgone energy, one also feels dehydrated constantly.  Some people respond to deadly orgone energy with immobilization, lethargy, edema, and lack of emotional contact. These effects are tangible, significant and measurable.

Orgone energy can help clear these energy blockages in the body that are often associated with serious illnesses, including cancer. We can protect ourselves from deadly orgone energy with natural healing gemstones and crystals. Our orgone necklace is the perfect way to show your love for your body's energy center, balance your chakra, and protect yourself from deadly orgone energy.

Orgonite is ideal for placing in an area where a large amount of negative energy needs to be transmuted into positive energy. So depending on your situation, you may need a lot or a little.

How to Use Orgonite?

As a rule, simply place the orgonite near the desired location. You can put orgonite under your pillow or near your bed if you are finding it hard to sleep. Also, you can place it on all the electrical devices in your home to protect yourself from dangerous electromagnetic radiation. Another option is to hold it in your hand or carry it in your pocket so that the life force can enter your body to harmonize and strengthen the energy field of the body.

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