What is the Nankurunaisa Meaning?

Learn the meaning of Nankurunaisa and how it can change your life. 

Learn the meaning of Nankurunaisa and how it can change your life. 

The word “nankurunaisa” is now very popular as it functions as a powerful mantra. It originates from primordial Japan and it originally means:


“Never forget who you are and live for today and tomorrow; Never forget to smile and regardless of your day, remember that the sun will greet you with a big smile the next day. So do this yourself too.


As time passed, this broader meaning has been condensed and adapted to express a strong affirmation and desire.


Its current definition is: “In the end, everything will work out”.


It’s a fascinating message with a lot of potentials.


Origin of Nankurunaisa


Nankurunaisa meaning


Originally, the word “Nankurunaisa” comes from the Okinawan language. It started with several words: “Nankuru nai sa”. Then they came together and became a word with greater meaning.


Nankurunaisa – An Ancient Mantra


Nankurunaisa mantra


According to the Japanese, the word “nankurunaisa” refers to all good things in life. They used it many times. They felt that the very practice of saying the word brought them peace of mind and confidence in what was to come.


Consequently, the word “Nankurunaisa” has gradually become a mantra. A mantra is a phrase that helps you connect with positive and uplifting internal energy.


It involves a deep inner balance and emotional connection. Mantras and prayers have a very special meaning for those who use them. They focus our thoughts on one thing that triggers constructive emotions. Even more so with a word like “Nankurunaisa”, which is now a mantra of hope.

Is Nankurunaisa the Key to Everything?




“Nankurunaisa” is a way of saying “everything will be fine” and that is why many see it as the key to everything.

These people are right to see it that way.


Confidence in what is to come has tremendous power in moving us forward, which is especially important during difficult times when we feel that there is no way out.


Confidence helps us persevere. If we did not believe that everything would turn out fine in the end, we would certainly give up as soon as we encountered obstacles.


Conversely, if we have faith, we can muster the strength to overcome seemingly insurmountable difficulties.

The word “Nankurunaisa” invites us to accept the wisdom of time so we can understand that if we persevere, time will fix things by itself. We just have to let it flow and add a bit of confidence to what we’re doing.


Everything is a Mantra




Indeed, any word can become a mantra. It does not have to be from any particular philosophy or religion to be powerful.

We give words their power, particularly when an emotionally meaningful word is repeated. Everything we repeat often becomes our personal mantra.


If you say “this is so boring” all the time, you will get bored with everything. The same is true if you keep saying “I can’t”, “I don’t like it”, or “I don’t want”. It tends to condition one’s behavior.


Your feelings and thoughts vibrate over time with the words used to describe your mood. It is therefore important to learn to use the language constructively and responsibly. Words ultimately determine our thoughts and our thoughts determine our entire life.



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The word “nankurunaisa” is still very relevant today after thousands of years for a reason. Although it has been forgotten to an extent, it has never disappeared from the language. It is today used far and wide as a song of optimism and hope.