Dirty electricity filter at the outside of a house.

Whole House Dirty Electricity Filter

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If you’ve ever been subjected to a high-pitched whine when standing near an electrical device, you’ve experienced dirty electricity. This form of electromagnetic pollution is increasingly common in our homes and offices, as we rely more and more on electronic devices. While many people are unaware of dirty electricity, it can have harmful effects on our health.

Luckily, there are ways to protect ourselves from its effects – one of which is installing a whole house dirty electricity filter like the GeoClense EMF and Earth Harmonizer. These filters work by reducing the amount of EMF exposure in your home, making it a safer place for you and your family. Keep reading to learn more about whole house dirty electricity filters and the benefits they offer.

What is Dirty Electricity?

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Dirty Electricity is the term used to describe fluctuations in power supply outside the normal 50 to 60 Hz range. Dirty electricity occurs when devices draw a different current than the mains, resulting in “waste” energy.

Although it may seem confusing, dirty electricity is a fairly easy concept to understand. The power grid operates at a frequency of 50 to 60 Hz and is alternating current (AC).

In the past, electronic devices only worked with this energy. However, modern devices sometimes manipulate the mains power to better suit your needs. This can mean conversion to direct current (DC) or higher-frequency AC.

For instance, dimmers produce dirty electricity by manipulating standard mains power voltage. Other common dirty electricity sources are:

  • TV
  • Video game consoles or home theater systems
  • Battery charging cable for mobile devices
  • Cordless phones
  • Smart home appliances

Some of these devices even switch on and off thousands of times per second to create short bursts of electricity. Dirty electricity, once generated, returns to the power supply and can affect other electrical devices connected to it.

Why Should We Care About Dirty Electricity?

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Dirty electricity is a major source of electromagnetic field pollution in the home and few people are aware of it. After all, why would you expect your electronics to not simply run on AC power? In addition to affecting electrically connected devices, dirty electricity can cause surges and spikes that can overload some devices. Also, it can damage your home’s wiring, which can be a costly problem.

Then, of course, there are the health effects of electromagnetic radiation. It can affect your sleep, mental health, and appetite, cause skin rashes, and has even been linked to cancer. Some people may not even know that dirty electricity affects their health because they have lived with the effects for a long time.

What Can I Do About Dirty Electricity in my Home?

Multiple Dirty electricity filter box to care any home from avoiding seamless energy fluctuate

Ideally, the first step to reducing dirty electricity should be to measure the level in your home and then install whole house dirty electricity filters.

How Can I Test the Dirty Electricity in My House?

An electrician testing the house electricity cables and power boards to maintain a seamless energy to use inhouse.

Dirty electricity is invisible to the naked eye, but it’s real and therefore measurable. Before installing whole house dirty electricity filters, you must first measure the level of dirty electricity in your home. You can measure electromagnetic interference with a dirty electricity meter. 

Just plug the meter into an outlet and it will instantly display total line noise in millivolts (mV) over the frequency range of 10 kHz to 10 MHz. The dirty electricity meter displays noise voltage and alternating current voltage by giving off a sound that increases according to the frequency’s intensity. The sound is louder with more interference.

Whole House Dirty Electricity Filters

A technician with screw driver setting up a dirty electricity filter.

A quick search will tell you that there are many opinions on how to minimize dirty electricity in your home. But one of the most comprehensive and easiest ways to protect your loved ones from dirty electricity is to add a whole house dirty electricity filter like the GeoClense EMF and Earth Harmonizer to your home. These filters stray electrical currents where they enter your home.

The function of a whole house dirty electricity filter is to balance the current, stabilize the frequency, and compensate for the voltage. The filters will discharge some of the dirty electricity present in your space, bringing your EMF levels into a safer range. Consequently, it corrects any dirty electrical fields throughout your home, eliminating the need for plug-ins at every outlet.

Whole house dirty electricity filters contain electrical capacitors that can clip the high frequency in your circuit. Simply plug the filters directly into your electrical outlet. In this way, exposure to electromagnetic fields in the form of dirty electricity is minimized and electrical losses are reduced. A whole house dirty electricity filter can bring you health and, in some cases, potentially lower your electricity bills.

They also offer:

  • Whole house surge protection
  • Magnetic field reduction
  • Line conditioning
  • Harmonic reduction

The most complete protection against dirty electricity is provided by a whole house dirty electricity filter, which filters out stray electrical currents at the point of entry.

Note: This filter is designed to clean dirty electricity throughout your home, not radio frequencies (like those given off by wireless devices).

How Do I Know If My Whole House Dirty Electricity Filter is Working?

Two electric technician working on ensure the dirty electricity filter usability for whole house

To test if your dirty electricity filter is working, connect your dirty electricity meter to an electrical outlet and record the measurement. Then connect your whole house dirty electricity filter to the same circuit and repeat the measurement. The meter’s user guide should tell you what the “safe” range is; ensure your measurement is within that range. If not, it’s a sign that your filter is not working or your circuit needs more than one filter. If possible, add an additional filter to the circuit and repeat the reading until it’s within the desired range.

A dirty electricity monitor is the best way to measure whether your whole house dirty electricity filter is working or not. That being said, an EMF meter capable of detecting extremely low frequency (ELF) EMF radiation may also suffice. The TriField TF2 is a great option that can detect all three forms of electromagnetic radiation, including extremely low frequency. After installing the dirty electricity filters, you should see a significant reduction in your readings.

Repeat this process for every room in your house to ensure you have enough dirty electricity filters installed on each circuit. This step is vital because one filter may not be enough and your family is still exposed to harmful ELF EMF radiation levels.

How to Use Whole House Dirty Electricity Filters?

An Expert electric technician ensure the usability of a dirty electricity filter with a thumbs up

Use a whole house dirty electricity meter while all your appliances and other devices are turned off and unplugged. Then compare the measurement to whatever is on to determine if the dirty electricity source is entering your home from your own wiring or from outside.

If the source of the dirty electricity is internal, you can walk around each of your rooms and test the filters to see what a difference they make in minimizing unwanted electrical noise.

Safety Precautions for Whole House Dirty Electricity Filter?

Like all electrical appliances, whole house dirty electricity filters should be kept away from standing water and flammable environments. And please note that you should not disassemble the product by yourself with no technical knowledge.

Final Thoughts on Whole House Dirty Electricity Filters

Whole house dirty electricity filters offer many benefits to home and business owners alike. These devices can improve sleep quality, concentration, reduce fatigue, lessen headaches, and even help with conditions like anxiety, depression, autism, and chronic pain. Besides improving your health, these filters also increase the lifespan of your electronics by protecting them from electromagnetic interference (EMI).

If you are looking to reduce your electromagnetic field pollution exposure in the form of dirty power or dirty electricity, investing in a whole house dirty electricity filter like the GeoClense EMF and Earth Harmonizer is a great place to start. 

The Geoclense is a healthy, negative charge resonance field generator designed to balance the noxious, unhealthy positive charge resonance created by dirty electricity and all forms of EMR, RF, Wi-Fi, Earth Radiation, and Bioplasmic Radiation.

When plugged into an outlet, it is said to neutralize the effects of harmful “dirty electricity” from the electricity grid and solar electricity systems, highly noxious smart meters (monitoring whether you are home or not, as well as your electricity usage), fluorescent lighting and the new compact fluorescent lights, electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and the electromagnetic field (EMF) from power or electricity lines up to 200 meters away, overhead power lines, electricity transformers and electricity substations, and many more.

The Geoclense Orgone Negative Ion Generator consistently generates healthy, beneficial Negative ions that work by harmoniously neutralizing your entire property and home all the way to its boundaries, counteracting each one of these destructive energies.

Unlike other dirty electricity filters which can only create imaginary energy balancing fields of 6 meters or less, Geoclense is designed to harmonize EMF radiation fields and the energy footprint from electrical devices, wiring, and power lines up to 200 meters from your property and earth magnetic grid lines up to 400 meters.

A single Geoclense Harmonizer is even powerful enough to harmonize interdimensional imprint radiation, personal beam imprints, and a multitude of other man-made disturbances up to 12 acres or for an entire 59-story building. The fact that you need fewer units of GeoClense in your home shows that this is a more efficient product.