How Do I Use My Phone Computer WiFi Radiation Protector?

These highly effective Radiation Harmonizers are both Adhesive and Non-Adhesive (Stick On or Non-Stick On) therefore they can be used on any and all types of phones, computers, laptops, electronic devices, wireless modems, dongles, baby-monitors, GPSs, iPods, iPads, hand-held radios, walkie-talkies or any other electronic EMF emitted devices.

These highly protective Phone Computer WiFi Radiation Protection can:

  • be peeled off the adhesive backing to stick onto any small electronic device;

  • can be placed inside any device under the battery (so that you do not lose it);   

  • or can be placed in between your electronic device and its protective cover, such as with iPhones or iPads.

If you choose to place your Phone Protection underneath your battery or in between the electronic device and its protective cover, then every time you update your device, simply transfer your Phone Radiation Shield to your new.   This way, every time you upgrade your cell phone, iPad or other electronic device, your Radiation Harmonizer will continue working for you for a very long time and you won’t need to buy a new Radiation Harmonizer every time you upgrade.  

However, if you do peel your Phone Protection off and stick it onto something, such as a computer, laptop, notebook or Wi-Fi dongle, then you would need to get a new Radiation Harmonizer every time you upgrade these devices.

When Would Phone, Laptop Computer And Wi-Fi Radiation EMF Protection Be Used?

You would use these highly effective Radiation Harmonizers on any portable electromagnetic field (EMF) emitting device such as Portable Phone, Cordless Phone, Mobile Phone, Cell Phone, Hand Phone, Desktop Computer, Laptop, Notebook, Wireless Internet Connection (Wi-Fi) dongle or any other electronic device, to provide you with total protection. 

This especially applies if you are using your computer in an office, workplace or Wi-Fi cafe where there are beams going everywhere to lots of different computers or devices. These days most people have wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet connections in their homes, offices and workplaces (either plugged into the actual computer or from a central location). 

Many of your neighbours have Wireless devices these days, and the signals from their devices are coming right through your walls if your home, flat or apartment, especially if you live in close proximity to others. You may be being bombarded with 10 or more signals from close neighbours if everyone is using Wi-Fi technology or leaving their devices on, even not in use.

Which Side Does The Phone, Computer and WiFi Radiation EMF Protection Go On?

It does not matter which way you place your highly protective Phone Protection, into or onto your phone or onto your electronic device, as these fantastic Radiation Protection, provides you with a 10 meters of energy dome field of total protection.  

There is no right way or wrong way to use this amazing Phone Protection, as long as they are placed inside your battery compartment, in between your electronic device and its cover, or have been peel off their adhesive sticky backing and placed onto your computer, laptop or EMF emitting device.  However, be careful not to place your Radiation Harmonizer over any air vents on your electronic device, as they may cause it to overheat on hot days.

Will My Computer, Laptop WiFi Radiation Phone EMF Protection Ever Require Replacing?

These highly protective and amazing Radiation Harmonizers will never need replacing as it will last you your lifetime.   In fact, every time you upgrade your portable phone, cordless phone, cell phone, mobile phone, hand phone or electronic device, you can simply take your Radiation Harmonizer out of your old electronic device and place it into electronic device (or inside of the protective cover of your device).

Please note that if you need to actually stick your Radiation Harmonizer onto an electronic device, you may not be easily able to peel it off, nor easily stick it onto your new electronic device, therefore so some options such as computers, wireless modems and other devices, you may need to purchase a new Radiation Harmonizer when you upgrade these particular devices.

Is Dangerous To talk On My Cell Phone While Charging It At Home Or In My Vehicle?

Yes!  It is not ever safe to use your Cell Phone while it is being charged ever as they can explode and cause severe third degree burns! 

There are many where have cell phones have exploded whilst they are being charged, causing serious injury and often death. These highly effective Phone Radiation Protector is not designed to stop or prevent with the ignition of a sparks, is causes these devices to explode whilst being charged them.

The same with putting petrol or gas in your car always switch your cell phone off when you are filling up! If you phone rings while you are filling up, the spark will ignite the petrol or gas as has happened frequently.


What Are The Dangers Of Using Wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet Technology?

Wireless or Wi-Fi technology sends a beam from the router directly to the computer, notebook, laptop, phone, iPad or electronic device which is an electromagnetic field (EMF). 

The same occurs for mobile phones, hand phones, cell phones, portable phones and cordless phones in homes, offices and workplaces, as some of these devices work by Radio Frequency (RF).  When electronic devices they are connected to Wi-Fi such as computers, notebooks, laptops, iPhones, iPads or any other electrical devices that connect using Wi-Fi technology, there are beams that go from the Tower to the Wireless transmitter, and then further beams travelling from your Wireless transmitter to your wireless device. 

For example, of you are making a call on your phone, a beam is set out between the phone and the nearest mobile/cell phone tower or Radio Frequency (RF) transmitter.   To a person who has “EMF Sensitivity” or has low defences to these harmful energies, these beams will seriously affect them causing nausea, dizziness, disorientation and more. These harmful energy beams are known to cause DNA damage.

If are using your phone, computer or Wi-Fi device in a busy city environment, then the harmful energy beams created may affect many people in the surrounding area.   This means that these people need to have a sense of environmental responsibility when using such technology, need to ensure that they are not affecting the health and well-being of the people around them. Especially those people who are extremely EMF sensitive such as when travelling in a bus, train or vehicle with others in your immediate vicinity. 

In this situation, then our Aircraft Harmonizer would be a far more protective product to carry with you.  See the Aircraft Travel EMF Protector for further details.

These highly protective Radiation Shields or Harmonizers not only protect the user of the phone, Wi-Fi or computer, but also ensure that others around you are protected at the same time.  These amazing Radiation Harmonizers act by also providing you with 10 metres of Personal Space Protection and our Aircraft Harmonizer provides protection in an entire large aircraft, bus or train carriage.

The highly protective Phone Computer WiFi Radiation Protectors can now be used the following ways:

1.  How To Use As A Non-Adhesive Radiation EMF Shield

Ideal for placing inside of Portable Phones, Cordless Phones, Mobile Phones, Cell Phones, Hand Phones or other electronic devices which have battery compartments which can be opened up so that you can place your Radiation Shield underneath the battery (for safe keeping);  or you can place your Radiation Shield in between your electronic device and its protective cover.

2.  How To Use As An Adhesive or Stick-On Radiation EMF Shield

These very protective Radiation EMF Shields can also be peeled of their adhesive or sticking backing to be placed directly onto iPhones, BlackBerry’s, Desktop computers, Laptop Computers, Notebook Computers, Wireless Internet devices and Wi-Fi dongles. 
For small Wi-Fi dongles you may even cut one Radiation EMF Shield in half and place each half each on two Wi-Fi dongles.  Otherwise, simply place your Radiation EMF Shield on the lid of your computer, or beneath it where it would not be blocking any ventilation. 

Placing your Radiation EMF Shield on your keyboard where your hands are placed constantly, may cause you to eventually peel it off over time.

We have now transformed our Cell Phone Radiation Protection into an all-in-one product.  Therefore our highly effective Cell Phone Radiation Protection are now both an Adhesive or Stick On Radiation Harmonizer, and a Non-Adhesive or Non Stick-On Radiation Harmonizer, as our amazing new Radiation Shielding can be used both ways. 

Ways you can choose to use your Phone Computer WiFi Radiation Protector:

  • Place your Radiation Protection inside your small electronic device, underneath the battery to keep it safe;

  • Place your Radiation Protection in between your device and its protective cover (this is for when your small electronic device does not have a battery compartment that you can open up to place your Radiation Harmonizer inside it, such as iPhones, iPods, iPads and the newer electronic devices);

  • Peel your Radiation Protection off its sticky adhesive backing and place it onto the back of your small electronic device.  

Note:  Once you stick your Radiation Harmonizer onto your small electronic device you may not be able to easily remove it when you upgrade your device, therefore you would need to purchase a new Radiation Harmonizer when you update your electronic devices.


Using Your Phone Protection As A Non-Adhesive Shield On Your BlackBerry, iPhone, iPod or iPad?

You can use your Phone Protection as a Non-Adhesive Radiation Harmonizer by placing your shield in between the protective plastic of your iPhone, BlackBerry, iPod or iPad so that you can transfer your Radiation Harmonizer to your next device when you upgrade. 


How Do These Harmonize The Harmful Digital Radiation Coming From iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry Screens?

When we first discovered that people were losing their hair, getting dizzy, disorientated and nauseous upon from using the new iPhone technology, we immediately improved our Orgonium Orgone Energy technology on our Phone Computer WiFi Radiation EMF Protection to provide protection from this harmful Digital Radiation coming off screens of all iPhones, iPods, iPads and BlackBerries to provide better protection. 

This harmful radiation coming from the screens of these devices, is similar to that coming off your Digital Television or Digital Top Set Box, which your Geoclense Orgone Generator and your other Orgone Products is harmonizing and neutralizing.


Switching to a BlackBerry, iPhone, iPod, iPad Or Electronic Device With A Non-Adhesive Phone Protection?

If your Phone does not have a battery compartment to place your Non-Adhesive Radiation Protection inside your electronic device, we highly recommend that you purchase a protective cover for your BlackBerry, and then place your Non-Adhesive Radiation Shield in between the protective cover and your small electronic device where it will not fall out easily.


Using An Adhesive or Stick On Phone Protection On An Older Phone With A Battery Compartment

You can still use one of our highly protective Phone Radiation Shields in your old phone by simply placing your Radiation Shield beneath your battery inside your battery compartment.  This way when you open your battery compartment, you will not easily lose your Radiation Shield.  Simply remove the battery cover, lift up your battery and simple place your Cell Phone Radiation Protection beneath your battery before putting your electronic device back together again.

Note that in some electronic devices, there is not enough space to place your Radiation Shield.  If this is the case, you may place your Radiation shield on top of your battery, as long as you are aware that every time you remove your battery cover, that you are careful not to lose your Radiation Shield.

When you purchase your new iPhone or BlackBerry you are able to stick your Adhesive or Stick On Radiation Shield onto your new device if you choose not to get a protective cover for it. 


Mobile Phones, Cell Phones And Hand Phones With Integrated Wireless (Wi-Fi) Modems (similar to iPhones or BlackBerry’s)

With these electronic devices are still be able to use your Phone Protection as a Non-Adhesive Radiation Shield depending on whether they have a battery compartment to place a Non-Adhesive Phone Protection inside of them. 

If you cannot place your Radiation Shield inside your electronic device as a Non-Adhesive Phone Protection Shield inside the electronic device, then the next best solution would be to purchase protective cover which goes over your electronic device, where you can then place a Radiation Shield as a Non-Adhesive Radiation Shield between your electronic device and its protective cover. 

This way, you can transfer your Radiation Shield to your new BlackBerry or iPhone or small electronic device when you upgrade it.


Harmonizing The Harmful Digital Energy From iPhone and BlackBerry Screens 

When we first discovered that people were losing their hair, getting dizzy, disorientated and nauseous upon using the new iPhone technology, we immediately improved our Orgonium Orgone Energy technology on our Phone, Computer and WiFi Radiation Shields to provide protection for harmful Digital Radiation coming off screens of all iPhones and BlackBerry’s to provide better protection.   

This harmful energy similar to that coming off your Digital Television or Digital Top Set Box, which our Geoclense and other Orgone Products now harmonize and neutralize.


Removing Phone Protection After They Have Been Stuck Onto Mobile Phones Or Cell Phones

We do not recommend sticking our Phone Protection to any device, unless you absolutely have to.  We highly recommend that you place your Phone Protection either beneath your battery, if you can open you phone.

We recommend that you place your Phone Protection inside the cover and then place your cover onto your phone, so that your Phone Radiation Shield is in between your phone and its cover.  This way every time you get a new Phone or electronic device, you can move your Radiation Shield to your new device.   

We cannot guarantee that your Phone Protection  can be peeled off if you have stuck them onto something, nor do we know any type of glue you would be able to use on your Phone or electronic device, without causing damage as we do not recommend that people do this.


Notebook and Laptop Computer Radiation Shields Can Be Transferred To future Notebook and Laptop Computers

You may use your Radiation Shield as Non-Adhesive Computer Radiation Shield to protect your laptop and notebook computers, if you prefer.  However you would need to find a way to temporarily stick it to your computer so that you do not accidently lose it when moving it around.

You may be able to either place your Computer Radiation Shield on top of your keyboard if there is space.  This way, you would be able to remove your Radiation Shield when you upgrade your Notebook or Laptop, so that you can then place your Radiation Shield onto or into your new computer when you do an upgrade.  Or place it in the battery compartment.

If you use your Radiation Shield as a Non-Adhesive Radiation Shield, and do not actually stick it onto your computer or inside your battery compartment, you will need to be careful that you do not lose your Radiation Protection, when you move your computer around.

Protection From Wireless WiFi Internet Connections Whilst Using Your Radiation Protection

These Computer Radiation Protectors will protect you while you are using your Notebook or Laptop computer with a wireless or WiFi internet connection.  Your Computer Radiation Shield provides you with 10 metres of Personal Space Protection.  Therefore, as long as you are with 10 metres of your Computer Radiation Protection on your computer or inside your computer, you are protected. 

Anyone who is not within 10 metres from their Computer Radiation Protection, such as other family members, friends or your workplace colleagues, will not be protected.

Purchasing New Upgrade Phone WiFi Computer Protection

You would not every require to replace nor upgrade your Cell Phone Phone Protection as they would last your entire lifetime, and can be transferred from one device to the next every time you upgrade to a new one.  The only time you cannot transfer these items onto new devices, is when you actually peel them off and stick them onto a device, which is required from some devices.  

The Memory card upgrades do not apply to Phone WiFi Computer Shields nor Orgone Energy Pendants.

To see details what harmful energy our Orgonium Orgone Energy technology provides you with protection from, see List Of Harmful Energy For These Highly Protective Orgone Products Cover

Can I stick the Phone EMF Radiation Protector sticker on my WiFi router?  Would that be effective?

Phone Computer Wifi Radiation Protectors are the exactly same as the WiFi Computer Phone Radiation Protectors.  This one item is designed for exactly this purpose.

These can be placed on a your WiFi router as they are designed to cover all small electronic devices. You can even cut it in half to make it fit on a small USB WiFi stick if required.

Is A Geoclense Would Be More Protective For Wireless Or WiFi Radiation?

Yes.  The best way to protect everyone in your entire home, office or workplace, from Wi-Fi wireless devices would be to use a Geoclense.  The Geoclense will protect everyone from radiation from all types of phones, computers, printers, wireless devices, Wi-Fi radiation and all other harmful energy.

This way you would not have to put a Radiation Shield on every computer, printer, wireless device or phone, and you would ensure that everyone is totally protected.   

Electronic Devices Such As iPods And iPod Touch Which Have Wireless (WiFi) Connectivity

All of these items would require a Cell Phone Radiation Protection placed on them or inside their protective cover to provide Radiation protection, unless you have a Geoclense operating.  If you have several electronic or wireless devices in your home, office or workplace, the best solution to harmonize and neutralize all of these harmful energies would be a Geoclense. 

You would not need separate Radiation Shields for each small electronic device if you have a Geoclense in operation, as the Geoclense will protect everyone from the radiation of all small electronic devices being used such mobile phones, cell phones, hand phones, wireless technology, desktop, laptop and notebook computers, and all other electronic devices being used within the protection of the Geoclense, except for when they are taken outside of the home, office or workplace.

Do I Require Phone Computer WiFi Radiation Protectors When I Have A Geoclense Plugged In?

You would not require a Phone Computer WiFi Radiation protector if you have a Geoclense plugged in and operating in your home, office or at work place as the Geoclense covers all harmful energy from everything in your home where it is operating.