How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Outside Australia

  • 3 to 4 weeks via Registered Post Letter (no tracking but traceable if lost) or Standard Airmail Parcel (with limited tracking no insurance);  

  • 1 to 6 weeks via International Express Post or Express Courier (with tracking).  Please note that Customs can still delay these items. 

Within Australia:

  • 7 to 21 days via Standard Australia Post Letter or Parcel;

  • 1 to 7 days Express Post within Australia.

We only recommend you use Express Post for as the safest possible shipping method for within Australia and outside Australia.

All our orders are sent via Australia Post which is the only postal service available to us in Australia.

Will my order be sent with a Tracking Number?

Shipping via International Express Post and Standard Airmail Parcel are the only trackable postal service available for orders outside of Australia.  

Please note that any items sent by Registered Post items are not trackable, however, the Registered Post number can be useful to locate your order should it be delayed or has not arrived. 

Please check with your post office first to see if they are holding your item BEFORE contacting us if your item has not arrived in a timely manner.  Often Post Offices do not notify customers of items awaiting collection.

It is your responsibility to check with your local post office regularly to see if your order has arrived. Further shipping charges will apply if your order is returned, if an incorrect postal address has been provided, and we have to resend it.

We do not automatically provide you with your International Express Post tracking number upon shipping your order due to the high volume of orders that we process unless your item has not arrived after 6 weeks. 

Australia Post changed their procedures in April 2016 making these numbers difficult to obtain as they no longer provide customers copies of dockets, so the postmaster has to go through all paperwork for the day your order was sent to obtain the tracking number. 


There is a $15.00 fee for this service if you require your Tracking Number - Click Here for your request.


We will provide you with the tracking number ONLY if it appears that your order has been delayed and has not been delivered with a reasonable time-frame, so that you can track your order, if your order has not arrived after three (3) weeks.

Where's my stuff?  What if my order does not arrive?

Once items leave our hands we have absolutely no control over the Postal delivery services nor Customs services here in Australia nor in your country whatsoever, as they are not part of our business. Please allow three (3) weeks for the shipping your order, before reporting your order as lost or delayed.

If your order has not arrived within three (3) weeks, would you kindly contact your local post office first, as we often find in most cases that your local post office is holding your order and have not notified you of this, and often do not even attempted to deliver your order.  

Most Post Offices around the world do not notify customers of items awaiting collection.
It is your responsibility to check with your local post office regularly to see if your order has arrived. Further shipping charges will apply if your order get returned to us, and we have to resend it.

Are the postal services safe and secure?

We no only send orders by reliable services that are findable or have a tracking number due to the high amount of orders last since the changes made by Australia Post in April 2016.

However, we highly recommend that you select shipping your order the safest methods being:

  • International Express Post for OUTSIDE Australia
  • Express Post with Signature and Insurance WITHIN Australia

    This is for extra security to ensure that your order arrives with all items included and undamaged, and can be located if it gets delayed or it goes missing.

    Will the Customs service in my country delay my order?

    This is may occur from time to time for up to three months as Customs in most countries reserve the right to hold items for this period of time.  

    Please check with the Customs services in your country to see if they are holding your order for any reason, as they often do not notify you of this and can often be waiting for you to contact them to pay any taxes due.  This is especially the case Parcel Force in the United Kingdom as they do not notify you.

    Please note that from time to time in the U.K., Europe, Scandinavian, U.S.A. and Canada, Customs may take up to two (2) months to verify, scrutinize and screen all items to be posted going into these countries, which causes considerable delays. This is beyond our control.

    Please check with your local post office and Customs Service first to see if they are holding your item BEFORE contacting us if you item has not arrived in a timely manner.

    Most Customs Collections agencies  around the world do not notify customers of items awaiting collection. Further shipping charges will apply if your order is returned and we have to resend your order to you.

    Since your order will be shipped outside the Australia, you may be required to pay international customs and brokerage fees. Orgone Energy Australia Pty Ltd is not responsible for these fees, even if you do not accept the package, so if you are concerned, please check with your country's customs policies prior to ordering.


    Will I be charged Customs taxes?

    Please note that we are required to put the correct amount on your Customs Declaration Form when shipping orders.

    Customs officers in many countries (especially in U.K., Europe and Scandinavia) are now going to the websites where products were purchased and are looking up the correct values.  If a lesser value has been put on the Customs Declaration Form, then you the customer will get "fined" by Customs in your country.  

    The U.K., Europe and Scandinavia commonly charges customs taxes especially if items are sent via International Express Post.

    Note that we are not responsible if you get charged Customs taxes in your country, and do not accept orders being returned due to Customs taxes being due on your order.  This is your responsibility not ours.

    Note that we have found Customs taxes to be more likely charged in items sent Express Post/Courier, rather than by Airmail (with tracking).

    Insurance Coverage Terms And Conditions

    Insurance cover is included for all orders if they are sent via International Post, and Express With Signature Upon Delivery and Insurance within Australia. 

    There are NO cash refunds under your Insurance cover if your item does not arrive, as this is Replacement Insurance only.

    If you choose Standard Australia Post, Express Post within Australia, or Registered Letter ora Standard Airmail Parcel (with tracking  for outside Australia, your order is not insured and is sent at your own risk.


    What is the cost of shipping my order?

    There are three options for most countries for orders OUTSIDE of Australia (unlimited items one set price except Wholesale orders):

    • Airmail Registered Letter (for flat items  ONLY - no tracking and no insurance) since May 2016 but can be located if lost

    • Airmail Parcel (tracking and no insurance)

    • Express Post (with tracking if delayed and insurance) 

    For orders WITHIN Australia the options are:

    Standard Post (unlimited items for one set price - no insurance)

    Express Post (unlimited items for one set price - no insurance)

    Express With Signature Upon Delivery With Insurance (unlimited items for one set price with Insurance)

    These options are shown on our check out page when you place your order.

    * Further charges apply if you choose the incorrect shipping option.  If you choose to send an item as a letter that is thicker than 3mm then Parcel Post applies.  Your order will not be process until Parcel shipping has been paid for.

    Australia Post automatically charge parcel rate for anything thicker than 3mm, plus we cannot send larger item in an envelope or without the correct packaging, otherwise they will get damaged in transit.

    No refunds will be provided due to choosing the incorrect shipping option.


    We reserve the right to ship your order via another method based on the amount of shipping you have actually paid, and the items that you have ordered.

    You agree to our Terms and Conditions, our Refund Policy and our Shipping FAQ page as the conditions of placing your order.