Radiation Poisoning Caused By Smart Meters

Smart Meter Geoclense Review

  My father cannot explain it, (he is pleasantly surprised and somewhat baffled by the instant change) but he said he felt a lot better almost as soon as he installed it, he has noticed that he is less fatigued and his blood pressure has returned to perfectly normal. The doctor had taken him off one medication during the week of getting his Geocleanse Orgone Generator, but he found it hard to believe that ceasing to take the medication would cause such an instant change, as in the next day.
He has played his regular weekly golf without feeling tired, and he doesn't have to rest now when he does any odd jobs and chores around the house. He also experienced unexplained pains in his chest which stopped as soon as he installed the Geocleanse Orgone Generator.  He feels a lot better.
He has had the Smart Meter for more than a year now.  I suppose he has gradually felt worse and worse and didn't think to connect it to the Smart Meter. He put some of his symptoms down to ageing, but since the Geocleanse Orgone Generator, he has felt a lot better. He has more energy. He is quite baffled by this result, being a bit skeptical.  I told him to unplug it and see what happens, and he said "No! I don't want to do that!"
He said that he had his Geoclense Orgone Generator for four days without telling me too! Haha he wanted to wait a few days before telling me because he was so surprised at the difference and wanted to see if he still felt better.  It has about 9 days now and I spoke to him again this morning and he said he still felt good and still is baffled by it all :) Jacqueline, Melbourne Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2014 11:47:20

This is what happened to another customer before he realized what Smart Meters were doing to him... 

Radiation Poisoning Caused Ringing And Pressure In Ears, Inflammation, Migraines

Newport Coast, California, USA  January 2, 2013  I woke up with ringing in my ears which slowly progressed to an ear infection, pressure in my ears and felt like I had a horrible cold. All the holistic herbs and remedies only provided mild relief at best as my symptoms slowly turned for the worse.  

After two weeks, I started getting migraines and severe inflammation of my neck and mid-back so I began chasing symptoms and went from doctor to doctor then to a chiropractor as well. The chiropractor provided much relief but hours after I returned home they flared up once again!  

Radiation Poisoning Caused Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Nightmares, Brain Fog

By the time February came, my condition started taking a turn for the worse. The ringing in my ears occasionally turned into a loud whistle!  The whistle sound gave me severe anxiety that progressed to panic attacks and since I didn't know the cause I was terrified beyond my wildest nightmares.  

I was barely sleeping at that point.  My brain fog progressed to full blown depression along with suicidal thoughts. I started breaking out in uncontrollable crying jags as my nervous system was completely shot, and I was going to a very dark place, terrifying of this living torment at that point.

Radiation Poisoning Caused Respiratory Distress, Whistling in Head, Meltdown

The next day I started going into full respiratory distress and had a full meltdown and drove myself to the emergency room at 4:00 am. After blasting open my lungs with a shot of epinephrine, I thought I was going to die! I was trembling and shaking so bad I didn't think I was going to make it. The cortisone they gave me at the hospital did provide short term relief for about four days.

On the fifth day, the whistling in my head started up again and I literally gave up on life. I was without hope of any sort.

Radiation Poisoning Caused My Body To Conduct 4 Volts Of Current

Somehow I made it until March 26, 2013, but I didn't remember the previous few weeks of consciousness literally.  Then I got a call from an acquaintance who is an EMF specialist. I told him my story and he told me it sounds like radiation poisoning. I had not heard of Smart Meters at that point, so he came over as a personal favor and found 24 smart meters underneath my apartment unit.

My body was conducting 4 volts of current 24 hours a day and seven days per week and he couldn't believe I was still walking around at that point.  He advised me to move out as soon as possible and break my lease if I wanted to live.   I ended up fleeing out to the California desert on April 16, 2014 into a rental house in an all analogue environment.  From the next day onward my health begin to soar and I was getting my strength and confidence back!  I was truly a changed man after that very dark period in my life cause by these smart meters.

Radiation Poisoning Caused Numbness, Pressure And Horrible Night's Sleep

June 7, 2013, I got a knock at my front door, it was the gas company telling me they had just installed a new gas smart meter on my rental house!!!  I lost my mind and was screaming at the installer for over an hour, but he refused to remove the smart meter and told me to wait for a supervisor to call me on the phone.  By 4pm, I started getting pressure and ringing in my ears along with severe anxiety. I was literally numb and beyond terrified all over again!  

I ran all over the neighborhood at midnight and covered everybody's smart meters with five layers of heavy duty aluminum foil. The next day, after a horrible night's sleep, I was getting ready to live in my car but the next day they came and put my analogue gas meter back!

I was instantly 80% better, not 100% as the neighbor's smart meters were affecting me now. By the way, a few days after I placed aluminum foil on the smart meters, the homeowners association removed all of it and threatened to evict me if I did it once more.

Relief At Last From Radiation Poisoning

From that day onward I have dedicated all my free time to extensive research into the dangers of smart meters and any and all healing remedies and really transformed my life with various products, I have come across.

My search for better and better protection will not stop until I am fully convinced I have enough overall protection to whether any future upgrades to the smart meters they are currently building.

And the results....

Smart Meter Orgone Geoclense Review

 This quest for immediate protection allowed me to find the Geocleanse Negative Ion Generator device. I am looking forward with great anticipation to the fantastic results as I now help others in Southern California deal with this EMF nightmare being perpetrated upon all of us.   Warren D, (now using the Geoclense Orgone Generator, Car EMF Harmonizer, Shell Orgone Pendant and Phone Radiation Protector) Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2014

The most effective protection you can find to for Smart Meters is the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator coupled with Dome Orgone Generators.

The Real Danger Of Smart Meters

Watch how high some of these readings are, and particularly not the high spikes caused by the Smart Meter!



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