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Does A Faraway Cage Shield EMF From Smart Meters

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This week the utility company put one of those Smart Meters outside my apartment, 8 feet from where I sleep.  I have taken your advice and placed my Dome Orgone Generator on top of the Smart Meter. In addition I am going to shield the radiation coming off the Smart Meter's box with a Faraday Cage, as despite being confident that the Orgonium Radiation Protection, I prefer to be cautious and block and shield the radiation away from my property. Would aluminium be a suitable material to use for my cage?

Aluminum would be OK as a shielding product but it would have to totally enclose whatever it is you are shielding, e.g. Smart Meter Radio Frequency (RF), which would not then be able to send signals to your local phone tower. 

Note that Aluminium it is the most environmentally damaging and harmful resource you could possibly choose, as it uses huge amounts of water and does a great deal of damage to the environment in its production in the way of pollution and waste products.

Your Best Solution For Radio Frequencies From Smart Meters


This type of shielding is not at all necessary when you have our Dome Orgone Generator on top of the Smart Meter, and you also have a Geoclense which provides you with total protection.  

From our extensive research doing on location consultations where smart meters are installed, we have found that totally shielding in metal and even EMF mesh screens are 100% useless in blocking the harmful positive ion resonance caused by radio frequencies from smart meters.

We have visited many properties where EMF shielding paints have been utilised to protect against the Radio Frequencies from smart meters, and our Technical Advisor has found every time that there no change to the toxic resonance from these methods, until he installed a Dome Orgone Generator and Geoclense.