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How Does Dyne Surface Tension Work?

The Surface Tension Of Food And Drinks

These incredible Orgone Energy Generators improved water, making it easier for your body to absorb, to hydrate you better.  This is done by reducing the Dyne surface tension to the correct Dyne level to improve digestion.

When you drink water energized or ionized with improved Dyne surface tension, your are turning it back to water as it is found in Nature.  When water is at the correct Dyne surface tension level, you actually feel the water going all the way into your cells as soon as you drink it.  Our Kinesiology clients in our clinic comment on feeling this all the time (and we don't even tell them it has been energized on an Orgone Energy Plate - they just notice this!).

Orgone Energy Ionizers do exactly this.  By lowering the Dyne surface tension of cells, your food stores longer and is tastier when consumed.  Energizing and ionizing your food, water and drinks before consumption increases your water assimilation, hydration and the absorption of the vitamins and minerals in your food because it is then at the correct Dyne surface tension level.

At the same time, these highly effective Orgone Energy Water Ionizers are harmonizing electromagnetic radiation (EMR), electromagnetic fields (EMF) and Geopathic Stress in your home, office or workplace. 

What does the Dynes Surface Tension mean?

The Dyne level is a way of measuring the surface tension or 'force' of water, liquids and food.

Standard tap water which is often exposed to fluoride and other chemicals, heavy metals from galvanized or copper pipes, and a lot of stress such as filtration processes, is around 80 Dynes. 

The surface tension of our stomach linings is about 40 Dynes.

The surface tension of distilled water is 72 Dynes, which is why it is not so healthy to ingest distilled water.

Therefore, if you lower the Dyne surface tension of your food and drinks to the correct Dyne surface tension as your stomach lining, you absorb more nutrients and hydrate yourself better. This is exactly the effects of charging, energizing or ionizing your food, water and drinks with Orgone Schumann Ionizers - effectively reducing the Dyne surface tension.  

When you do this, you restore all ionized or energized items to a healthy 40 Dynes, which is the equivalent of your stomach lining, making it more digestible and easier to assimilate.

These Orgone Energy products bring all food, drinks and water to a Dyne surface tension rating of 40 Dynes.  This is perfect, making it the same Dyne surface tension as your stomach lining, making digestion and assimilate of water much easier.

A demonstration of measuring Dyne Surface Tension