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Is Using Crystals And Magnets On Our Body Actually Safe?

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The Polarity Of Crystals And Magnets

Magnets and crystals both have negative sides and positive sides, therefore wearing them, using them to heal the body or even sleeping on them may not be the best thing to do if you wish to improve your health and well-being.

It would be far more beneficial and energy balancing for your body to have the highly effective and beneficial Orgonium Orgone Products on you or in your home, than to use magnets or crystals in this way.

Magnets Work The Same Way As Crystals

Magnets work exactly like crystals, as they have one side that is the "positive" side and one side that is the "negative" side. If you have the negative side of a magnet or a crystal over a muscle, organ, gland, acupuncture point, this will switch each of these off, actually reducing your level of health and wellness.  

Old style Orgonite pendants are filled with crystals, along with harmful aluminium or metal shavings  and coils.  All of which produce a harmful negative polarity, which interferes with your energy systems and acupuncure meridians, throwing your chakras out of balance as well as our glands, organs and Aura. These metals and crystals actually accumulate negative energies or harmful "positive" ions. 

Orgonium Orgone Pendants Have Two Positive Sides

If you are sensitive to energy, you may feel a great deal pain and discomfort in your body whilst wearing Orgonite Pendants filled with such harmful materials, or may just feel  very drained. Some are better than others; however even the better pendants all have one side "positive" and one side "negative".  Whereas we have engineered our Quantum Orgone Pendants so that they have two positive sides and no negative side.

As Kinesiologists, we have spent many Kinesiology sessions putting clients back together who had been wearing Orgonite Pendants.  Their often very expensive Orgonite Pendant they paid hundreds of dollars for caused all the upper muscles in their body to become over-facilitated or "jammed up", and they were in extreme pain.  They were not aware that the Orgonite Pendant that they were wearing was actually doing them more harm.
We did not even know what Orgonite was then, and why this was occurring, only that it Kinesiology testing showed us that it was the Pendant they were wearing.  It often took taken us the several hours of Kinesiology sessions to put the person back into balance again.

Orgone Pendant Independent Research

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