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There are times where you are trying to get some work done, but you don't just seem to concentrate. Maybe you have a proposal to draft for the next day's presentation in your workplace, and you can't focus. I don't think it will be easy to get anything done without full concentration. Maintaining a focus when trying to brainstorm ideas for your business or a project is a big deal in times like this. In this article, we will learn about the best ways to improve focus. We have collated a list of 11 best ways that you can try to improve concentration.

Change your environment

Changing your environment can help you think better. This depends on the nature of your job. As a writer or journalist trying to write a story but finding it difficult to concentrate, you may want to switch up your environment. When you see something different in a different location, it may improve your concentration. Many programmers or engineers, when finding it hard to focus on their project, embark on a trip to somewhere different and quiet. 

Take a nap

This is a common remedy to improve focus when trying to get something done. It is also one of the best ways you can try out. This may not be a good idea when time isn’t on your side. Most times, the reason why you are trying so hard to concentrate is that you are stressed from the previous night's work. The problem might be because you didn’t even get enough sleep the night before. Taking a short nap will help rest your brain, clear your head, relax your muscles, and improve your focus.   

Exercise your body

Engaging in some mild body exercises can help you regain focus. Mild exercises like skipping, stretching your bones, push up, and jumping can do the trick. What you are trying to do is to keep your mind in focus, so any activity you do shouldn't be too stressful. Several types of exercises can help increase and improve your concentration levels. A suitable example of practices to improve your focus is yoga, which entails some breathing workouts as well.  

Take a walk

This is another fantastic way of easing stress and increasing your level of focus. Talk a walk down the road to the park, subway station, or burger joint and come back refreshed. Most times, when I am trying so hard to concentrate on something, I take a walk down the street with my favorite music buzzing in my ears. According to some research studies, taking a walk can assist in regular blood circulation in the body. This, thereby, improves your focus and concentration levels in your body. This is a technique you can use for urgent situations. 

Play some games

The inability to maintain focus while trying to brainstorm ideas for a particular project could come in different ways. In any way, it hinders your progress, slows down your work, and blocks your ability to think well. Taking a small break to play some games can help boost your concentration levels. Games that engage you in solving problems or mind-tasking games such as Chess, Sudoku, Crosswords, Puzzles, and so on. These games will engage your mind and help you concentrate better. However, there are certain games you shouldn't play. The essence of playing some games is to help you think better and not the opposite.

Don’t do anything

Can't you seem to concentrate on your reading? Try doing nothing for a start! It sounds funny, but it is true. Giving your brain a little time to relax before picking it up again can help you maintain focus. What I mean by “don’t do anything” is that don’t engage in any activity. Drop everything you are doing and lie down for some minutes. Make sure there is no noise where you are. After an hour of inactivity, pick up that activity again. You will notice an increase in your level of concentration. Better than the former. 

Organize your thoughts

Maybe the reason you are finding it hard to focus on your work is that you have a lot on your mind. When you have a lot of things to do in a day, it can:

  • affect your reasoning, 
  • cause you stress 
  • increase your anxiety level 
  • mess with your concentration. 

Try to organize each of those things on your mind. It would be best if you listed them on paper. Now, you know what is on your mind. Eradicate any irrelevant thoughts. This will help you boost your focus levels and increase your efficiency.

Set your goals

According to some research studies, goal setting helps improve concentration levels. Maybe it is because you haven't appropriately planned; that's why you are unable to focus. Setting your goals with a time limit will help you focus more and improve your efficiency. Besides, you can also write the reasons why you need to achieve those goals. This will help you get back on track whenever you lose focus or get distracted.

"Jack of all trades."

The reason why you can’t focus properly on your project might be because you are trying to do many things at a time. That’s where I got the heading, “jack of all trades master of none.” You have to set your priorities, handling each of those things one after the other.

Try some caffeine 

It is not usually advisable to take caffeine frequently because it can be addictive. Once the body understands that it can focus better with the influence of caffeine, it becomes a frequent practice. According to some research studies, caffeine content produces phytochemicals, which improves cognitive ability, increases concentration levels, and productivity.

Select a diet

Some kinds of foods have been found to improve cognitive ability, such as concentration, reasoning, retention, and so on. These kinds of food include: 

  • Salmon
  • Blueberries 
  • Spinach
  • Tea
  • Water
  • Oatmeal
  • Fruits 

However, some foods should also be avoided, such as junks, sugary meals, and so on.


The inability to focus is one of the biggest obstacles that can hinder you from achieving a particular goal. Above, we have listed about eleven best ways you can try to improve your focus levels. Some of them are excellent choices for urgent circumstances, while some are not.