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Does It Make A Sound? Does It Light Up?

How Do I Know My Geoclense Is Working - Do I Just Plug It In?

Yes that is correct. You plug your Geoclense Orgone Generator into any active live power point socket.

There is no switch on Geoclense Orgone Generators. In Australia and New Zealand we have switches on our power point plugs, therefore where it says in the instructions to switch it on, this is referring to the switch on your power point plug as shown here.

Australia And New Zealand power point plugs have switches on their power point plugs


Do I need to turn it on?

In most countries outside of New Zealand and Australia, they do not have switches on their electrical sockets or power points which are live as soon as anything is plugged into them.

You do not require to switch on Geoclense Orgone Generators. Simply plug your Geoclense Orgone Generator into any live electrical socket or power point and it will work right away. There is no requirement to switch anything on, as the Geoclense Orgone Generator does not have any switches.

How do you know it is working?

If you are energy sensitive you will feel the energy of the Geoclense Orgone Generator as soon as it is connecting to your electrical circuitry. Your Geoclense Orgone Generator is constantly working as long as it is connected to the live wiring. And, if you go camping, you can plug it into the Earth beside your tent and it will work there too.

Does it light up?

There is NO light on your Geoclense Orgone Generator, and your Geoclense Orgone Generator does not use electricity in any way shape or form. It simply connects to your electrical wiring which is connected to your Earth stake, and then magnifies the Schumann Frequencies and Orgone Generator from there, constantly generator healing healthy Negative Ions, exactly as found in untouched Nature. It does not "glow" either as there is not way it can do this.

Does it make a sound?

There is no audible sound created by Geoclense Orgone Generator, as Negative Ions as found in Nature do not make a sound that is audible to the human ear. The 7.83 Hertz frequencies need to be measured by other means. This is the same frequency as Planet Earth. You will find most of the answers to your questions on our website on our Geoclense Frequently Answered Questions Page which is on the links bar of every page of our website, or you can go to: