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Do Orgone Products Actually Harmonize Nuclear Radiation?

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Do Orgonium Orgone Products provide protection from Nuclear Radiation?

Firstly, this is due to Orgone Products changing the energy, which is the science behind what we do here.  When we test people with Bioresonance (GDV) and Kinesiology, after they placed these highly effective Orgnium Orgone Products in their homes or on their person, there is no longer stress on their organs created by the nuclear radiation.

Secondly the nuclear disaster created an imprint which we have tested, and we have found that these Orgonium Orgone products do actually remove this imprinting completely. Scientists do not know anything about the imprinted field because nor how to test for it.

How Did We Test This Nuclear Radiation Imprinting?

We tested this imprinting ourselves a couple of years ago with a Toyota motor vehicle, which was imprinted by the nuclear fallout from Fukushima.

We did this by placed one of our Orgone Car EMR Harmonizers into the vehicle. The Orgone Car EMR Harmonizer removed the nuclear radiation imprint completely.

How Orgone Products May Cause The Release Of Radiation?

A personal friend of ours, who bought one of our Orgone Blankets, thought he was a big tough guy and wrapped himself up in his Orgone Blanket for long periods of time each day. For many years he had worked as a computer technical services computers in offices, where he knows he was exposed to extremely high levels of radiation due to the nature of his work.

To his surprise, after wrapping himself up in his Orgone Blanket regularly for some time, he had a massive “detox” and released all this accumulated radiation from his body.

Boy Did He Have A Massive Release of Radiation!

This manifested itself as severe skin lesions on his back and the back of his neck where huge flakes of skin were peeling off, and all these black toxins being released from his body which took some time to come out. As he was trained in using a Bioresonance Feedback device which he treats people with, he used this Bioresonance Feedback devise to test what he was having a reaction to. This is how we knew what it a release of radiation.

I also tested this with Kinesiology and also verified this with Kinesiology, when I provided him with elimination support. It took him some time to get all the toxins out of his body from this radiation, but he was pleased that he was able to release it all after many years of health issues that doctors were not able to solve, and has now a far greater level of wellness.

Radiation Exposure Is Everywhere Around Us - Even In Our Food

It is that only these Orgonium Orgone Energy technology can remove the Earth Radiation Imprinting from food.

There are no other Food and Water Energizing products available that have the ability to remove earth magnetic radiation imprinting on food, other than these highly effective Orgonium Orgone Products.

Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin.
Advanced Specialised Kinesiologist